13 03 03 Savile Heath This letter by Michael H. Murrin, entitled “A Paedophiles Friend?”, is a labour of love and passion.

It is based on the possession of the membership list of the Paedophile Information Exchange from a reliable and proven source. The result are two online petitions:

and 22 pages of care-ful research, choice of images, links, media references and care-ful formatting to follow up a previous letter around these 4 requests:

  1. The Paedophile Information Exchange and its founders were finally subject to criminal prosecution during the mid 1980’s, however the full extent of its influence has never been properly, openly, examined. I now ask you to authorise the release of ALL archived records concerning the police investigation of, and subsequent prosecution of, P.I.E. This to include a complete transcript of the court case, the publication of the membership list and publication of the mailing list. I also request that you authorise the release into the public domain of any memoranda and/or other communications related to P.I.E, between the Metropolitan Police, the Home Office and 10 Downing Street during the time of the police investigation into P.I.E.
  2. At this point I make my second request to you; I ask that you intervene to release Colin Smart from the legal injunctions inflicted upon him by Sunderland City Council. In effect I am asking you to restore to Mr. Smart his liberty and his right to freedom of speech.
  3. [With reference to Hollie Greig,] I ask that you establish an investigation to establish definitively whether or not the allegations being made that there is widespread corruption of the political and legal process in Scotland are true or false. If it is found that the allegations are true, then it would seem appropriate for the government to intervene to ensure the corruption is rooted out and the system cleaned up.
  4. In view of the above I request that you establish a Royal Commission to investigate not just the extent of child abuse in this country but also the allegations that this abuse involves establishment figures, not just in Scotland, but across the UK. I have very specific ideas about how the terms of reference should be structured and I do believe that, before they are finally implemented, they should be subject to the scrutiny of the House of Commons and that it should be a free vote. My reasons for suggesting this will become clear before I end this letter.

It is VERY hard to join the dots between:

  • institutionalised child snatching
  • elite paedophile rings, i.e. child abusers
  • political gains from their ‘little secret’
  • the cover-up by the mainstream media.

But links on the web make it possible!