13 03 03 FraudVICTIMS of white collar crimes, UNITE! [Sorry about the negative news after the positive one before.]

Fraud is a nice short word for ‘white collar crime’. Blue collar workers commit more physical crimes. No wonder that the Police feels incapable. They are more the physical type, aren’t they: “It’s above our heads.”

But they can go into all the sophistication necessary to detect computer crimes and can hire accountants and anybody smart enough to investigate accounts, paper work and computer trails, when it is in … whose interest???

So what’s the real reason for the Police passing its responsibilities relating to fraud over to a call centre – as the Daily Mail writes in Fraud victims swindled out of thousands of pounds told to forget police and contact a call centre?

  1. Is the crime ‘worth investigating’? (My credit card theft of £200 was NOT!)
  2. “Action Fraud” will just be a data entry team and statistics compiler. NO action in other words.

The Government can’t really do much except set up new institutions and organisations or rename Governmental departments and shuffle jobs, titles and people.

  • It uses money to pay people to ‘do their job’.
  • Or it sets up private companies and becomes a client for them.
  • As ‘money’ has become an economic weapon and tool for control rather than a medium of exchange, another ‘fob off organisation’ needs to be created to protect the Government and the City of London; it’s obvious to those who stopped believing what the mainstream media are telling them…


  • Ismail describes it excellently as ‘Silent Fraud‘ in his comment to the previous post – since the institutions responsible for ‘implementing the law’ fail to do their job in the courts and especially the family courts.

However, one civil servant whose job it is to protect the Prime Minister from the electorate has done something that appears to be ‘nice’ at face value: turn Maggie’s letter to the PM into this e-petition:

It pinpoints the Office of the Leader of the House of Commons as being responsible! Does he have budget for implementing what the electorate wishes??? Just another fob-off exercise to keep the electorate busy rather than make things happen!?…

Let’s look at petitions:

  • AVAAZ is the most popular and seemingly the most effective one – until I read on a German blog who funds them… Still, they do reflect the opinions of over 19 million people so far. And anybody interested in controlling the world would want to control the opposition!…
  • the Government’s e-petition site has the advantage of promising a Parliamentary debate, if more than 100,000 signatures are reached; the disadvantage is that signers get onto their ‘register of opposition’ directly; in fact, you need to put your address down; in any case, it is an excellent indicator to HMG for what the electorate doesn’t like; but who cares?
  • I have been using GoPetition for publishing online petitions and collating comments since 2008; more user-friendly sites have sprung up and Facebook allows for registering ’causes’
  • well, I shall continue to refer people in those institutions where they can make a difference to petitions and their comments, hoping that their conscience might click into gear, while they are ‘just doing their job’…
  • knowing what’s dishonest with our money system we’re watching 1984 (published in 1949!) and Police State UK
  • no wonder the Network for Police Monitoring has started the campaign don’t be on a database; they even maintain a short list of solicitors who take on the Police.



  • How the legal profession protects the financial profession: I was told by a solicitor that most of them have banks as their clients… by law more or less!


  • How the Police has become more and more corrupt follows Hollywood – the ultimate policy maker, it seems – which I noticed especially since I saw Anglo-Saxon capitalism roll into former East Germany – but with a vengeance – resulting in so much more and violent crime than before 1989… :( 
  • Anarchy is meant to get worse: the Rule of Money has replaced the Rule of Law – and surveillance cameras replace morals, ethics, decency and integrity…