Corruption and cover-up of child abuse and racism: what else is new?

  1. the fact that the book launch of “From Hillsborough to Lambeth” organised by FOYLES for 17th January 2013 got cancelled by the national children bookseller of the year
  2. that the distribution of the book got BANNED by gagging orders issued on 30th January
  3. the author is Liverpool football author BRIAN PEAD

This book explains

  • corruption in Local Authority Lambeth
  • cover-up of racism and child ‘grooming’ by a white female teacher from South Africa who was properly dismissed, but re-employed
  • a male ICT consultant dressing as a woman was employed
  • the author was headteacher of the most successful pupil referral unit and a practising psychotherapist
  • girls confided in him about being ‘groomed’ by the South African teacher who invited them to her flat and other ‘out of order’ behaviour
  • by following the procedure of reporting the abuser, he became the accused!

This is not the first time it has happened:

LAMBETH COUNCIL employs some 8,000 people

  • claims that they are being HARASSED by this book
  • but does NOT check the criminal records of foreign employees
  • Sir Michael Tugendhat sanctions this criminal behaviour.

BRIAN PEAD has NOT been given a reason for WHY his book was banned – but he’s being followed, had a car reversing into him and is seriously being harassed!

UNLAWFUL KILLING (about the inquiry into Diana’s death 10 years after the event) was also banned… but two videos are available on here and here.