13 03 14 WhistleblowersVictims of white collar crimes come in all shades, colours and sizes – of amounts of damages, degrees of injustice and levels of cruelty. Once we’ve been hit or hurt, our challenges are a profound process of ‘waking up’ and being disillusioned:

  1. it’s NOT our fault – it’s the organisations covering up for themselves
  2. the ‘authorities’ do NOT deliver what they are supposed to
  3. most ombudsmen or other organisations of complaint are only there to fob us off.

What can we do?

  • to learn NOT to give in or up, but stand our ground and fight for our rights
  • to learn how to present our experience as a ‘case': on paper, on video and in person
  • to learn how to live with our pain and to communicate it – possibly turning it into passion… 

With a bit of luck, we also meet people on our way who have had similar experiences and may be ahead of ourselves in terms of ‘learning by experience’. The web helps us enormously along that path.

Victims of legal abuse suffer from legal abuse syndrome. Victims of sexual abuse suffer from sexual abuse syndrome and hopefully become survivors, with the aid of others.

Whistleblowers have watched wrong-doing at their workplace – generally regarding sex or money or both – and may have suffered abuse as a consequence, or at least the loss of their salary and / or pension.

Making it a crime NOT to blow the whistle!?… “Whistleblowers UK will draft legislation to ‘encourage’ whistleblowers”.

But what good does legislation do in our times where the Rule of Law has been replaced by the Rule of Money???

Still, everybody has to keep trying! For what doesn’t kill us, makes us stronger!!!