Julia Gillard Prime Minister of Australia.

Julia Gillard Prime Minister of Australia. (Photo credit: thinboyfatter)

A sigh of relief seemed to have gone across the UK today – thanks to this announcement by the Australian PM:

Prime Minister Julia Gillard has issued an apology to people affected by Australia’s forced adoption policy between the 1950s and 1970s.

Tens of thousands of babies of unmarried, mostly teenage mothers, were thought to have been taken by the state and given to childless married couples.

Many women said they were coerced into signing away their children.

… practices that were unethical, dishonest and in many cases illegal.

The report was based on submissions by hundreds of women.

Here, we are publishing

we have submitted

In its way of reporting the good news, the excellent blog Researching Reform points out that Australia has always been something of a leading light!

Our letter to the Attorney General is also proposing an amnesty and jubilee with the Government providing money as ‘compensator of last resort‘…

May the UK follow the footsteps of Australia soon!!! Meanwhile, we must be grateful for Slovakia, France and Belgium expressing their outrage over the ‘scandalous injustice’ of the Kingdom’s “lost children”.

And we must gather ‘virtual ammunition’ so that the Online Action Day on 28th March becomes effective for #paedobritain and #childsnatchbritain.

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