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When I googled for E.M.Forster’s Only connect Prose with Passion, I came across his quotation:

“The Germans are called brutal, the Spanish cruel, the Americans superficial, and so on; but we are perfide Albion, the island of hypocrites, the people who have built up an Empire with a Bible in one hand, a pistol in the other, and financial concessions in both pockets. Is the charge true? I think it is.”

It’s this hypocrisy that gets to me. The “in the interest of the child” that ignores

  • the traumatisation every separation causes a child
  • the pain afflicted on children, parents, families
  • the cruelty committed with ‘legitimacy’.

Nigel Cooper is the Englishman who’s been resident in Belgium since 2006 and who is the legal guardian of his daughter who was born in 2003. But her mother abducted the girl and managed to get this judgement from a UK court that illustrates the ‘high horse’ and ‘moral high ground’ that the UK judiciary takes on – besides twists of events, facts and realities.

Why should it be “in the girl’s interest”

  • not to have spoken to or seen her father for over a year?
  • to be in a home rather than with either parent?
  • and possibly get adopted, as the Belgian news on TV suggested?

Nigel asks you to sign this petition which he addresses to The Rt Hon Lord Justice Thorpe, Deputy Head of Family Justice and Head of International Justice since January 2005.

It is based on this Belgian judgement which is in line with all international treaties that the UK signed. But the judiciary is ‘independent’, as the Cabinet Office wrote to him!…

In addition to military battles between nation states, men have added ‘battles of power’ between institutions and ‘battles of survival’ based on money… What a state of ‘enlightenment’ humanity has reached!

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