#paedobritain trending all day – Jimmy Savile: Who was protecting him for decades? and why?

13 03 28 Darkness must endThis Darkness Must End is a new blog with a most remarkable compilation of photos and newspaper links regarding Jimmy Savile.

It starts with:

“Savile advised Prince Charles over the appointment of a royal aide” (Daily Mail, 5th November 2012)

“Jimmy Savile caused concern with behaviour on visits to Prince Charles” (The Guardian, 29th October 2012)

“Jimmy Savile alarmed Royal staff with lewd behaviour at Palace” (Daily Telegraph, 30th October 2012)

“Jimmy Savile – The Royal court jester” (Daily Express website, 30 October 2011)

“Jimmy Savile’s extraordinary access to Margaret Thatcher detailed in secret files” (The Guardian, 28 December 2012)

“Revealed: Jimmy Savile’s close friendship with Margaret Thatcher “ (28 December 2012)

“Jimmy Savile and the Cardinal: Britain’s top Catholic cleric was friend of disgraced TV host” (The Mirror, 26 February 2013)

“UK’s top Catholic was long-standing friend of Savile” (Daily Mail website, 28 March 2013)

  • Then it points out to all the links regarding people at the BBC who knew
  • And the fact that Savile was secretly a suspect in the Yorkshire Ripper case.
  • Former Mayor of London Ken Livingstone said that MI5 had been secretly filming the sexual abuse of children in order to entrap and blackmail politicians, suggesting that MI5 had been organising abuse.

Links to other blogs: Spotlight on abuse: the past on trial; The Needle

Altogether too horrific to contemplate. Just as everything to do with institutionalised child snatching:

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15 Responses to #paedobritain trending all day – Jimmy Savile: Who was protecting him for decades? and why?

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  2. I suppose it’s always easier to be wise after the event; like bolting the door after the horse has long gone.

    Worse though is that society does not always learn from previous mistakes, but allows them to continue in another form until they too escalate into bigger and worse tragedies.

    All the more reason to listen to those small voices trying to be heard, but so often ignored because they are those of people regarded by the powerful as insignificant.

    Politicians are ready to chide or exhort us to ‘stand up and be counted’ when our votes are required, or higher taxes to be imposed, even battles, not of our making, to be fought, but should we dare to speak up, we are slapped down, and told we don’t know what we’re talking about.

    For all who have suffered injustice and found themselves gagged by bureaucracy, we now have the internet where victims, and those prepared to champion their corners, can ensure the truth is told. It will be a long and painful process; some will not live to see victory, but in the end, we now have the best chance that justice will prevail.

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  6. john malcolm says:

    Many of the cases seem to involve keeping the children of non UK nationals in the UK against their parents wishes. Can anyone explain WHY this is being done?….is it some sort of project to physically increase the number of people in the country?….or perhaps the variety of peoples?……or merely to irritate foreign governments?

    • 1. If you go to http://bit.ly/1027te2 you’ll find the observation of one English mum who spent 9 months in prison; this is being confirmed by another foreign mum I’ve been visiting in Holloway, too

      2. from my observations, it seems that foreigners are being targeted, because it’s easier to cheat on them; the system is so perfidious, corrupt, non-transparent and injust that foreigners can beat it even less than British people who might maybe get somewhere

      3. it’s easiest to deport the mums and keep the kids in ‘care’ until you put them in the streets. They served their purpose. They can go.

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  9. Benjamin Brooke says:

    These are phrases that I’ve repeatedly alleged were spoken to me in my bed when I was very small by UK-based actress Glynis Barber who at the time was (I allege) about 19 or 20. The UK police, parliament and media know all about it and everyone is doing absolutely nothing. Not one person has been interviewed in two years by the police. Not one. I’ve sent 700+ emails to everyone in parliament, all the national papers; TV news broadcasters, chatshows.. BBC Watchdog.. The Wright Stuff – everyone knows. It’s no secret. It’s just not public. I think they’ll be hundreds of others but if they don’t know that someone’s come forwards, they’re all too frightened. Here are the (alleged) phrases:

    Hello. Do you mind me being with you? I’m cold, can you keep me warm? Do you think we could be friends? It’s very nice to meet you. I feel much better now. It’s nice and warm in here isn’t it? I was cold. Thanks for helping me. I’ll have to do something nice for you now, won’t I? Do you mind if I stay a while? Would that be all right? Your hair’s lovely and soft, isn’t it? Would you like to touch mine? / You like me, don’t you, I’m pretty aren’t I? Do you miss me? I think about you all the time. I wish I could see you more often. Could I give you a little kiss? Do you think that would be all right? We’re special friends, aren’t we? Do you dream about me? I bet you do. Do you like dreaming about me, is it nice? / Shall we go on an adventure? An exciting adventure? Would you like that? You would, wouldn’t you? Should we go together? Come on then, come with me. / I promise it won’t hurt. You like the taste of that, don’t you? BREAK THAT F*****! MOULD THAT C***!! / I just love it. So easy. Do you love me? You like pleasing me, don’t you? Am I nice? See, it doesn’t hurt, I don’t lie. / You don’t feel bad, do you, bad things don’t feel exciting. Why would they? That’s when you know something’s right. The most important thing in life is not to lie to yourself. I don’t lie to myself, and you like me, don’t you? I’d made sure nothing bad ever happened to you. Friends do anything for each other. Would you like to do something nice for me?”

    Then I remember putting 4 fingers in her, and her making weird noises which made me panic. “Slippery,” I said. She said “Girls like that, they’ll love you.”

    Her big role was as Detective Makepeace in hit ’80s cop show Dempsey And Makepeace. I even sent her husband, Michael Brandon, a 17-page letter detailing, in full, the reasons for why I’d made an allegation of sexual child abuse against his wife. The UK media, British police and all the politicians and TV broadcasters have had a copy of that as well.

    Everyone knows about it except the public, because if they knew, they’d demand that this woman was formally interviewed. Too right she should be formally interviewed. In two years, the police have done NOTHING.

    And I do mean NOTHING.

    The Independent Police Complaints Commission upheld (months ago, this) upheld my complaint over Lancashire Constabulary’s inaction and have since been completely totally ignored. The British Police are making up the rules with this as they go along, blatantly flouting their own protocols and regulations to keep it from coming out that an allegation of sexual child abuse has been made against this woman.

    I must have now sent over 30 emails to Lancashire Constabulary’s Professional Standards Dept. requesting information regarding case progression and have received zero response. Zero.

    ‘Professional Standards Dept.’

    I maintain that that UK-based actress Glynis Barber was in my bed approximately 5 or 6 times, under my parents’ roof, and that I was very, very small. I know I was small because she used to make me put my feet on her legs above her knees to keep my feet warm, and she was petite.

    My mother’s attitude towards all this has been bizarre. “When it is a formal police investigation, then we will cooperate, but not before, ok? What did she Actually Do that was So Wrong you agreed to it??? I don’t understand why you haven’t taken more advantage of the way this woman taught you to touch up girls.”

    Does that sound, to anyone, like a normal mother’s response?

    The only people in the United Kingdom who don’t know about this allegation are the public. It has been an absolute cover-up right from the word Go. I’ve contacted a heap of show business agencies, all kinds of organisations from the NSPCC to the Samaritans, Top Gear Magazine, you name it, the whole country knows. Apart from the public.

    It’s the biggest paedophile allegation that you’ve never heard of.

    And on the same street, where I grew up, two years after Glynis Barber regularly used to (allegedly) appear in my bed, I got abused again by my elderly after-school babysitters. The man’s wife made me perform the same sex act on him that Glynis (allegedly) made me perform on someone in my own house, with, as I only just recalled last week, her hands over my ears,

    Oh and my babysitters also made me drink maggots out of a wine bottle. They said that if I told anyone, the maggots would be eating me, because by then I’d be dead.

    And the police have questioned nobody.

    My sister was abused on the same street. And one of her friends. Another girl, in one of my classes, was, it came out years later, raped by her father. That village was a total hot spot for paedophilia in the mid to late 70s. Hest-Bank, it was called; near Lancaster. Another girl who lived on the same street as my sister and I alleged that her father abused her. His profession? Professor of Theology. He’s still friends with my parents. You couldn’t make this stuff up. It’s a absolutely massive case and the British Government knows it. My parents’ conservatory was built by a guy who’s now in prison for? Paedophilia.

    The cover-up that’s going on behind the scenes in the UK with regard to my repeated attempts to make an allegation of sexual child abuse against actress Glynis Barber is absolutely off the scale.

    If those alleged phrases were made public via the internet, the British public would DEMAND action.

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