13 04 03 Uncomfortable truthsI’m afraid I didn’t volunteer to watch this video of the one-day old baby being taken. I can’t cope with this violence and hypocrisy any more. I have heard other children scream on video. I have heard about the 35 letters that the 12-year-old girl wrote to the judge, the 9-year-old one wanting to be with her father and the 4-year-old one with her mum, who was only given 20 minutes contact, before going away for 9 months, for rehabilitation. Her parents weep over the loss of their grandchildren and can’t trust either solicitors or anybody to help them…

One grandmother set up Children Screaming to be Heard to remedy the wounds afflicted by ruthless Social Services.

We’ve submitted this portfolio of nine cases to the Education Committee when it investigated child ‘protection’. John Hemming MP has over 1,700 cases on file for his Justice for Families campaign.

This is an account of the mainstream media reporting – so that the general public can believe the un-believable. I continue to visit and communicate with mums in prisons. Not enough to take their children. They then get criminalised and imprisoned fraudulently! And who can do anything about it? A whistleblower speaking on behalf girls being groomed for paedophiles got himself 28 days of prison!

We are currently helping a mum whose first daughter was taken at six months and adopted abroad – with the Local Authority not following guidelines and laws and the solicitor colluding. Her second daughter was taken six days after birth. But what can individuals do in the face of authorities colluding, committing crimes and more crimes to cover them up?

This grandfather sent me the link to the video. He keeps provoking Walsall Council who took his grandchildren against all reason and calls the video a ‘triumph':

  • because he hopes that now people will believe us who KNOW how bad / criminal / heinous Social Services are, in collusion with the Police, sanctioned by the secrecy of family courts and non-caring judges?
  • because this visible wrongness CAN’T be tolerated by people who care?
  • because this video SHOWS what we all know and try to expose, while attempting to help individual families?

A triumph of cruelty, nastiness and perfidious Albion: the institutionalised hypocrisy of supposedly acting in “the interest of the child”… How often will #paedobritain have to trend on Twitter? Will the UK want to wait for the outcome of the Royal Commission into child abuse in Australia before tackling the same problems at home?

How often does history have to repeat itself? Please note this spotlight on historical abuse – with over 100,000 visits in 3 months…

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