12 10 25 7-7Regular readers of and contributors to Victims Unite will not be surprised to read about compelling evidence for corruption within

  • the Police Service, particularly the Metropolitan Police: “this will not be investigated”
  • 65 calls for help from the Police
  • the Judiciary
  • law firms [from hell]: “For God sakes, if you were not ripped off, I’d never make a living.” [para 59, page 38]
  • “was unfortunately set up by the lawyers from Russells” [figure 4c, page 50]

However, in addition, this 240-page report is about:-

criminal victimisation of Ms Seven by Russells Law firm

  • theft of intellectual property: instead of protecting high level creative concepts from theft and plagiarism, Russells Law firm sold them lucratively
  • terrorised their client through gang-stalking, threats of death and prison,  phone and computer hacking
  • blocked all attempts to achieve legal remedy
  • stealing hospital records

criminal cover-up in the Courts

  • Ms Seven’s case against 10 individuals and corporations regarding theft and plagiarism was first issued in the Royal Courts of Justice on 5th August 2004
  • “the best evidence ever produced by a Litigant in Person”
  • audio tapes exist as evidence
  • bribing court staff to refuse enforcement of judgement

breaching ‘code of practice’ by media executives

  • carrying out illegal trading operations 
  • refusal to return documents

suspicious deaths of five people

  • 2 friends and supporters 
  • a Judge who ruled in her favour [June 2006]
  • a Channel 4 Executive

and the London Bombings:

  • Tony Farrell knew about the ‘inside job’ before he met Ms Seven; that’s why he got sacked by South Yorkshire Police
  • Farrell’s employment tribunal analysis says why 7/7 had all the hallmarks of an inside job and can be found in Appendix I of the report
  • Ms Seven had alerted the Police, her doctors and the Magistrates Court
  • her court case could not be heard as planned

the media and their hoaxes

  • Jim Manson of Scottish Media Group claims to have witnessed a deadly ‘terrorist attack’ [para 43, page 33]
  • Manufacturing ‘hoax terror’ [figure 7/4, page 80]
  • mimick Ms Seven’s life: her name and the number 7, in titles of songs, bands, adverts
  • “Crime Wave 2005 – There’s No Escaping it this July”
  • V for Vendetta

Furthermore, fresh insights and a new dimension into the assassination of Jean Charles de Menezes.

This is definitely worth studying and far more ‘entertaining’ than Eastenders…