Stop Forced AdoptionsHow many children need to be taken from their parents, before the world says NO? 10,000 a year is not enough yet?

How many parents need to be gagged and threatened with prison, before other countries say NO to the UK? Here’s what’s unique in the UK to facilitate forced adoptions. If you have lost your child(ren), please consider filling in this form to let the online world know – anonymously of course.

How many more children need to go missing (currently an estimated 10,000 a year), before their parents make institutions accountable?

How many farces / charades and masquerades need to be staged as ‘court cases’, before Parliament takes responsibility for an ‘independent’ judiciary? ‘Not Open to the Media’ even – despite Camilla Cavendish’s campaign in The Times in 2008?

Parents are now expected to PAY to see their kids in ‘contact centres’. How Stalinesque does the UK want to be?

These are some of the questions that fuelled my ‘wrath of god’ to start the petition Stop Forced Adoptions in the UK

Only people who know parents and grandparents concerned appreciate what’s going on. Only people who have tried to help as McKenzie Friends realise that ‘family courts’ are cloaks of secrecy covering up criminality.

Until everybody knows, please do sign the petition. Non-UK MEPs are willing to take 2,000 signatures to Parliament in Brussels!

Christopher Booker’s latest article shows how Social Services do NOT act in the ‘best interest of the child': Children pay a terrible price for ‘care’ and ends:

Most disturbing of all is the way this is covered up and ignored by politicians, the BBC and all those who continue to pretend that the system is working as intended.

I know from 3 children in one family how #childsnatchbritain leads to #paedobritain. Here’s the most complete story about the 31-year old cover up.

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