13 05 23 Open Corporateswww.OpenCorporates.com calls itself “The Open Database of the Corporate World.” It shows the nightmare that David Korten wrote about in 1995: When Corporations Rule the World, especially when you look at Goldmann Sachs and similar ‘corporate constructs’ with oodles of legal entities devoid of personal response-ability.

My real question is: how many of these companies belong to the financial economy, just making money out of money and how many constitute the real economy, providing actual goods and services? But that can’t be established yet.

Meanwhile, however, I have found out that there are

When clicking through to the company name, you see

  • references to filings in Companies House 
  • and financial transactions, e.g. from Local Authorities. 

For example, the British Association for Adoption and Fostering received £531,372 in 6 payments from the Department for Eduction in 2010.

You can also search for names of social workers, judges, solicitors, barristers, etc. in this data base of corporates! 

  • Remember to ‘filter’ for jurisdiction, i.e. United Kingdom
  • and ‘inactive’ maybe.

Stop Forced AdoptionsWe’ve had 550 signatures on the Stop Forced Adoptions in the UK petition in 5 days. Will we get to 2,000 signatures in 20 days??? That’s what 2 non-UK MEPs have asked for. Since then, we’ve discovered more MEPs who will support our issues!

Also, The Secrecy in Family Courts should be lifted Now has risen to 1,396 signatures to support the one against adoptions.  Please read the marvellous comments, if you can’t believe what’s happening! I’ve just had the phone call of a desperate father whose 10-months old daughter was ordered to be adopted… We shall appeal!

At the same time, a social worker bragged on Facebook about child stealing aka getting children put into ‘care’! When will it stop and be stopped???

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