20130722_154923A folder of support summarising the protests and petitions was handed over to No. 10. The appointment was given to the organisers of S.C.O.T. UK – Stolen Children of the UK.

Here’s our letter to the Prime Minister.

And here’s the executive summary:

Return Our Stolen Children–Request by Protesters and Petitioners

STOLEN CHILDREN OF THE UK – S.C.O.T. UK[1] is the campaigning group that, for the second time organised a national demo outside Downing Street. A one-week protest culminates in handing over signatures collected on- and off-line.

Parents are traumatised by the separation from their children and the subsequent bureaucratic and judicial procedures they have to endure – to maintain a tiny bit of contact, which eventually may end in ‘forced adoption[2], the irreversible ‘change of ownership’ or permanent foster ‘care’ – whether in homes or with private individuals who make fostering a new career – at generally £400 per week and child.

By protesting together, parents experience great comfort from sharing their pain. But their anger is also palpable. For nothing makes sense:

  • allegations and accusations made by Social Services are fabricated lies
  • Judges sanction what Social Workers are doing and tend to rule in favour of Local Authorities
    • 95,000 hearings a year take place in secret hearings of Family Courts
    • the wishes and feelings of children are never taken into account
  • children always lose out
    • in private custody battles, fathers complain about mothers getting too many rights
    • mothers complain about children being given to their abusers rather than their rescuers
  • but the real battle takes place in the public law arena
    • abuse in ‘care’ is more likely than at home
    • children are taken at birth – because of the potential risk of future emotional harm
  • research indicates that some 6,500 foreign national children are in ‘care’
    • foreigners whose children are taken may end up in prison, never seeing them again
  • Edward Timpson MP has admitted that on average, 50 children a year die whilst in care
    • 10,000 children go missing from ‘care’ every year.

Online campaigners have gathered signatures for a petition submitted to the Petitions Committee of the EU Parliament:

Total > 1,960

This Dossier of Evidence[7] is a compilation of statistics and cries for help in their support.

Furthermore, this petition is before the President of the Family Courts:

Christopher Booker’s most recent articles in The Telegraph:

The secrecy has been lifted slightly, as judgements will in future be published, as reported in the Daily Mail[9] and The Times[10]. But as long as hearings remain secret and neither the best interests of the parents nor of the children are represented in Courts, this national demonstration will have to take place outside Downing Street.

It echoes those 30 foreign embassies who expressed concerns about UK Law[11] when attending a meeting in the House of Commons, sponsored by John Hemming MP, Chairman of Justice for Families[12].