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Len Lawrence is a retired British Aerospace pilot who suffers from the poisoning of inhaling the fumes of aeroplanes. Their organophosphates were also responsible for killing thousands of farmers who were forced to dip their sheep – such as George Wescott who has miraculously survived so far.

Unfortunately, victimisation does NOT encourage official institutions to HELP and SUPPORT, let alone COMPENSATE, as suggested by our Government as Compensator of Last Resort.

No. The ‘culture’ of the ‘people processing industry‘ is  one of

In the Judiciary, this means:-

  • ‘professionals’ such as judges and Court staff get paid by the public purse;
  • they commit ‘white collar crimes’ [British understatement for stories you can't make up];
  • Royal Charters are the ticket to immunity from prosecution;
  • ‘amateurs’ become victims of such crimes and seek ‘justice’ with ‘legal professionals';
  • these tend to be ‘solicitors from hell‘ or ‘bent judges‘ in a hierarchy of courts that is difficult to understand;
  • however, after years of observation, Family Courts and the Court of Protection seem to be the epitome of institutionalised hypocrisy aka perfidious Albion

For family courts sanction the snatching of children by Social Services. And the court of ‘protection’ sanctions the adoption of children and the stealing of assets, as in Len’s case, by declaring people not to have ‘mental capacity’.

However, Pope Francis has published a decree regarding “public officials”… In the UK, maybe HM The Queen will ensure that judges don’t behave ‘off-limits’?

For if a judge made a judgement in the Court of Protection and is not on the list of 95 approved judges, his order is void. I.e. you can start again to get justice for your grievance. Here’s the judgement that enshrines that such orders are void.

In Len’s as many other cases, dishonest money has become the ultimate weapon: his income support was stopped. Hence he couldn’t make an application to the Court of Appeal which had told him to do so! For it costs a lot of money to make an appeal, but you get ‘fee exempt’, if you get income support…

And here’s the trail of emails that resulted in him realising that six of his judges were not on the list of 95:

District Judge  Susanna Jones
District Judge  John Fortgang
District Judge  Peter Devlin
His Honour Judges Simon Oliver
Master Yoxall (Queens Bench) Also attempted to place upon me the Official Solicitors legal costs!

Mr Justice Adrian Fulfurd (Queens Bench)

His ‘order’ does not allow to bring to the attention of any Family Division Judge what occurred to me:

1. That the Deputy Official Solicitor May Maughan identified to Master Yoxall, Queens Bench Division, in January 2013 that Helen Clift a solicitor within the official solicitors office failed to comply with the instruction she was given by the former Official Solicitor Laurence Oades and others to seek the relevant orders from the Court of Protection. (The press were not allowed into this secret hearing)

2. That the Senior Master  Steven Whitaker, Queen’s Bench Division of the High Court, who holds, or had held, three  Court of Protection Medical Certificates CP3 can provide no record of disclosing these CP3s to the Court of Protection.

To: Jen Matthews
Court Manager Court of Protection,

The Honourable Mr. Justice Peter Jackson Court of Protection:

The law is completely inaccessible to those for whose benefit the legislation has been devised.

Thank you for the list of Court of Protection Judges. Would you please pass my thanks to those below:

  1. Jillian Kay, Chief Executive of the Judicial Office and her PA Maria for their assistance.
  2. Alex Clark, private secretary to Sir James Munby President Family Division and President Court of Protection who the Judicial Office advised was tasked with my request. Also Jo from Sir James private office who assisted me today.
  3. Like the Judicial Office, I do not understood why you could not have provided me with the list when we spoke?
  4. As advised, I have my own tape recordings of court hearings, they identify the theft of my documents from me in the judge’s chambers.  The official court tapes went missing when request by the police.

It is refreshing to to see that those that abused me when I was a patient and subject to the Court of Protection do not hold a Court of Protection approval.

As you clearly know from the files held by your staff Richard Anelay QC, Deputy High Court Judge, Family Division, has extracted from Barrister Dominic Brazil 1 Kings Bench Walk that I had been a patient subject to the Court of Protection when Dominic Brazil had Hundreds of Thousands of Pounds of adverse costs and inferences placed upon me. Dominic Brazil had failed to disclose to the court the certificate of mental incapacity issued under Part V11 MHA 1983 to protect me that he had held.

The Court of Protection have already advised me in writing that District Judge Susanna Jones and District Judge John Fortgang at Slough County Court do not and have not held a Court of Protection approval when they placed upon myself Hundreds of Thousands of Pounds of adverse cost and inferences, when I was incapable of legal discussion and understanding.

Following the comments of His Honour Judge Simon Oliver, Reading County Court, that the Court of Protection role is no more than a rubber stamping process, the Court of Protection have also identified that His Honour Judge Simon Oliver does not hold a Court of Protection approval.

The above list identifes Senior District Judge, now His Honour Judge, Phillip Waller Principal

 Registry of the Family Division as a approved Court of Protection judge

Judge Waller last year advised “the file, in the first instance, should be sent to the Court of Protection”..  

HHJ Simon Oliver, the Manager Reading County Court, and Simpson Millar LLP Solicitors refused to comply with these instructions from a nominated Court of Protection judge. Also, your administration staff are refusing to comply with Judge Phillip Waller instructions to me.

I am presently waiting for Thames Valley Police to establish why when BP Collins Solicitors, Gerrards Cross, Buckinghamshire held a certificate of mental incapacity under Part V11 MHA 1983 in November 2004, BP Collins Solicitors denied its existence to the court in February 2005.

Yours sincerely

Leonard Lawrence



Date: Wed, 31 Jul 2013 15:25:17 +0100
Subject: List of Court of Protection Judges as requested 

Dear Mr Lawrence

Please find attached the current list of Judges for the Court of Protection.  If you have a specific Judge that you are looking for that does not appear on the up to date list that is not to say that they were not a Court of Protection Judge at the time of your case – retirement etc may well have occurred since then.


Jen Matthews
Court Manager

Court of Protection,
RCJ, Thomas More Building, Strand, London, WC2A 2LL
DX 44450 Strand
I am not authorised to bind my Department contractually, nor to make representations or other statements which may bind the Department in any way via electronic means.