How do you compare injustice, fraud, failures of ‘the system’ and explain the width of the gap between the Rule of Law (and correctness) and the Rule of Money (and corruption)?

Victims Unite started in August 2010 by publishing individual cases that were begun on Enforcement of Bank of England Act 1694. Since then I

  • accompanied some 50 general and another 50 or so cases in family courts
  • posted 474 articles
  • and 815 followers are reading regularly about ‘us’, the victims turning into starfighters, campaigners, online activists and McKenzie Friends and ‘them’, the ‘public service’ organisations ranging from police, prison, courts, the House of Commons and House of Lords to the Government in Downing Street.

13 08 31 statsToday, the 250,000 mark of visitors will be passed. And I am sorry to say that the only thing that has improved is my ability to ‘see through’ what’s happening more and more:

  • public officials commit white collar crimes
  • they deny and lie
  • they cover each other
  • they commit more crimes to cover up.

No matter which ‘case’ comes before courts, no matter which story I try to publish, no matter who tries to get justice and compensation, it’s never a level playing field, for there is always one individual that is being victimised by many officials who are ‘just doing their job’. 

A combination of incompetence, maladministration, mismanagement and policy failures and an ever widening gap between the Rule of Law, guidelines and other practice orders and the reality of the Rule of Money create an extreme challenge for the individuals concerned.

Extreme – due to his commitment to exposure:

  • Len Lawrence, the retired pilot who suffers from having inhaled poisonous exhausts and exposes six judges acting on behalf of the Court of Protection without being on the list of approved judges.

Extreme – due to her excessive and torturous detention in HMP Holloway – besides  lack of contact with her then 4-year-old son since December 2011:

  • Melissa Laird, the US mother who is threatened with deportation, whilst her son is kept for adoption; after having been assaulted by some six prison officers on 20 July, 2 police officers interviewed her finally on 27 August.

Extreme – due to seventeen imprisonments since February 2009 when corrupt solicitors drafted a false affidavit for the then Chief Constable of South Wales Police:

  • Maurice J Kirk BVSc, the flying veterinary doctor who has dared to challenge South Wales Police and alongside the CPS, HM Court Services at all levels, solicitors, HMP Cardiff;
  • as McKenzie Friend, he acted on behalf of the Nigerian couple whose then six children were taken by Haringey Council;
  • as experienced inmate, he visited Melissa in HMP Holloway and made her day – before being imprisoned again.
Merlin Hanbury-Tracy, 7th Baron Sudeley, 1987

Merlin Hanbury-Tracy, 7th Baron Sudeley, 1987 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Extreme – due to their duration over decades:

  1. Lord Sudeley, thanks to whom we organised the Forum for Stable Currencies at the House of Lords; his great-grandfather was already bankrupted along the same ‘formula’ as other victims nowadays and whose grandmother’s estate was NOT administered in the best interest of her heirs;
  2. Norman Scarth, the WWII veteran who had to flee to Ireland to escape further incarceration and ‘legalised victimisation';
  3. Mr Ebert, the real estate agent whose house was taken by some 30 police based on a fabricated bankruptcy;
  4. The late Paulette Cooper who could at least write about her ordeal before she passed away;
  5. Raymond Fox whose victimisation by nuclear radiation was covered up by officials;
  6. Caul Grant who lost his 2-year-old son due to the NHS failings and subsequent victimisation by solicitors and judges;
  7. Charles Seven whose intellectual property theft became the subject of a 240-page report by former intelligence analyst Tony Farrell and related to 7/7 as a false flag operation;
  8. Colin Peters  – failed by lawyers and judges – as soo many victims, especially in family courts and the Court of ‘Protection';
  9. Paul Talbot-Jenkins whose Force 4 Justice demonstrates how he overcame his victimisation by bankruptcy;
  10. Peter Bellett the financial whistleblower who stopped taking his medicines and became ‘normal’ again.

But by now, States are being used to steal not just assets and children, also directly from bank accounts.

Or, in a historic perspective: first ‘they’ wanted the blood of our fathers, brothers and husbands for wars. Then they wanted our time for ‘employment’. Now it’s about children and mothers in secret family courts – for sex, money or both – especially paedophiles – here investigated by the Police in Australia. And, while corporations rule the world, ‘they’ are after our ideas, creativity and innovations.

May the light win the battle between good and evil – sooner rather than later!

Meanwhile: All Wars are Bankers’ Wars and It’s amazing how one common denominator in the Middle East wars is ignored: the only nations left there with their own Central Banks are Syria and Iran.