First Empowerment MondayMonday’s event outside the Royal Courts of 13 09 17 Quantum ActivistJustice was the result of Caul Grant who founded the Campaign for Truth and Justice telling his victimisation and starfighter story at a gathering of the Free Spirit Foundation.

This spiritual revolution will continue every Monday from 10am to 4pm. Afterwards, we network in The George opposite to relax the bones after demonstrating that:

  • Law Breakers cannot be Law Enforcers
  • the Judiciary is guilty of criminal acts
  • we demand compliance with the Rule of Law and equal application of the Law.

But the programme of events and implementation of actions will emerge as we dance between the real and the online world. In Leipzig, the demos started every Monday night and eventually brought the Berlin Wall down. We shall see and overcome!

Our overall objectives are: 

  1. to break the silence that protects the ongoing corruption within the civil and criminal justice system – one of the seven deadly syndromes and seven media cover-ups
  2. to break the City’s Rule of Money and ensure Westminster’s Rule of Law by enforcing the Bank of England Act 1694
  3. to enforce Sir James Munby’s judgement of 05 September 2013 that calls for the court to adapt its practice to the realities of the internet and in particular social media. 

In that spirit, we will schedule ‘star victims’ and ‘key overcomers’ who have become survivors, starfighters, online activists, campaigners and McKenzie Friends, e.g.:

  • Charles Seven – whose intellectual property theft after she went to media lawyers resulted in suspicious deaths and the Farrell Report
  • David Jenkins who organised demos outside Downing Street to Return our Stolen Childen
  • Michael Doherty – formerly British Airways – stitched up after he went to the Police about his daughter being groomed – mentioned by John Hemming MP on Channel IV newshow to stop cover ups
  • Len Lawrence – retired British Aerospace pilot – poisoned by exhaust fumes and defrauded by the Court of Protection
  • Ian Puddick – brutalised in custody – exposing board level corruption with Police help
  • Maurice J Kirk BVSc – bullied, harassed and deprived of his profession by South Wales Police
  • Mr Ebert – the worst bankruptcy case known at the time
  • etc, etc, etc. – in no particular order of priority for the moment.

Next Sunday 22 September Whistleblowers and Victims of Injustice are meeting in Hyde Park for the same reasons: 12 noon – Speakers Corner!

On Empowerment Mondays, we will address issues such as:

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