David Jenkins, the organiser of Stolen Children of the UK [S.C.O.T. UK] the 8-day demo outside Downing Street in July 2013 is now in HMP Swansea.

He has had 4 children taken and handed in signatures with a petition that was published in Hansard on 03 September 2013: Children Placed in Foster Care.

Dear Mr Cameron, take the Lead and Return our Stolen Children was the cover letter of our file.

David is now in prison for having named one of the Social Workers involved, even though Lord Justice Munby has made this breakthrough judgement in which he appeals to courts to adapt to the realities of the internet, particularly social media! That includes naming Social Workers!

BUT: as Christopher Booker writes in The Telegraph: Why do our judges in family courts ignore the law? — How can any sane judge decide that a child should remain in ‘care’ of a blind 80-year old widow? Is it coincidence that it’s the same judge who decided that it is up to the ‘discretion of Barnet Council’ whether there should be any contact between a 4-year-old boy and his mother? He has not seen her since December 2011 and she has been deported so that he can be adopted

It is our and Lord Justice Munby’s battle against judges who don’t obey the Law of the Land. No wonder, Belinda McKenzie writes regular Battle News for Britain’s children.

Meanwhile we handed out this leaflet at today’s Empowerment Monday:


Parents and Supporters at Empowerment Mondays[2]
and via a Petition in the House of Commons[3]

Social Services take children off their parents for all sorts of frivolous reasons, such as ‘risk of emotional harm’. They hide behind the secrecy of Family Courts[4] who sanction the wrong doing.

What’s unique in the UK[5] is horrendous: gagging orders threaten with imprisonment and actually commit parents wrongfully. Especially foreigners and other vulnerable people such as those brought up in ‘care’ homes. One prisoner was brought up in 13 homes, abused in 2 and had her 4 children taken at birth. One US mother was deported to be homeless whilst her son is kept for adoption[6].

Forced adoptions[7] take place without parental consent. One mother grieves for her sons who were adopted by a gay couple. Parents are punished without having committed any crime[8].

In ‘contact’ sessions, children are not allowed to speak in their own language and parents are not allowed to tell them that they love them.


Parents must join others to know that it’s not their fault. They can sign Abolish Adoptions without Parental Consent[9] – a petition before the EU Parliament – and look at the 10-page Dossier of Evidence[10] with links to many Facebook groups.

Supporters can provide ‘tea and sympathy’ besides making placards and generally spreading the word. With the exception of Christopher Booker in The Telegraph, the mainstream media tend not to cover the issue. Local Councils do NOT like public exposure. One father got his son back after 14 months of campaigning. Two Slovak boys[11] were returned after demos outside the UK Embassy with TV and press.

McKenzie Friends[12] are lay legal advisors who know about the badness of the situation. Solicitors and barristers tend to be ‘professional losers’ as this barrister[13] said who fled to Israel to save her daughters from Barnet Council.

John Hemming (Lib Dem) is the only MP who consistently tries to make changes. Getting your MP to talk to him is a first step for support.

For further information, please FOLLOW www.victims-unite.net