Stop Forced Adoptions

Empowerment Mondays at the Royal Courts of Justice in London are powerful opportunities for victims to unite and dare to ‘come out’ and ‘speak out’.


Homeless in the US whilst he is kept for adoption[2]
as published by John Hemming– the only MP
who stands up for Justice for Families[3]

Melissa’s story is typical for what is unique in the UK[4]: child snatching aka state kidnapping, especially foreigners, sanctioned by courts, parents gagged from speaking out under threat of imprisonment, mainstream media not reporting the truth and children screaming to be heard[5]. Parents are punished without having committed any crime[6]. Forced adoptions[7] take place without their consent.

Deported, imprisoned and beaten for being a parent[8] and Social workers damn us both ways[9] are Christopher Booker’s articles about Melissa Laird[10] in The Telegraph. As McKenzie Friends[11] (lay legal advisors) we visited her in HMP Holloway for nearly two years. We reported: Five mothers on hunger strike[12] which resulted in a gagging order[13] and two journalists being banned from Holloway. We published She wins in Court, but gets beaten up in Prison[14]. One month later, the police interviewed her but no-one got charged.


Melissa’s lawyer wrongly advised her to plead guilty for ‘abducting a child’ since it was her own! That’s how she became a ‘foreign national criminal’ – like many foreign mothers she met in Holloway – targeted[15] so that their children can be kept for ‘care’ and adoption. Her case will be heard on Thursday 5 December 2013 at the Royal Courts of Justice. We’ll know Judge and Court only a day before via

Social Services take children for all sorts of reasons, such as ‘risk of emotional harm’. They hide behind the secrecy of Family Courts[16].

Parents must join others to know that it’s not their fault. They can sign Abolish Adoptions without Parental Consent[17] – a petition before the EU Parliament – and look at the 10-page Dossier of Evidence[18] with links to many Facebook groups – and maybe follow What I would do if Social Services took my Children[19].

Supporters can provide ‘tea and sympathy’ besides carrying placards outside Council offices and spreading the word. Local Councils do NOT like public exposure. One father got his son back after 14 months of campaigning. Two Slovak boys[20] were returned after demos outside the UK Embassy with TV and press. Solicitors and barristers tend to be ‘professional losers’ as this barrister[21] said who fled to Israel to save her daughters, also from Barnet Council!