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South Wales Police

South Wales Police (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Norman Scarth (87) is among the oldest ‘victim turned starfighters’ I know. He fled to Ireland to avoid the mental hospital he had already experienced once before. From there he is still communicating with various UK courts and launched recently this petition to help his efforts:

That the British State/Government/Supreme Court each do their bit to put an end to the MIS-use of ‘Mental Hospitals’, a practice described by Nobel Laureate Alekzandr Solzhenitsyn as “Worse Than The Gas Chambers”; the Appeal by Norman Scarth (which is currently before the Supreme Court) being a good opportunity to do so.

Please do consider signing!

Norman shared that mental hospital experience with Maurice J Kirk BVSc who had just been released from Caswell Clinic in South Wales when the two joined us at a meeting in the House of Lords in March 2010. Click here or on the image above to see the videos.

Maurice (68) is now in HMP Cardiff where observers note how doctors are being prepared to cart him to that mental prison while avoiding court procedures.

That is the power of South Wales Police and CPS (Wales) – who paid the then director of Caswell Clinic for his ‘diagnosis’ – to lock him away on the grounds of ‘significant brain damage – possibly cancer’. Now the same doctor complains about Maurice harassing him and causing him and his family ‘stress’…

See Paving the Way to High Security Prison – Again!!!??? on the blog I created to promote Maurice’s own site – with the recent witness statement by the doctor responsible for a lot of Maurice’s problems.

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