13 11 19 Crime statisticsI’m watching the HoC Public Administration Committee meeting in Room 8 re Crime Statistics. What a privilege to be able to experience on screen rather than having to go where I’ve gone since a human rights lawyer advised the Forum for Stable Currencies to ‘go for Parliamentary scrutiny via the Treasury Select Committee':

Not only Chairman Bernard Jenkin MP is SHOCKED!!!

One of the submitted reports is on http://data.parliament.uk/writtenevidence/WrittenEvidence.svc/EvidenceHtml/3383 – one of the retired officers behind The Thin Blue Line and Car Crime UK.

But the real shocker is whistleblower PC James Patrick of the Metropolitan Police who put a book together from a number of blogs.

The membership of the committee includes Alun Cairns who is the MP for Maurice J Kirk MBSc. Maurice has been challenging South Wales Police more or less single handedly for nearly 30 years.

Unfortunately, the ‘recording of crime data’ is well after the event. It just keeps other people in pay. But the question needs to be asked, once again: cui bono? Who benefits? 

Child sexual offences have a special way of being covered up, i.e. refer to ‘mental health’!

Paul Flynn MP suggests freemasonry as a reason, based on the information of a reliable constituent.

Who is to blame?

  • institutionalised ‘performance’ and ‘target culture’ as the basis for ‘performance related pay’
  • organisational hypocrisy
  • and organised corruption!

IF ONLY the real criminals ‘performed’ and produced ethical targets!!! Here a few ‘sound bytes':

Being a whistleblower in the police is not easy… PC James Patrick

There is a re-victimisation of the original victim…

Suspects are left to carry on offending for years…

Misclassification of and mis-recording of “rape, robbery and violence” in Kent [paedophilia UK]…

Cultural problem in policing all over the country…

And here’s what the Police Oracle says: Cover ups ‘will continue without change’ as Metropolitan Police PC James Patrick faces gross misconduct proceedings later this month over a book he published that alleges manipulation of crime statistics and highlights the impact of lobbying on police reform.

Maybe the eleven Committee MPs can make a difference after all!?


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