Dear Secretary of State

This is to bring you in touch with the reality of families that the child ‘protection’ system routinely destroys, rather than support your call in the opposite direction in The Independent.

Our Battle for Britain’s Children with a view to an Ethical Parliament is well under way. For what is happening in local authorities, secret family courts, prisons and associated agencies such as UKBA is beyond not only the Rule of Law but also belief.

Hence our various activities as public interest advocates:

  1. Our submissions to official bodies
  2. Ongoing online petitions
  3. Our latest press release about the system being an international scandal

Questioning the bond between biological mothers and fathers with their children and the trauma created through forceful separations is demonstrated by Pound Pup Legacy – set up by adoptees.

Should you require more evidence, personal testimonies or a meeting with witnesses and advocates, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Trusting that you will do your utmost to Return our Stolen Children by Christmas,

Yours gratefully in advance,

Sabine K McNeill

PS. For the wider picture, you may want to appreciate:

  1. Welcome to filthy Britain!
  2. #childsnatchuk leads to #paedobritain
  3. Bring Back Bradburies to compensate victims of white collar criminals
  4. Child Snatching is one of Seven Deadly Syndromes and Seven Media Cover-Ups


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