Neil Scott published on Facebook what sounds terribly familiar to ‘victims turned starfighters': Police Your Police. This case alone should gain me a million.

The Detective wrote it,
The Witnesses covered it up,
The CPS gave it,
The Judges received it,
The Defence received it,
The Teeside Court staff falsified a Summary of it,
Teeside Court staff covered it up,
Judges didn’t receive it as Evidence at my appeal for burglary.

This was Falsified Evidence by the @ClevelandPolice detective.

It was told to Andrew McDonald MP,
To Barry Coppinger @Cleveland_PCC,
Judges at Trial,
Judges at appeal,
IPCC were told 43 times,
CPS knew at every point what was going on:

  • Forensics fraud is legal for Police officers said IPCC
  • Judges said there’s No Law Forbidding Forensics fraud by Officers of the Law
  • IPCC said Stop sending us Complaint EMAILS
  • Barry Coppinger PCC of Middlesbrough @Cleveland_PCC won’t answer me on twitter @Lauraneiltina3.

I’ve had 42 FOI requests refused to suspension for information about my own conviction, even though I already had the information before making the 42 requests.

I’ve had 7 Twitter accounts suspended, 5 facebook accounts suspended and interfered with, as emails showed me whose IP address it was near my home and they followed a lie to corruption from Middlesbrough to the Royal Courts of Justice London. Neilscott1@Wordpressdotcom.

Worst Still. I’ve requested who altered Forensics evidence at the stations where SG4 blood forensics was handled and by whom. For some reason Cleveland police stated in letters that CCTV security of forensics didn’t exist. It never existed. This is detrimental to officers witnesses and staff at the station to prove lies or not. Pity.

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