Sabine Kurjo McNeill:

Anybody willing to phone Governor Booty of HMP Cardiff on 029 2092 3100 and complain?

Originally posted on Flying Vet challenges South Wales Police:

14 01 27 Alun Cairns MPHere is Maurice’s latest missive from inside HMP Cardiff:


Arrested 14th October 2013 and incarcerated on both fabricated charges and antecedent history. Breaches of prison regulations include:

  1. Denied access to bail officer to arrange release
  2. Denied facilities to interview my witnesses today
  3. Denied facilities to examine Police CD and DVD
  4. Denied for 3 months access to my own bank account
  5. Denied for 2 months access to my car key to get evidence
  6. Denied this week any canteen to buy stamps and phone calls
  7. Denied cross examination or appeals to punishments
  8. Denied proper notice for court appearances
  9. Denied reasonable access to any law books (3 30 minute visits to library allowed)
  10. Police ‘VISOR’ labelled ‘sex offender’ fabricated to oppose bail

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