Online Petitions and their Remarkable Comments

Our online petitions reflect the ‘pincer movement’ of the network of likeminded people that has come to meetings in Westminster or feels part of the online community:

1. on behalf of victims of white collar crimes  as the effect of dishonest money and unsustainable monetary policies

2. regarding the effects of the secrecy of family courts:

3. addressing monetary reform as the cause of financial and economic ills in our society:

4. in defence of the spokesperson against paedophilia in Scotland: 

May all (y)our efforts bring about the changes we’re hoping to see!

The previous administration promised a response by the Government as soon as there are at least 200 signatures.

From The Register: A Cabinet Office spokesman told us in November 2010 that the government had already “committed” to pushing for a formal debate in Parliament for any petition that draws more than 100,000 signatures from the British public. The petition with the most signatures would then be tabled as a bill.

41 Responses to Online Petitions and their Remarkable Comments

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  7. You did a great job. Thanks for posting this and if it is possible for you to share me more about it that would be great.

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  17. Steve Robberts says:

    (Reposted from The Hillsborough Families Support Group Website)

    Ste says:
    April 6, 2013 at 6:03 am
    I have been fighting a case for years in relation to the attempted murder of a man by a gang armed with machetes bats hammers etc. Also into conspiracy between the attackers and Merseyside Police to fabricate an allegation of Arson with Intent to endanger life!. There was a massive Police cover up at the Crown court in coercion with the CPS and the attackers! All the evidence was withheld at the trial including: Police Statements, Custody Records, Forensics, No Comment Interview, Vital exhibits containing the registration of the vehicle written down on a bus ticket roll (this registration was that of a vehicle owned and on finance to the attackers) This evidence was not told to the jury..because the officers apparently lost the ticket roll before trial! There has been a further massive cover up by PCA IPCC CPS and Merseyside Police (overseen by Norman Bettison and Bernard Hogan Howe). All parties in coercion with the Attackers have fabricated an(8 MINUTE LONG) no comment interview to cover up the initial conspiracy (the solicitor present during the interview is actually an ex merseyside Police officer)..they also got rid of personal notebooks of the officers, custody records, etc etc. Furthermore they have stated that the CPS Lawyer cannot be interviewed as they have been on sick leave for the duration of the inquiry (7 years)….The file is damming and i’m 100% confident that I will get justice! To the Powers that be…It is simply a case of …how it looks….than how it is…..victims are irrelevant in the equation…..FACT.

  18. Steve Robberts says:

    Steve Robberts April 15, 2013 at 04:58 Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    Re my recent post: I would like to add, I have provided the HFSG with a summarized copy of the file and also the fabricated No Comment Interview Tape. The Tape was made to cover up for a corrupt Chief Superintendent and also the clear evidence of Perjury committed by the Head Officer in the Case at the Crown Court on oath. There is clear evidence of Perjury and Perverting the course of Justice at the crown Court. Merseyside Police PSD stated they were reporting the defendants for “Perjury and Perverting the course of Justice”. This was not done. I will provide a copy of the file and Fabricated Interview on CD to anyone in the Legal Profession for your attention. It is one thing to cover up at the Crown Court, It is quite another to Fabricate an Interview in coercion with the IPCC CPS etc…It is clearly in the Public Interest to have this addressed!

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  28. As a supporter of Crimestoppers it is every adults responsibility to safeguard children. if those people who are in Authority fail to investigate alleged claims of abuse then those individuals who are and should be respected public officials will be pursued for neglect which constitutes a criminal offense. If UK Police fail, to act upon allegations BROUGHT TO THEIR ATTENTION then i would recommend that UK citizens should contact Europol or interpol or right to the home secretary who has a duty to investigate internal affairs. Those police forces who side with those local Authorities as partner agencies who clearly are working to targets to take innocent children away and show no regard for Article 8 of the EU Convention of human rights will be brought to justice and public opinion will prevail.
    Every social worker must be registered with the HCPC and if members of the public has a concern with a social worker then i would clearly check the register, state to the social worker to abide by their standards and ethics and if you are still concerned then contact the fitness to practice department.

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  31. VictorBymn says:

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  33. millirenko says:

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  35. Carin Handsun says:

    I can recommend a great website for those wishing to learn more about how to fight corruption,

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  38. Edwardbaky says:

    ors, analysts and supervisors to handle the added caseload. The request is pending, meaning scores of death investigations are in limbo.

    The investigation by Miami Dade police of Rainey’s death remains open even though it happened more than two years ago. The Herald found that despite multiple witnesses coming sac longchamp pour les cours forward, neither police detectives nor the medical examiner interviewed them until the newspaper began asking questions about the case this past spring.

    Randall Jordan Aparo’s death at Franklin Correctional Institution was one of those determined to be the result of natural causes. But in 2013, three years after he died, inspectors with the prison system’s inspector general’s office accidentally discovered key evidence in the case had either been ignored or covered up by their own agency. Jordan Aparo, 27, suffered from a rare blood disorder that caused him respiratory distress, yet he was repeatedly gassed blasted with debilitating chemical agents by officers who lied on their reports, according to a subsequent investigation, saying the inmate had been causing a disturbance at the prison.

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    The Justice Department is reviewing his death.

    Latandra Ellington was found dead just days after she wrote her family a letter saying that a sergeant at Lowell Correctional was threatening to kill her. Though a source at the prison told the newspaper that prison officials announced Ellington died of an overdose, an independent autopsy paid for by her family showed she had suffered trauma to her abdomen consistent with being beaten.

    NO POLICE SCRUTINYBernadette “Brandi” Gregory’s death at Lowell, on July 22, 2009, is one of hundreds of inmate deaths annually that received no scrutiny from local police or the FDLE, even though her family to

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