Norma Ferrie (no. 11)

This case was first published here – as a tale. Now we have also an A4 summary. It is no. 11 under Grouping Cases to Enforce the Bank of England Act 1694.

Here is the court order we received via Actons Solicitors, and the IVA (Individual Voluntary Arrangement) that my partner and I entered into. This IVA shows that we had to give permission to sell our property. I do not know how the fraudster got around this.

But my partner was accepted as bankrupt of June 2008.

I will be sending this to the SRA (Solicitors  Regulation Authority) as they have asked for a chronicological order of how the fraud took place.

As you will see, I made every effort to have the issues addressed and investigated by the LCS (Legal Complaints Service), but my complaint was thwarted by an untrustworthy employee Simon Gilroy who failed to address the issues raised in my complaint. He failed to address the evidence in support of my complaint. He also failed in his duty to protect the public.

It is clear that the Law Society has been in receipt of evidence as far back as 2005 and up to 2009, when Cort’s solicitors where retained for the purpose of concluding the fraud that began with Jm Taberner of Angel & Co. and our former opponents.

The Law Society would have certainly been involved when John David Cort was arrested for the murder of his Partner at the firm of Corts solicitors.

It is my assertion that the Law Society is culpable and criminally liable in their duty to protect the Public, as the conduct and actions of the legal professional including the Law Society, insured the protection of those involved in the deception and fraudulent possession and theft of my property.

Mr Gilroy’s conclusion of an “adequate service” served the purpose of :-

A) protecting those criminally liable,

B) to prevent and obstruct any further investigations, including criminal.

He was allowed to continue with my case, he fought tooth and nail to stay on the case, despite my objections and complaint, and my request to have him removed form the case. No action was taken against Mr Gilroy.

In the Court order dated 6th of November 2007 there is no mention of the consent order drawn  up by Jm Taberner of the 17th 0f Feb 2005. There is no mention of the court Judgment of the 29th of July 2004. This was a deliberate act on the part of Actons Solicitors to withhold this evidence for the purpose of perverting the course of justice for the “exclusive benefit of the claimant”

I have a receipt from from Actons that they took receipt of our house keys, but no receipt to whom those keys where surrendered to. This question must be answered.

It was our Registered Title Absolute, the Judgment of the 29th of July 2004 that was suppressed by JM Taberner and the claimant that allowed them to pervert the course of Justice for the purpose of their planned criminal activity in Deception and Fraud.

I am sorry that I have not enclosed the judgement of the 29th of July 2004 or our Title deeds, or the consent order of the 17th of Feb 2005. These documents are with a very large pile of documents that I have shut away in the cupboard.

But I will make them available as and when necessary in any criminal investigation that I am asking the SRA to initiate.

Here is the complaint to the SRA.

And here are the latest comments:

The court order displays the claimant being entitled to a charge on our property. Please keep in mind the whole claim was fraudulent from the start. This is the court order we were led to believe was a possession order, by Acton’s solicitors who were acting for us at the time. They took our house keys – I have a receipt for that, only because a few weeks later I insisted, but I do not know who Actons gave our keys to.

The other documents END1 are proof that the claim for charges on our property was a “scam”. If there was any other charge, it would have to be declared on this document. The only charge is our mortgage.

That mortgage was redeemed by John David Cort convicted criminal on 28th of may 2010. Acting for a third party, our mortgage account and names were used for this purpose. This was done without our knowledge, nor was any authority sought or given by us, the account holders.

The FSA have confirmed in an email to me just a couple of weeks agao, that under no circumstances can a redemption figure be released without the account holder’s authority. Therefore there has been a breach under the data protection act on the part of the bank. I believe this is a criminal offence. They also said as for the individuals involved, I may want to report this to the police.

The other Land Registry document shows a protective search as been applied by Grindley of Stoke on Trent whilst we were still the proprietors. By this time the mortgage has been discharged by payment of a third party. Please bear in mind also the former claimant resides in Derby as do we. This was a case of spreading the fraud around.

The property was then transferred into the former claimant’s daughter’s name. The claimant herself does not appear on any of the documents.

I need to know how our property was transferred without our authority or signature. Did these individuals pose as us?

I believe I am right in saying everything that took place prior to this evidence of  the fraudulent possession of our property  would become null and void, because a crime has been committed to take possession of the property?

4 Responses to Norma Ferrie (no. 11)

  1. NickAsher says:

    Dear Sabine & Ms Ferrie,

    The SRA do indeed have a duty to protect the public from rogue solicitors. They seem to be closing down 100 firms of solicitors every year for minor breaches of accounting rules or suspicion of dishonesty.

    However, they have a conflict of interest in investigating the really crooked solicitors, because should the solicitor be found to be dishonest, then the SRA’s cash cow i.e the Compensation Fund would have to indemnify your losses. It is in their interest to cover up the crimes of a dishonest solicitor and keep on protecting from being criminally prosecuted by misdirecting any investigation by the police.

    Read up on Lewis Nicholson’s case. In the case the Serious Fraud Office had to raid the OSS’s now the SRA offices to further their enquiries. To add insult to our intelligence, the Police and the SRA have a Memorandum of Understanding where it is more than likely that the SRA conducts the initial investigation of any files perhaps to clean signs of duplicity by the solicitor concerned.

    The SRA have a serious conflict of interest- i.e. the investigator/ prosecutor is liable to provide compensation if the solicitor complained of is guilty of dishonesty.

    In all the cases found on this site and elsewhere there is always a trail of chain of solicitors who seem to have acted for the victim perpetuating severe financial losses, followed by bankruptcy and displacement. In most of these cases, the lawyers have acted dishonestly and compromised their client’s case by colluding with the opposite side and then of course there is the magic wand of the judge on the bench, behind which the SRA, the police and your MPs seek refuge.

    They cannot go behind a court order, please appeal. The Appeal Court is no different. Permission to Appeal refused, no merit out of time or something frivilous.

    At least your solicitor has been honest but that is no comfort for losing your property.

    • Anonymous says:

      there was no honesty from our previous solicitor, he colluded yo keep all evidence that would have shown any claim brought against us was false.
      he went further than that he perverted the course of justice, he singned a consent order drawn up by our forme opponants solicitor, that led to the fraudulent possesion of our property.

      I have tried the police, they do not want to see the evidence of financial fraud. in a nut shell they believe the perpetrators over the victims, the stronger the evidence against the perpetrators the stronger the resistance to to prosicute, we want a levison style inquiry in to the the legal industries monopoly over the justice systeme and the publics rights of protection.

  2. Rosie says:

    Contact Lawful………whiterabbiteducation

    I have been pulling my hair out re fraud committed by a bank employee to re-possess my home. All fell on deaf ears, even in court. The bank managers pal is now trying to buy it. The web sites mentioned above have been fantastic. Laws and procedures that I was unaware of. And whiterabbiteducation ‘The Spaniard’ will put you onto a fantastic gentleman that is so knowledgeable on the law, it’s unbelievable! There is now a light at the end of the tunnel. Good Luck

  3. Many thanks indeed, Rosie!!!

    I’ve now added the links under “Sites for Support”.

    Many thanks for sharing them and BEST OF LUCK with the b*****ds!

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