Inside Intelligence by Anthony Cavendish. Is he trustworthy?

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Anthony Cavendish wrote his book Inside Intelligence, specifically to defend his friend Maurice Oldfield from what he called slurs  from MI5. He also got his friend GK Young to write the Foreword [7]. Cavendish says President Bush sent a letter to wish him good luck with the book.

Cavendish, Oldfield and Young had been MI6 and Oldfield was the first senior person to transfer services and became Security Coordinator for MI5 in Northern Ireland, after retiring from MI6.

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I am not sufficiently informed, certainly without further study, to ascertain the truth about Maurice Oldfield nor GK Young, although a subsequent post will include information about Oldfield from Cavendish.

Jonathan Aitken once said about Cavendish “James Bond was a rather dull weakling by comparison” .

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From his book what do we learn about what kind of man Anthony Cavendish was?

As a 23 year old, he seduced a 19 year…

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CELEBRATING Fact-Finding Visit of MEPs to ABOLISH #ForcedAdoptions #PETIFactFindingForcedAdoptionsUK

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Theatro Technis[1] in Camden near Kings Cross was the venue for parents who lost their children to come together with survivors of sexual abuse and McKenzie Friends who tried to came to their rescue. Triggered by the fact-finding visit[2] of eight MEPs from Brussels, this meeting was also a ‘cyber event’, addressing the issues with a global audience via skype and by ‘web casting’ on

The visit of the MEPs is the result of a petition to Abolish Adoptions without Parental Consent[3] representing the Systemic Pattern of Child Snatching[4] and Forced Adoptions[5] in the Secrecy of UK Family Courts[6]. They will meet on 12 November to debate the findings. From the UK, MEP Jude Kirton-Darling[7] was the representative.

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“FREEMASONS IN THE POLICE”, 1997, “ANGELS DEMONS + FREEMASONS”, BOOK: “THE BROTHERHOOD” S. KNIGHT, FILM “The Lightbringers The Emissaries of Jahbulon , Jim Shaw: “An Initiation into the 33rd Degree”

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Child Stealing by the State with Cheryl Corless: ‘Honey they sold my kids’

Sabine Kurjo McNeill:

ALL human and child rights violations by UK institutions in ONE mother’s life:

Originally posted on No Punishment without Crime or Bereavement without Death!:

This is Tony Gosling interviewing Cheryl Corless – a survivor of abuse during ‘care’. Her children were taken into ‘care’ and one of them adopted, two of them given to the abusive father – a familiar pattern we have observed over many years…

The life of this mother is in one ‘package’ what we have observed and taken to the Petitions Committee of the EU Parliament. You can’t make it up.

“My abusers have my children.”

“My little boy wanted to marry me. Because then he could live with me.”

“Nobody wants to talk about this hidden secret of ‘forced adoption’.”

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Towards the Fact-Finding Visit of MEPs in Europe House, London on 05 Nov:

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15 10 31 PETI Fact FindingWhile UK Authorities will visit the MEPs in Europe House, we are creating a parallel event in the Theatro Technis in Camden, near King’s Cross, on The UK and EU Dimensions of ‘Forced Adoptions.

In this report, for the members of the Council of Europe, i.e. MPs of 47 member states, Duma member Olga Borzova, ‘forced adoptions‘, against the will of biological parents, calls the following practices ‘abusive’ in the concluding paragraph:

  1. unwarranted complete severing of family ties – in the UK, enshrined in ‘law’ – e.g. deporting these Nigerian parents and this US mother or intimidating this Russian mother with 9 police with a medical kit!
  2. frequent recourse to removing children from parental care at birth – in the case of Nigerian Gloria Musa in prison!
  3. basing placement decisions on the effluxion of time – “makes a mockery” of both children’s and parents’ rights, the author writes!

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Where now for the rule of law?

Originally posted on UK Human Rights Blog:

justicia  The reforms to judicial review proceedings in Part 4 of the Criminal Justice & Courts Act 2015 have been closely analysed in a timely report by JUSTICE, the Public Law Project and the Bingham Centre for the Rule of Law.

In his foreword to the Report, Lord Woolf speaks of his “fears for damage to the rule of law” from the changes, and urges those interpreting Part 4 to interpret and apply the legislation in a way which avoids or least interferes with the rule of law.

Let’s start with the basics – the function of judicial review. As explained in the Introduction:

Judicial review is the mechanism which allows people to challenge unlawful actions by public authorities before an independent and impartial tribunal.  In a country with no written constitution to regulate the relationship between the citizen and the State, this function takes on…

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Parents Unite! Against Child Snatching, Secret Family Courts, Forced Adoptions, #CSA Child Sexual Abuse, #SRA Satanic Ritual Abuse

Originally posted on No Punishment without Crime or Bereavement without Death!:

These are the five issues we’ve identified on behalf of the children:

  1. Child Snatching by Social Services’ – aided by Police?
  2. The Secrecy of UK Family Courts?
  3. Forced Adoptions – legitimised by Judges against Parents’ Wills?
  4. Child Sexual Abuse – by private foster carers and in care homes?
  5. Satanic Ritual Abuse – the worst imaginable evil by the Global Elite?

We will address and discuss them on Thursday 05 November at the Theatro Technis near King’s Cross in London – from 2.30 onwards:

  • face-to-face
  • on skype where you can join into a ‘group call’
  • and you can watch us by webcasting!

But we will also video the event. So you won’t miss out. It’s a premiere of a ‘cyber event’!!!

I shall post the relevant URLs here! So do click on FOLLOW to be sure to get alerted via email.

For more details, see

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