Sunday: one for our “spiritual” visitors

Sabine Kurjo McNeill:

We are AWAKENING – with the most beautiful images I’ve seen put together.

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Bank Mellat’s $4bn A1P1 claim gathers pace

Sabine Kurjo McNeill:

UK getting it wrong – being liable to pay damages under the Human Rights Act!

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bank_MellatBank Mellat v HM Treasury [2015] EWHC 1258 (Comm), Flaux J, 6 May 2015, read judgment

Two recent judgments underscoring the potential high cost of the UK getting it wrong in its dealing with businesses and hence being liable to pay damages under the Human Rights Act for breach of its A1P1 obligations. Regular readers will know that A1P1 is the ECHR right to peaceful enjoyment of property.

The first case was the photovoltaics case of Breyer, all about reducing renewables subsidies unfairly: see my post of last week here. The second, this case, involves a much more direct form of impact, namely the Treasury’s direction under the Counter-Terrorism Act 2008 that no-one else should have any commercial dealings with Bank Mellat, because, the Treasury said, the Bank had connections with Iran’s nuclear and ballistic missile programme. 

Bank Mellat’s challenge got to the Supreme Court: see judgment and my post

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Sabine Kurjo McNeill:

You may want to use this opportunity for meeting likeminded people.

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Solutions For The #WhistleBlowerKids

#whistleblowerkids #hampstead #london #tories #csa #wikileaks

Solutions For The #WhistleBlowerKids

Anonymous Mass Peaceful Protest May 23rd Hampstead, London.

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DESPERATELY SEEKING: ‘Police Against Child Abuse’ to Investigate ‘Hampstead Case’ aka #WhistleblowerKids

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For you to download, print and take to your Local Police Station:

Appealing to British Constabularies

We hereby call on all members of British Constabularies to lend their support via this Petition to the Home Office calling for immediate investigation into the crimes, negligence and allegations presented in this Crime Report.

Even though an Infringement Notice1 was issued by the EU Commission to the Government on 27.01.14, EU Child Protection Directive 2011/922 on “combating the sexual abuse and sexual exploitation of children and child pornography” was largely ignored in this ‘Hampstead Case’. As a result, children remain at risk and some 70+ suspects of very serious crimes remain suspect, due to lack of prompt investigation which could have immediately proven their innocence. In that case, a mother and her supporters would not have been forced to issue a public appeal for help.

Ms Ella Draper…

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JUDGES must obey the law: people must not be jailed in secret and ‘exceptional’ cases might require a new level of ‘probabilities’

15 05 07 Daventry ExpressI wonder whether I would be jailed in secret, if I went back to the UK… Please note that I left on 11 February 2015, for Barnet Council wanted to support a prosecution. A day later Police came to my flat and nine Police to the Russian mother of the two ‘whistleblower kids‘ whom I had assisted as a McKenzie Friend.

First of all, I could be apprehended by Police at St Pancras (Eurostar), any air or ferry port, since the alleged abusers have complained to the Police who want to apply the Harassment Act, without having applied for an arrest warrant though.

Their names were published by Veterans Today (it was certainly neither me or the mother, but it has been suggested by two independent people that it was MI5) – but has now been withdrawn! I’m sure those names are still in other places, but Hampstead Research are developing their knowledge base about them and sharing as they go along.

Secondly, I could be ordered before a judge because of ‘contempt of court’ regarding this Penal Notice from a secret High Court of the Family Division.

However, we are not alone: John Hemming is quoted in this newspaper article that people must NOT be jailed in secret:

A very experienced McKenzie Friend had written that judges have full immunity. One can only ‘appeal’ against a judgement.

So I’m writing to the author of Should there be a Third Standard of Proof in Care Cases? to introduce him to the extreme and exceptional ‘Whistleblower Kids‘ case:

  • at least 20 child victims
  • 70+ adult abusers
  • 8 schools and 1 church
  • an unknown number of killed babies.

According to EU Directive 2011/92, we the British Public and Internet Community are acting as ‘legally competent authority’, after all other authorities have failed us!

Volunteers are finding facts to substantiate the children’s allegations online:

But High Court Judge Pauffley would prefer to hand custody over the children to their abusive father, one of the patterns that connects cases of child snatching and forced adoptions… That’s Why Ian Josephs doesn’t recommend reporting crimes: you might loose your children

Greetings from the ‘Hampstead Whistleblower’…

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#CommonLaw Action Days THIS WEEKEND in Nottingham: “The Great British Mortgage Swindle” + “WeRe Bank”


This weekend – head up to Nottingham!  See details below…

1st May – meet at Ye Olde Jerusalem Pub in Nottingham at 9am
2nd May – SAVOY CINEMA at Noon – Pre-screening of THE GREAT BRITISH MORTGAGE SWINDLE, with Q&A session afterwards

If you’re a victim of HBOS or any other major bank / Building Society, be sure to attend!

On Wednesday, 29 April 2015, 10:02, Get Out Of Debt Free <> wrote:

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Important Meeting 1st May in Nottingham

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