#MauriceKirk FREE talked to #HampsteadWhistleblower: #Terrorist or #SystemAnalyst?

Sabine Kurjo McNeill:

Good news and bad news!…

Originally posted on Flying Vet challenges South Wales Police:

It was a pilot friend of Maurice’s who discovered that there is an Interpol Notice out so that I can be apprehended at any airport in the UK and treated as a terrorist. That’s what I have in common now with Maurice, ever since MAPPA (Multi-Agency Public Protection Agreement) was used to have the licence to shoot and kill, since he was supposed to be a terrorist.

I’m a mathematician whose thinking was trained by diagnosing software at CERN, until I got bored, had a serious car accident causing chronic pain since 1973 and re-inventing myself all the time. Is that maybe a prerequisite for being treated as a terrorist?

I phoned Maurice [his IQ was found to be in the top 3% of the population while he was incarcerated at Caswell Clinic] after I got an email from his sister with a new phone number from him.

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How to sue in respect of abusive comments on the Internet

Originally posted on UK Human Rights Blog:

Internet-TrollThe Bussey Law Firm PC & Anor v Page [2015] EWHC 563 (QB) – read judgment

The facts of this case are simple. A defamatory comment was posted on the claimant’s Google maps directional page, implying that he was a “loser” as a lawyer and that his firm lost “80%” of cases brought to them. The defendant claimed that someone must have hacked in to his own Google account to put up the post.

There were jurisdictional complications in that the firm is situated in Colarado but these need not concern us here as Sir David Eady, sitting as a High Court judge, allowed the trial to go ahead in England. The real question was  why any third party would have gone to the trouble of hacking into the defendant’s Google account in order to post the offending review; if the objective were merely to hide the hacker’s identity from the…

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#WhistleBlowerKids What next? #Pauffley #Council #Police #Hampstead?

Sabine Kurjo McNeill:

Cover-ups by Police, Judiciary and Mainstream Media, all in one!

Originally posted on 'Whistleblower Kids' in the Court of Public Interest:

1. Petitioning: Reinstate the recently taken down petition, “The Rt Hon Theresa May MP: Return #WhistleBlowerKids and #AbuseSurvivors to their Russian Family!”. Or provide a full explanation as to the reason or reasons for its removal.

  • My thread of communication with the Legal Services and Help Centre of Change.org is here.

2. The judgement published by Mrs Justice Pauffley has enraged the internet community and prepared for custody of the children given to the abusive father, i.e. perpetuate the trend we have been watching for decades:

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#SatanicJudicialAbuse #SJA #Pauffley Judgement in the #WhistleblowerKids’ Interest?

Sabine Kurjo McNeill:

Victims and supporters are turning into starfighters, campaigners, advocates, McKenzie Friends and online activists PAR EXCELLENCE!

Originally posted on 'Whistleblower Kids' in the Court of Public Interest:

Cult and Ritual Abuse Cult and Ritual Abuse (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dear Mr Clark

Her Ladyship’s judgement is one of a political nature to sway public opinion such that she will get away with handing custody to the father with a criminal past and two non-molestation orders, while the mother had a residence order in place, when Barnet Police took her children.

If Mr Christie was the guilty abuser, why did he take the children to the Police?

Aangirfan publish Hampstead Biased Judge? with lots of significant comments.

Similarly, here is a collation from my inbox:

  • The Judge has, in a civil court, undermined the Met Police investigations into harassment and child rapes by stating her findings in these criminal matters.  Moreover by the naming of the parents the children’s identity will also be known where they now live/go to school and no doubt the children will now get bullied because of what is in…

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FROM ‘Societal Disillusionment’ to ‘Social Empowerment': #WhistleblowerKids trigger news

It ain’t easy to grasp, understand make sense of – the tagline of my blog ‘Whistleblower Kids’ in the Court of Public Interest:

  • From Child Snatching and the Secrecy of Family Courts to Forced Adoptions, Child Sexual Exploitation and Satanic Ritual Abuse

In fact, it’s an exercise of ‘disillusionment’ about ‘society’ and the fact that our faith and trust are misplaced in ‘authorities’ and institutions, generally prefaced with HM. Hence our veteran McKenzie Friends speak about HM Partnership.

The whistleblower kids have told us in all innocence what they have witnessed and experienced. We as the Association of McKenzie Friends have assisted their mother and heard their cries for help. The internet community has mobilised itself and is rising above and beyond previous levels of commitment and engagement. Here are the good news:

David Icke promotes our two petitions:

  1. to Return the Whistleblower Kids to their Russian Family
  2. to Join Private Prosecutions and Civial Claims

The TAP and Aanirfan blog continue to report consistently about the Hampstead Scandal.

My latest email to the Home Secretary asks her to uncover the cover-ups by courts and police in the case of the whistleblower kids.

A great overview is on http://hampsteadchristchurch.com/

Oodles of other online media are active exposing, commenting, analysing and debating with a view to making sense of SHOCKING revelations about all our trusted institutions with their professionals:

  • banks and their monopoly to create ‘money’
  • churches and their monopoly to define ‘god’
  • courts and their purpose to deliver ‘justice’
  • police and their job to investigate crimes
  • Parliament to scrutinise governments and its ‘public money’
  • governments and their ability to operate a ‘democracy’.

What have I forgotten???

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JOINING Private Prosecutions and Civil Claims on behalf of #WhistleblowerKids?

English: Anti-paedophilia logo from the Nation...

English: Anti-paedophilia logo from the National Revival of Poland (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The High Court case about the fate of the ‘Whistleblower Kids‘, 8-year old G and 9-year-old A was not decided last Thursday but has been postponed until next Thursday 19 February.

Background is on the petition that was started on 01 February 2015:

Context is on the blog that was started on 21 February 2015:

An impressive overview in the global context is this website:

A comprehensive video is this one:

But we are turning the tables: we are inviting the Internet Community of Good People:

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J’ACCUSE…! Spirit of #Zola #Dreyfus #FreedomOfSpeech #RoyalCourtsOfJustice #WhistleblowerKids

English: Emile Zola, French writer, at the beg...

English: Emile Zola, French writer, at the beginning of his career (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Oui, j’accuse, moi aussi: in the spirit of Emile Zola who used his position as writer and his gift of eloquence as a voice for truth and in defence of an innocent man in 1898.

I have used my skills on behalf of a mother and her two children whom I’ve called Whistleblower Kids and for whom I published the petition Return the Whistleblower Kids and Abuse Survivors to their Russian Family!

Instead of having been with their mother with whom they lived all their lives, Alisa and Gabriel have been with one set of foster parents in Camden since September and later in Kent.

Six months altogether – with WEEKLY contacts with their father and FORTNIGHTLY contacts with their mother – and some of them skipped deliberately. Very few contacts with their half brother and grandparents. But a laptop for skype conversations with their father whom they accuse of being the leader of a ‘strange culture’ which includes killing babies.

The children, their mother and grandparents have been punished without having committed any crime. Their biological father, however, whom they ‘proudly’ accuse, uses his friends

  • in Courts to ignore the mother’s concerns
  • in the Police to issue or bluff with arrest warrants against myself that have never seen the inside of a court
  • to visit my home and landlord and thus frighten my 80-year-old neighbour away
  • to pay 9 constables to visit the mother’s home
  • to get YouTube, Facebook and Google to stop the internet explosion.

Daily signature count

Do note the increase and decrease in the number of signatures on the petition to Return the Whistleblower Kids and Abuse Survivors!

Whom do I accuse? Let me count the people and their institutions – in chronological order:

  1. the father Ricky Dearman whose past of domestic violence is documented by 5 police call-outs, 3 reports, 2 non-molestation orders and a contact order to see his children only twice a month before they ‘talked';
  2. the parents of some 20 children who are active abusers, too;
  3. Kate Forsdyke, the head teacher of Christ Church Primary School who not only abused the children but also allowed her school to be used for that purpose regularly;
  4. the teachers in that and other Hampstead and Highgate schools;
  5. the churches that seem to have been infiltrated by alleged abusers online;
  6. the 16 police officers and stations mentioned by the children in this comprehensive document of abusers and child victims;
  7. their Hampstead solicitor whom they recognised as abuser under a different name;
  8. the 60-70 abusers who are all ‘in it together';
  9. Barnet Police who did not keep their crime records according to professional standards;
  10. “Steve” who did not interview the children to Achieve Best Evidence (ABE);
  11. Barnet Police, Social Services and everybody else in the ‘strategy meeting’ on 09 September 2014 when it was decided to take the children into ‘care';
  12. Everybody participating in the snatch of the children on 11 September 2014;
  13. LB Camden who applied for an ‘Emergency Protection Order’ and subsequent ‘Interim Care Orders';
  14. Camden and Barnet Social Services involved with foster carers and contact centres;
  15. Camden and Barnet Legal Services actively pursuing the interests of the father rather than mother and children;
  16. the two solicitors and the barrister who didn’t represent the mother’s and the children’s interests and thus were sacked by the mother;
  17. YouTube, Facebook and Google who ‘join the club';
  18. Barnet Court judge Vera Mayer who protected the father rather than the mother and children and transferred the case to Dame Anna Pauffley OBE at the High Court;
  19. Barnet Councillors who did not ensure that their employees operate in the public interest and deliver a ‘public service';
  20. the Metropolitain Police who informed Barnet and Haringey Council who then started additional legal proceedings;
  21. and who sent an Acknowledgement of Service of our Judicial Review that makes your being cringe, as you’re expected to accept ‘black’ as ‘white’ and ‘white’ as ‘black';
  22. High Court Judge Dame Anna Pauffley OBE.

She is actively perverting the course of justice and showing misconduct in public office by

Paedophilia rampant in British elite and government joins the dots:

  • from Hollie Greig – a Scottish survivor of paedophilia and satanic ritual abuse to institutional policies;
  • bankers, big business people, and representatives of very powerful legal firms;
  • those inside the government are not only totally complicit but they make the attempt to discredit anyone who tries to bring the cases to justice, and to the attention of the public;
  • every time the police built up cases to break these rings apart, they are stopped by their superior officers
  • our superior officers are being leaned on to stop the investigations
  • Scallywag alleged that MI5 used to take foreign diplomats etc. to the North Wales homes, give them boys to “play” with, secretly filmed them as they buggered, abused and tortured boys then kept the tapes as evidence.
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