On the Yellow Brick Road to Brussels? Real Life Victims and Advocates vs Academic Research and National Policies #Whistleblower #WhistleblowerKids #Victims #Survivors #CSA

Thanks to my sponsors, supporters, ‘cheerer onners’, co-campaigners and Super McKenzie Friends [you all know who you are], I’m in the train to Brussels, hoping to travel with less difficulties than last time, when two late Belgian trains caused me to arrive at 5am rather than 10pm…

The purpose this time is to appeal the study that the ‘Policy Department on Citizens’ Rights and Constitutional Affairs‘ commissioned: Adoption without Consent.

The Secretariat of the Petitions Committee had not alerted us. I only learned on Thursday about this point on tomorrow’s agenda. What a blessing that I can be online on the train! After all, I am hoping for a ‘right of reply’ in the spirit of ‘participatory democracy’!

Meanwhile I summarise what I published regarding our petition and its debate:

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From Veteran Victim turned Starfighter and Super McKenzie Friend Norman Scarth:

Whistleblower Peter Hofschroer, whom I know personally, is to appear in York Crown Court on 27th July 2015, for the start of his Kangaroo Court ‘trial’.  It is listed as likely to take a week.

This is a most terrible stitch-up!

The ONLY chance Peter has is to tell the jury – AND TO KEEP HAMMERING AWAY AT IT – that it is to silence his whistle-blowing about corruption, child abuse, elder abuse & more, by people in high places in what Peter calls ‘Jimmy Savile Country’.

Whether he has found a defence lawyer who will do that, & whether the judge will ALLOW it, is doubtful.

I speak from experience.  At my own secret ‘trial’ in 2001, Judge David Ronald Bentley had me (then aged 75) literally dragged & thrown down back down the cells when I tried to present my defence (I was denied a lawyer) & complain at his gross misconduct.

He did this not once – BUT THREE TIMES!

Unfortunately, being effectively in secret, there was hardly anyone there to see what was being done to me.

Peter’s chance will be improved if you can be there in your thousands to see what goes on. The British Constitution Group had about 700 people turn up at Birkenhead County Court on 3rd March(?) 2011, when they arrested the judge.  This is INFINITELY  more important.   Continue reading

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Sabine Kurjo McNeill:

The abusers feel ‘harassed’ by a document that I never published. That’s why Barnet Police “Want me for discussion” and I left London.

In addition. Barnet Council dragged me before Mrs Justice Pauffley and want me there again, for ‘contempt of court’.

Will I ever get ‘cast iron assurance’ of being able to return safely?

Originally posted on the enigma channel:

CHRIS EVERARD corroborates further evidence, proving that Barnet Police have EXTREME KIDDIE PORNOGRAPHERS within their own ranks.  He also uncovers an EXTREME KIDDIE PORN PRIEST living round the corner from the Hampstead Whistleblower kids.

In a deeply disturbing series of home-made videos posted online during the late summer of 2014, an 8-year old boy and his 9-year old sister describe the horrors they were allegedly forced to endure at the hands of their British father who they claim is the leader of a Sexual Ritual Abuse cult in North London. The cult includes head teachers, a priest, school governors, managers of McDonalds, Social Workers, lawyers and Police Officers.  The Cult sacrifices babies which arrive in DHL and TNT courier boxes, many thousands of pounds are earned by the Cult in trafficking lewd, pornographic and ‘snuff’ videos from their rituals which are held in school-time.  “Other schools are involved” said the…

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Sabine Kurjo McNeill:

July 23rd, 9.30 at the Royal Courts of Justice. Be there, if you can!

Originally posted on the enigma channel:

British author CHRIS EVERARD investigates the biggest COVER-UP in the British Establishment – it includes senior SOCIAL WORKER organisations, the Police, the Crown Prosecution Service and the House of Lords:  The cover-up centres around Lord Janner is one of the most influential jewish aristocrats in the Houses of Parliament.  Problem is, he is also alleged to be one if the most prolific child rapists in the Houses of Parliament.  Lord Janner is a barrister, and it is now revealed that he actually was the BOSS of ALISON SAUNDERS – the woman who is the chief of the Crown Prosecution service, and she has protected Lord Janner from prosecution for sex crimes against children for many years.  
On JULY 23rd 2015 – at 9.30AM – at the ROYAL COURTS in the Strand, London – we shall see a Hearing in which the mother of two Hampstead children will attempt to regain custody…

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An Oath to Hell – Sam Hill

Sabine Kurjo McNeill:

These abusers came from Eton. “British Establishment warp Public Schools”, as a friend of mine put it…

Originally posted on cathyfox blog:

The book [1a] is presented as a novel but is based on Sams true life experiences. She was born in 1970s and has had experience of the mental health system in Britain.

samhillbookMarried to Gafid, an old Etonian manic depressive 19 years her senior, and living in rural Wales, Sam experience is that the mental health system is used by the powerful to cover up things as an alternative to killing people. This use of the system to cover up is an echo of Janellas book [12] as is the use of drugs – stelazine in Sams case which she says is used for Russian dissidents and teens.

The conversational style of the book belies its serious messages. The truth delivered in a aside, amongst language and a style so rich and bubbly that you can be two pages on before you realise that she dropped a bombshell, without you really…

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#ChildAbuse is the means by which our political system is working through #blackmailing #HollieGreig #InternetExposure or #Police #Coverups?

Whether it’s Hollie Greig North or whistleblowers Melanie Shaw, Brian Pead or the Whistleblower Kids South of the border, the pattern is the same:

  1. Police and prisons use brute force.
  2. Other white collar criminals use lawyers.
  3. The Judiciary use corrupt judges.
  4. The Mainstream Media are part of the cover-ups.
  5. Internet corporations used include Google.

The intention is to continue to pretend:

  • that Satanic Secrets are a fantasy of the 4  million people who are estimated to have seen the videos of the whistleblower kids
  • that Filthy Britain isn’t real
  • that VIP child abuse doesn’t exist
  • that abuse survivors are best kept in prisons or mental hospitals
  • that the National Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse is a money spinner for the Establishment rather than benefit any of the survivors
  • that foreigners, single parents and anybody with children is on the radar for having their children snatched – for the purpose of making money in the ‘child protection industry’, forced adoptions and the regular supply of children to paedophiles who are the ‘British Establishment warp of Public Schools’ as a Canadian friend of mine put it…

BUT: the globalists are afraid of the global political awakening since 2010. And this awakening includes the UK, despite the horrendous victimisations that are underway as ‘child abuse’ is becoming a threat to national security, after foreign nations, Islam and terrorists… Black is white and white is black. But the Emperor’s clothes are becoming obvious.

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The Hampstead Case – The Facts.

Sabine Kurjo McNeill:

In just over a minute on video, these facts are stated:

  1. The father Ricky Dearman accused by his two children was never arrested or cautioned.
  2. No forensic enquiries of extensive searches were ever made.
  3. No examination of tattoos and distinguishing marks of the accused were made.
  4. The Police failed to arrest or question any of the alleged abusers.
  5. David Cameron PM has been linked to the Hampstead Case.
  6. The allegations made by the children were not referred to the Child Abuse Investigation Team.
  7. A Family High Court Judge cleared a man without a criminal investigation.

I say it for newcomers in ‘bullet language': the ‘Hampstead Scandal’ is about

  • 2 ‘whistleblower kids’ who were taken into ‘care’ after they reported sexual ritual abuse to the Police in September 2014
  • 18 other children are victims
  • of 70+ abusers
  • in 8 schools and a church.

The secrecy of UK family courts is used to cover-up criminal activities and the abusers are doing their best to cover-up and stifle internet activities, too.

  • Two activists have been arrested, charged and tried.
  • The grandparents have been blackmailed into confirming the judgement that ‘dismissed Satanic cult claims’ – they travelled in vein from Russia, expecting to see their grandchildren for their grandson’s 9th birthday.
  • The mother, her partner and Sabine McNeill who had helped her as ‘lay legal advisor’ for 3 months, have fled the UK jurisdiction after threat of imprisonment for ‘contempt of court’ and for fear of arrest for ‘harassing’ the alleged abusers.

The High Court Judge claimed in her judgement that some 4 million people on the internet would have seen the videos in which the children give testimony of their experiences.

We now hope that these 4 million people come forward and

o   A Global Vigil on July 15 – the ‘care proceedings’ hearing

o   Healing Survivors of Sexual, Ritual and Satanic Abuse

o   Empowerment Mondays as street protests

o   Any event that contributes to raising awareness of abuse victims, whistleblowers and the general denial of these realities.

  • Generally spread the word and heal our world!!!

Originally posted on Matt Taylor for Brighton Kemptown 2015:

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