@MoJGovUK Presumed guilty? Ministry of Justice was forced to withdraw advice leaflet

15 02 01 GuardianThis article of 01 February 2015 in The Guardian is self-explanatory:

Presumed guilty? Ministry of Justice is forced to withdraw advice leaflet

Ancient principle of justice seems to have been forgotten in guide for people facing criminal cases

That was the story of the MoJ giving wrong advice.

Unfortunately though, the reality of victims of white collar crimes is: Continue reading

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Malfeasance in a Public Office @PublicInterest @ProPublica

Flying Vet challenges South Wales Police

His Honour Judge Seys Llewellyn QC, on 21st January 2016, in my protracted actions against the South Wales Police, has granted me a few more weeks to produce  evidence of:

‘An over arching course of conduct of police misfeasance in a public office ever since 1992’

All is to frustrate my right for court redress by the seriously associated conspiracy in their  ‘machine -gun’ police/MAPPA jury trial stopped, by His Honour, for these past five years.

Example One:

CCRC                                                                                               27th January 2016

Dear Sir/ Madam,

South Wales Police Confiscation of Court Records

Please confirm your receipt of my letter to you dated 6th January 2016.

  1. It referred to now proven altered HMCTS 1st Dec 2011 Cardiff magistrate court records between my summary conviction and 1st March 2012 Appeal.
  1. The conviction was for harassment of Dr Tegwyn Williams, the now sacked NHS (Wales) South Wales Police forensic psychiatrist…

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Need for thorough consideration of #satanist #ritual #abuse #SRA of children: review of court cases, police, legal procedure & meetings with victims

In the Best Interests of the 'Whistleblower Kids'?

12 Jan Stanley SRAThis is the Conclusion

There is a need for an urgent, thorough and pro-active consideration of the nature and extent of satanist ritual abuse of children, including a review of court cases, police and legal procedure, and meetings with victims.

And this is the Report

Satanist Ritual Abuse of Children

 A Submission in response to the Office of the Children’s Commissioner
Inquiry into Child Sexual Exploitation in Gangs and Groups (CSEGG)

January 2012

The author is Dr Linda Stalley BM, BS, MRCP(UK), DRCOG on behalf of the Maranatha Community.

Here’s the essence: 

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@AmandaHolden #NoHoldenBack On Knowing and Not Knowing, Accusing and Abusing Innocence and Hiding Guilt

“Those who don’t know, and know that they don’t know, are children, teach them.

Those who don’t know and don’t know that they don’t know, are fools, ignore them.

Those who know and don’t know that they know, are asleep. Wake them.

Those who know and know that they know are wise, follow them.”

Old Arab Proverb.

Having received this piece of wisdom from a lovely ‘spiritual supporter’, I feel encouraged to post the questions I’ve been asking myself lately:  Continue reading

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@MattDamon: Our Problem is Civil OBEDIENCE! Rule of Law? Darling of Elite and Plague of People.

In this 4-minute video actor, film maker and philanthropist Matt Damon wants us to start THINKING!

It is always very re-assuring when we hear someone confirm our own world views. The question is often WHO confirms them. Some people are more re-assuring than others…

Amazing that he’s come to his conclusions from his life experiences…

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They Are Coming For Our Kids! Jobcentre Harassment To Start From 12 Years Old.

the void

ids-dead-teddySchool-children as young as 12 are to face Jobcentre harassment coercing them to join unpaid work schemes when they leave education the DWP have announced today.

Jobcentres busy-bodies are to be sent out into schools in a chilling move that  Iain Duncan Smith has pledged  will have a ‘dramatic’ impact on the nation’s children and encourage social mobility.  Yet this, of course, is a bare-faced lie.  There is no mention of going to college, university, or even starting a real job in today’s gushing DWP press release announcing the scheme.  Instead children will be encouraged into unpaid Work Experience, unpaid traineeships, or poverty paid so-called Apprenticeships which are little more than an excuse for companies like McDonalds to dodge paying young people the minimum wage.  This is nothing more than a shabby attempt to indoctrinate young people into accepting the life of low paid, insecure, shitty jobs – or…

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#US Constitutional Lawyer: it’s Time to Talk about Facts: do you want a totalitarian #Rothschild oligarchy?

“I like that American woman in the video link, above – brilliant and clear Please share that video far & wide along with this urgent wake up message which calls for immediate action:- It’s a parody on our situation in UK with the hegemony of banksters and Oligarchy set up by Rothschild, deploying the heavily corrupted Legal Profession, colluding with the privately owned ‘Bank of England’ (well there’s a lie right there – it’s a Rothschild asset of his deluded creation called “UK PLC”) & all HM depts esp HMLR [HM Land Registry] to steal property and land from the people – all to bail out their bankrupt parallel economy – which they’ve used to oppress the People of Britain with for so many years – since the Bank England Act 1694 to be precise! Anything that can be registered must also be able to be de-registered. So it’s time we insisted on taking back our land and property Titles from these untrustworthy stewards whose ulterior motive is solely to execute illegal mergers and acquisitions into the Draconian war-mongering Rothschild dynasty. Continue reading

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