LORD JAMES of BLACKHEATH on historic child trafficking and current child abuse


English: A map of the British Empire in 1921 w...

English: A map of the British Empire in 1921 when it was at its height. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

7.57 pm – 09 June 2014 – Column 207 – Hansard Publications

Lord James of Blackheath (Con): My Lords, I have indicated previously the impact that forced migration has had upon my family. We had in the Queen’s Speech a Bill for dealing with the abuse of children and the intention to bring forward better controls over trafficking. Those are closely connected. This country has a terrible record in its handling of the migration of its own subjects. It has combined the most appalling suffering of children with the most appalling lack of management of the migration process to get the worst of every world. There should be no smugness around these two initiatives going forward. It is a very small penance to pay for a very big crime.

It started in 1682. The first migration in this country happened when one of the early colonies in North America was raided by the Indians, who took all 84 of its children and would not give them back. No one knows what happened to them. The colony sent a communication back to England by the first available boat saying, “Look, we have no children and therefore no future. Send us some children”. The Mayor of London was asked to deal with it and he did. He sent his beadles out on to the streets of London and took the first 84 vagrant kids he could find. He sent them down to a boat at Rotherhithe and sent them to America. He told the captain that he could pay for the trip by taking the kids out and bringing it back with a load of tobacco on board and that would pay for it, and it did. Unfortunately, it created the precedent of making it seem that trafficking these children was profitable, which it was. More

SAY IT IN hashtags: #childsnatchuk leads to #paedobritain since the PIE Manifesto



Twitter (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Once upon a time, we used to write letters to each other. Now we tweet. Or at least some of us who love our computers. And Twitter is being taken seriously by mainstream media and official organisations, mainly for ‘risk management’, especially since the plane landing on the Hudson River had been helped so substantially by people tweeting.

Hashtags categorise ‘tweets':

But the policy was set up by the PIE Manifesto in 19 pages in November 1975: More

WHEN DOES a CRUEL and VIOLENT Baby Snatching video become a ‘triumph’?


13 04 03 Uncomfortable truthsI’m afraid I didn’t volunteer to watch this video of the one-day old baby being taken. I can’t cope with this violence and hypocrisy any more. I have heard other children scream on video. I have heard about the 35 letters that the 12-year-old girl wrote to the judge, the 9-year-old one wanting to be with her father and the 4-year-old one with her mum, who was only given 20 minutes contact, before going away for 9 months, for rehabilitation. Her parents weep over the loss of their grandchildren and can’t trust either solicitors or anybody to help them…

One grandmother set up Children Screaming to be Heard to remedy the wounds afflicted by ruthless Social Services.

We’ve submitted this portfolio of nine cases to the Education Committee when it investigated child ‘protection’. John Hemming MP has over 1,700 cases on file for his Justice for Families campaign.

This is an account of the mainstream media reporting – so that the general public can believe the un-believable. I continue to visit and communicate with mums in prisons. Not enough to take their children. They then get criminalised and imprisoned fraudulently! And who can do anything about it? A whistleblower speaking on behalf girls being groomed for paedophiles got himself 28 days of prison! More

AUSTERITY CUTS, lack of Compensation for Victims and more than 5,000 uncomfortable truths in Australia


13 04 03 Uncomfortable truthsThe Slog is a very influential political blog that embraces paedophilia as well as financial issues.

The Paedofile Special: The Fat Kitten at the CICA on £95,000 a year who keeps sex abuse victims waiting for their compensation is the latest article which for me raises a few points of principle:

As far as paedophilia and child sexual abuse are concerned:

the bad news:

  • institutional perpetrators have clearly no desire / ability to accept response-ability for either the emotional trauma or the financial consequences;

  • institutionalised child snatching goes on unchallenged, while children and parents suffer and even get criminalised and imprisoned, for the secrecy of family courts ensures that nobody knows what’s going on until people are hit themselves and have very little chances of getting their children back;
  • whistleblower Brian Pead who has been exposing Lambeth Council was sentenced to 28 days of prison for ‘contempt of court’…

the good news:

SORRY for ‘shameful’ forced adoptions and MONEY for records tracing and mental health care


Julia Gillard Prime Minister of Australia.

Julia Gillard Prime Minister of Australia. (Photo credit: thinboyfatter)

A sigh of relief seemed to have gone across the UK today – thanks to this announcement by the Australian PM:

Prime Minister Julia Gillard has issued an apology to people affected by Australia’s forced adoption policy between the 1950s and 1970s.

Tens of thousands of babies of unmarried, mostly teenage mothers, were thought to have been taken by the state and given to childless married couples.

Many women said they were coerced into signing away their children.

… practices that were unethical, dishonest and in many cases illegal.

The report was based on submissions by hundreds of women.

Here, we are publishing

we have submitted

In its way of reporting the good news, the excellent blog Researching Reform points out that Australia has always been something of a leading light! More

ROYAL COMMISSION into Child Abuse: when Online Petitioning becomes a Threat of Imprisonment


The email below is a serious cry for help from a brave Englishman who is threatened with prison – as the Thank You for using HMG’s e-petition site to save more children from ‘care’, wrongful adoptions and paedophiles. Please note the Australian precedent of 12 Nov 2012: to set up a Royal Commission into child abuse!

Hi from Michael Murrin,

Following the sending of my letters to the Queen, The Prime Minister, Lord Justice Mummery and Bernard Hogan-Howe, things are now stirring in the swamp! On December 24th a letter was typed up in No: 10, it reads:-

Dear Mr Murrin,

I am writing on behalf of the Prime Minister to thank you for your letter of 15th December. I am sorry to learn that you were unhappy with the reply you received from the Home Office.

Your correspondence is currently under consideration,

Your sincerely,

It will be interesting to see what response I receive next.  The main thrust of this campaign is to:-

13 01 05 e-petition PIE1. Secure the release of the documents related to The Paedophile Information Exchange which are held in government archives.

13 01 05 e-petition Commission

2. To have established a Royal Commission into child care and child abuse in the UK.

The above letter was received by me on Friday January 4th.  Today, Saturday 5th January, I received another letter via Special Delivery.  This is a solicitors letter and, in effect, I am being threatened with committal to prison. Forgive me but I cannot go into the detail of who is making this move but be assured it is a serious move and it may well be that I will be incarcerated in due course.


New South Wales Parliament apologises for Forced Adoptions


The article Parliament apology on forced adoptions accepted, but mothers still feel hurt is a second interesting ‘precedent’ from New South Wales (NSW). At the time, babies were taken from unmarried mothers!

In 1996, the Royal Commission into NSW Police took place which resulted in reports on corruption, reform and paedophilia.

Here, 91 MPs are recommending a Royal Commission, by having signed this Early Day Motion.

What if the UK Parliament

  1. acknowledged that forced adoption is a punishment without crime and the removal of babies at birth a violation of human rights?
  2. apologised for all wrongful adoptions and promised to re-investigate?
  3. contacted all children and invited them to “Post Adoption Resource Centres” to process their traumatic separations?
  4. compensated all parents for the grief and trauma of institutional abuse?
  5. considered re-investigating over-zealous Social Services‘ decisions of children in ‘care’?
  6. took an active interest in John Hemming MP’s Family Justice Bill that will be debated on October 26th? More

Corruption, Reform and Paedophilia – the topics of the Royal Commission into New South Wales Police in Australia


This report was produced in 1997 in Australia, but is as relevant here and now as it was there and then.

Volume I is 183 pages long and covers Corruption.

Volume II is about Reform on 327 pages

Volume III covers appendices on 246 pages.

Volumes IV and V are the Paedophile Enquiry with appendices on VI.

What if the UK also discovered that the Police runs the show by blackmailing paedophiles in high office? For that’s the gist of this very thorough Royal Inquiry.

An amnesty was offered for police officers who came forward.

Here, we also need a major compensation fund for all the victims of the police not investigating crimes, besides Police destroying evidence (Haringey) or the Prison not allowing Maurice Kirk’s evidence to leave the prison…

Our Bank Class Action in Australia: a model to follow in the UK?


Hi Guys,

Susan Field in Melbourne & Jennifer Block in QLD are heading up the “Australian Foreclosure Class Action Against The Banks“.

If you are interested in joining us, then we need you expression of interest NOW in order to move forward. (see details below)

The purpose of the class action is to gain legal victory against fraudulent bank claims over alleged borrowers.

We would like to see determinations such as:
•    no true loan exists
•    that the borrower’s promissory note constitutes a valuable deposit
•    that securitisation voids all rights of the originator to claim against the alleged borrower.  

Outcomes sought will likely include:
•    striking down the alleged loan
•    striking down the mortgage
•    repayment of fraudulently charged interest and principle
•    and payment to ‘borrower’ of monies earned through the bank’s sale of the promissory note.

Such outcomes are not unreasonable and have been achieved in the USA.  See for example  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sc39chef30k

At the same time, please understand that this is NOT guaranteed as the lawyers along with the group will ultimately determine the scope of the case.

Assuming a win, there will also be claims for damage and injury.  Each person will have different claims depending on whether or not the bank has tried foreclosing on them etc.  Each litigant, including those still up to date with principle and interest payments is however, the victim of fraud, and there are guidelines regarding compensation for such.

There are two possibilities re a law firm.  At the moment we’re not naming any.  We’re not trying to be secretive, but need things to be firmed up before we can say anything.  I’m sure you understand.  Be assured though that we’re talking to solicitors who are experienced in this arena and can handle a large class action.

We have to demonstrate two things to the solicitors before they will commit to taking on the class action.
•    That we have a legitimate claim.  Discussions are under way on this matter and are progressing positively.
•    On the basis that our discussions are showing promise, we need to also demonstrate that we have enough people to effectively mount a class action.  This is why we have put a call out for ‘expressions of interest’.  There is no final committment required by anyone at this point but the more expressions of interest the better.  With that thought in mind, there is no harm in the people of your group registering their interest if they want.  It will only add weight to our cause.

Assuming the firm of solicitors will take our case, we then have to get funding.  This will NOT be a ‘no win no fee’ case.  However, there are litigation funders our there who, for 20-45% of damage claims will fund a case.   There are some minimal requirements by funders.  For example:
•    They have to consider the potential size of claims.  One funder we have talked with says there has to be a minimum of around $4M in damage claims before they will consider funding.   That won’t be a problem for us.
•    Also, they won’t consider funding until they receive communication from the solicitors who confirm that, not only are they are taking the case but they are doing so because they believe it has a very good chance of succeeding.

So you see, there are several hurdles to be crossed before the whole thing can be up and running.

We can’t guarantee that there will be no cost to participants.  With that in mind, it is recommended that people be prepared to find $500 initially to get things moving until we secure a litigation funder to take over.

All participants will need to pay $100 for a mortgage securitisation audit to expose the chain of title search to prove unequivocably that their mortgage has been securitised.  (This normally costs $2000 overseas, but we have someone here in Melbourne that will only charge $100)

Kind Regards,

Susan Field

If interested, please complete the details below & email that section ONLY back to ourbankclassaction@gmail.com  ASAP

Expression of Interest details:


State of Australia:

Contact Phone Number:



Name of Bank:

Are you currently in foreclosure court proceedings?

Are you willing & able to provide $500 initial payment to the class action?

Are you willing & able to pay $100 for your mortgage securitization audit?

Are you willing and able to be on the members committee to help steer this ship?

Australia: The Lawless Colony and the Intimidation of Jury Members


John Wilson is a starfighter for freedom and justice in Australia.

Today I received his newsletter with this most extraordinary anonymous letter by a jury member.

Just in case you ever doubted what people get up to:

  • to intimidate others
  • to cover up the truth
  • to lie
  • to cover themselves.

Welcome to the ethical question: which side are you on: good or evil, right or wrong, conscience or no conscience???

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