CITY A.M. CONFIRMS: banks act as vampires sucking life blood from companies to bankrupt them


14 02 02 Vampire banksHere’s the link to City A.M.’s article Vampire banks versus zombie firms

RBS is acting like a “vampire,” sucking the cash out of troubled firms as soon as it becomes available, Lawrence Tomlinson told MPs this afternoon.

Tomlinson caused a storm last year when he published a report into the treatment of small firms by the bank, arguing it took businesses with strong balance sheets and squeezed them hard, ultimately taking their assets and making money for the bank.

He gathered the evidence from 200 firms at the time and more than 1000 since, in his role as the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills’ entrepreneur in residence.

He met MPs of the Treasury Select Committee to give more details on the claims that RBS’s Global Restructuring Group (GRG) is engineering firms into financial distress. The video is here.

“When your business was moved into the GRG by whatever fashion, you were given perhaps a doubling of the bank’s interest rate margin and lots and lots of fees,” Tomlinson told the Treasury Select Committee.

“The business becomes strangled. It is frustrating to hear talk on ‘zombie firms’. I liken them more to a vampire business – they are kept in the GRG and as soon as they get any cash to invest and grow, it is taken out of them. I have seen firms face charges and fees that are set exactly at the amount that the firms have made.” More

CIVIL ABUSE of Royal Privileges: Letters to HM The Queen [Cassandra wailing]


Tercentenary of the Bank of England, commemora...

It’s obviously time to write to Buckingham Palace again, even though it doesn’t seem to achieve anything at all – besides prompt responses, passing me on to Ministers who don’t communicate.

So I’m just soothing my conscience: I want to die, knowing that I’ve tried my best. I want HM to know what, just like in all the fairy tales of the world, Her Ministers won’t tell her. Because they don’t seem to have the ethics, morals and integrity necessary to be a ‘voice for the people’. At its best, they are, what my husband used to call a ‘mutual adoration society’. But, in reality, they are making civil abuse of royal privileges as enshrined in Royal Charters.

Since 2008 I’ve been writing as the Organiser of the Forum for Stable Currencies, after a human rights lawyer had advised us to ‘go for Parliamentary Scrutiny via the Treasury Select Committee‘.  More

We are under Occult Attack: Illuminati – The Cult that Hijacked the World



This description of a book by an author who’s got a Ph.D. in English literature from the University in Toronto cannot be taken lightly. To get a good overview, look into the Table of Contents on Amazon.

Bizarre and incredible as it sounds, humanity has been colonized by a satanic cult called the Illuminati. This cult represents Masonic and Jewish bankers who finagled a monopoly over government credit which allows them to create currency in the form of a debt to them, and charge interest.

Naturally they want to protect this prize by translating it into a political and cultural monopoly. This takes the form of a totalitarian world government dedicated to Lucifer, who represents their defiance of God.

Thus, the people who hold our purse strings are conspiring against us. To distract and control us, they have used a vast occult network (Freemasonry) to infiltrate most organizations, especially government, intelligence agencies, education and the mass media.


Your Chance to Complain to the Commission on Banking Standards!


The Palace of Westminster seen from east. Vict...

The Palace of Westminster seen from east. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Andrew Tyrie MP is not only the Chairman of the Treasury Select Committee, but also now of the Commission on Banking Standards. In French, I would say ‘ça tombe bien': ‘it falls well’.

I don’t have to distinguish between the lack of Enforcement of the Bank of England Act 1694 and the dishonesty of our money system as the CAUSE and their EFFECTS: white collar crimes and their victims, or as Maurice Kirk puts it: blanket immunity to civil servants and professions who seriously break the law.

Please, do consider making your complaint. I know it seems hardly worth doing. I know “they” pay only lip service and your contribution will only make history by being published. But let’s do it anyway, just to satisfy our own conscience:
“You’ve gotta dance like there’s nobody watching,
Love like you’ll never be hurt,
Sing like there’s nobody listening,
And live like it’s heaven on earth.”

Here’s the link and the full text:


Helping to cover up government crime is the legal profession’s most dangerous weakness


Now that’s a bold statement as a title, isn’t it!? Enjoy the article!

We all know about the legal profession covering up what we call ‘white collar crime’. We also know that this covers governmental agencies who are committing such crimes. But, so far,

  • against individual victims of all sorts of wrong-doings
  • particularly badly when snatching children.

Now, William Finnerty addresses head on what monetary reformers have been analysing for years: the debt-based money system that, in the UK, came into being with the founding of the Bank of England thanks to the Bank of England Act 1694.

I’ve always maintained that the Bank of England (the head of the banking cartel) should pay triple the value of the National Debt to the Treasury (the puppet government).


Stop Fraudsters Selling Stolen Houses – the petition of the owner of a stolen home


This is a petition by someone to whom it happened: she bought a house that turned out to have been stolen.

But what about those victims whose businesses and homes were stolen through fraudulent bankruptcies before they were sold on by corrupt insolvency practitioners, accountants and lawyers?

  • Mr Ebert wrote something on the house that was taken from him as part of a fraudulent bankruptcy
  • he is now provoking the police to show “beyond any reasonable doubt” that it is NOT his house…
  • other “key cases” are still struggling for justice and compensation…

And what about those who foster this greed and materialism because they put dishonest money into circulation? See

Email THE Prisoner No. A1903CF in Leeds: WWII Veteran Norman Scarth


Why are there websites like

and individual victim sites such as More

More Scams within the “Money Scam”: “Fraud Protection Policies” marketed aggressively by insurance companies

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First, we have a clever banker who lends the King £1.2 million at 8% and calls it a “public debt”. That was in 1694 when the Bank of England got established with the Bank of England Act.

That’s the formula for Dishonest Money and the Money Scam which gets used to pay people ‘just to do their job’ – such as killing – in a war against France at the time.

Then the bankers behind the Bank of England and the Federal Reserve breed other central banks who, collectively, suck all the resources of people and planet up – by creating institutions with good salaries and pensions, while others struggle to find a job or make a living being self-employed or as a small enterprise…

And when people in such institutions, including the Land Registry, are sufficiently greedy and unconscious, they are open to corruption which creates fraud and all sorts of other white collar crimes.

And then the banksters think up a “fraud protection insurance“, but the Law Society is warning: this insurance will NOT provide the protection it pretends to give – like all other “insurances”…

Law and Order have turned into Crime and Disorder…

Victims vs Establishment – A Lost Cause?

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This was the subject line of my newsletter at the beginning of December 2010. It started by:

Hello again, in the Spirit of Tackling the Serious Oppression of the British people,

First of all, many thanks to everybody who’s viewed and signed our latest petition in support of Maurice Kirk and all other victims of financial exploitation and legal oppression. In his indefatigable and adventurous spirit, Maurice has toured Jersey, Guernsey and Alderney to “rattle a few cages” – with a TV programme, newspaper and video reporting. Trying to keep him out of jail, despite a warrant for arrest, is paramount, given his medical condition and the number of false imprisonments he’s endured already.

WANTED: Fair Trials and Compensation – instead of an Effective Remedy before National Authorities – has now reached 153 signatures and over 1,700 page views. The most fascinating reading are the comments that I compiled into a document. Together with the comments to STOP the OPPRESSION of the BRITISH PEOPLE, these are most valuable campaigning documents to refer to, when people pursue their own cases. Especially when communicating with your MP, you can demonstrate how you are far from alone!


Victims of White Collar Crime (financial exploitation and legal oppression): blog and report

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This blog became necessary to focus on “victims turned starfighters”, after we had produced Room 14 – a Foundation for Change and Enforcement of Bank of England Act 1694.

Since then, I’ve also created Flying Vet challenges South Wales Police, while helping Maurice Kirk as the spearhead of the ‘victim movement’.

Now I tried to put it all together in this 20-page report which I’m making available to MPs and victims alike. Feel free to make use of it for your purposes and let me know if it makes sense to you.

And do use for your own purposes also references to our two petitions targeted at HM The Queen and “HM Partnership“:

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