400 People demonstrate outside the UK Embassy in Bratislava (Slovakia)



Protest outside UK Embassy for Martin and Samuel BoorHere it is:  paper planes flying for Martin and Samuel, the two boys taken by UK Social Services with 3 police cars, from the Lutheran Pastor of the family 2 years ago – on the 5 o’clock news of TV Slovakia, starting at 3:56 until 7:58.

A protest before the UK Embassy – with some 400 people and the following English placards:

  • STOP legal kidnappers
  • BRITAIN thief of children
  • Freedom for (Vladimir) Boor’s Family
  • UK our model???
  • Kids to Mothers
  • Justice for Decent Mom

Echoing the remarkable Italian film about a father and son, longing for his mother in a concentration camp, protesters chant Life is Beautiful.

And a Slovakian paper published that the Court case will be re-opened. The bottom of the page refers to a Slovak family whose 5 children were taken… Praised be the web that offers translation!

Here it is on Facebook: the mother with her sons…

Victims united in Victory: rogue lawyer struck off at long last!


It takes Dr Sheida Oraki’s intelligence and persistence, Diane Mitchell‘s experience with solicitors from hell (or nearby) and Maurice Kirk‘s camera (and banner) to get this photo taken some time ago!

But today it is the perfect illustration for this article in the Daily Mail: Vaz’s crooked pal struck off: Victory for the Mail as conman is found guilty of 104 breaches of rules.

May Keith Vaz MP behave more respectably with his promise to investigate the powers and future of the IPCC!

The Legal Mafia at Work – without comments – for Legal Reasons…


It seems that we / you can’t beat them: now that the Daily Mail begins to publish our concerns, they suppress comments “for legal reasons”…

Here’s the kind of story that victims have suffered, complained about and fought over – in writing and in courts: Family forced out of dream home after lawyers run off with their £400,000 live savings they used to buy property

Will these stories ever become ACTED upon by those ‘responsible’ for them NOT to happen???

No wonder, Austin Mitchell MP called them the ‘legal mafia‘…

Judicial Swoops or State Harassment to Avoid the Wrong kind of Publicity


Judicial Swoops

by Debra Siddons

Earlier this year, March 2011, a news story reported the deportation of two men in the U.K. Weymouth Harbour. But what this story fails to tell, is the real reason behind the swoop which is these two men were campaigners for the truth about 7/7 Ripple Effect and 9/11, and the boat is still moored with authorities demanding mooring payments by the boat’s owner in order to avoid his boat (home) being auctioned to the lowest bidder. Where is the Justice in that? Obviously there is none.

In his own words, the New Zealander explains: -


Stop Fraudsters Selling Stolen Houses – the petition of the owner of a stolen home


This is a petition by someone to whom it happened: she bought a house that turned out to have been stolen.

But what about those victims whose businesses and homes were stolen through fraudulent bankruptcies before they were sold on by corrupt insolvency practitioners, accountants and lawyers?

  • Mr Ebert wrote something on the house that was taken from him as part of a fraudulent bankruptcy
  • he is now provoking the police to show “beyond any reasonable doubt” that it is NOT his house…
  • other “key cases” are still struggling for justice and compensation…

And what about those who foster this greed and materialism because they put dishonest money into circulation? See

Stories behind Secret Prisoners, e.g. Families who speak out after their children are stolen


The M-Family whose six children have been stolen, has been threatened with prison unless they withdraw their videos and other references.

If Vicky Haigh had not promised to comply with her gagging order, she would have become a secret prisoner, whom John Hemming MP is keen to defend.

Here he gives a talk at the Freedom Association that he recorded with his mobile phone.

And here he speaks of the vested interestes of the legal system:


Who wants to sue the Police? Here’s how a lawyer offers to ‘help’…


Dear Paulette [who recommended I publish this for the benefit of other victims, especially the time limits]

Thank you for your recent enquiry via policeclaims.co.uk.

I was sorry to hear of your experience and fully appreciate that you wish to take the matter further.

As I am sure you appreciate, instructing a solicitor is a serious (and costly) business, so the first issue to resolve when considering whether to take action is how your case is to be funded.

Unfortunately, my firm does not offer Legal Aid.


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