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What happens to #whistleblowers in Britain

An 8-min video explains how whistleblowers are being treated in the UK: Discredit Banish Silence or gagging as the result of a ‘breakdown in trust and confidence’ — to preserve a culture of “ineffiency, corruption and a lack of care”. This … Continue reading

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RESPONSE comes to the rescue once again – to prevent #unlawful #eviction

Originally posted on Mr Gedaljahu Ebert – Bankrupted Fraudulently without Jurisdiction:
This is a remarkable RESPONSE network of ‘ad hoc rescuers’ or ‘Hometown Heroes‘: RESPONSE came to help Mr Ebert who had been unlawfully evicted once before, exemplifying the white collar…

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#EP_Petitions in Brussels on #ForcedAdoption and #ChildSnatching in UK

Originally posted on Voluntary Public Interest Advocacy:
Here is the recording of my presentation and the subsequent comments by MEPs who are members of the Petitions Committee, starting at 16.13:00 and lasting until 16.44:00. And here is the article by…

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More horrors for #MauriceKirk – from a fellow prisoner. Please call #HMPSwansea 01792 485300!

Originally posted on Flying Vet challenges South Wales Police:
Release Maurice from HMP Swansea asap. You can’t make it up: the ‘frozen’ establishment where nobody dares to move vs the nearly 300 people who at least put their name to…

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GET #YourMP to sign #EDM374 on Child Sexual Abuse Inquiry #CSAInquiry

Originally posted on National Inquiry into Organised, Orchestrated & Historic Child Sexual Abuse:
Sexual Abuse: A Journal of Research and Treatment (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Fiona Woolf has resigned. Hence these 5 MPs tabled Early Day Motion 374: Jim Shannon MP Jeremy…

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INDIVIDUALS die. Institutions live: same circus, different clowns #dishonestmoney

As a passionate and ‘compulsive’ networker, I will forever advocate what enhances the qualities of individual lives. For just as in Nazism, employees of institutions are ‘only doing their job’ – whether in concentration camps, prisons, armies, hospitals, schools or governments … Continue reading

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#JusticeNOW should apply to #childabuse victims on #Jersey: Leah McGrath Goodman interviewed by Max Keiser

When American journalist Leah McGrath Goodman was banned from visiting Jersey, John Hemming MP tabled this Early Day Motion. This interview on Russia Today is an excellent summary of the role that Jersey plays: as tax haven in the world, competing … Continue reading

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