Government Child ‘Protection’ Exposed in AUS, UK, US & CAN – to revisit Operation Ore?


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Child ‘protection’ or ‘snatching‘ is not a single issue campaign, nor is it a national phenomenon. But most ‘activism’ is based on the suffering of personal experience.

Nick Clegg said in Parliament that victims of abuse should speak out and that perpetrators would be brought to justice. Will he listen to parents who lost their children to Social Services as procurers for paedophiles, too?

Meanwhile, readers are invited to remember Operation Ore, the UK’s biggest ever police investigation which remains surrounded by controversies rather than justice for perpetrators and compensation for victims.

Some relevant links from the Mainstream Media:

  1. April 1998: The sheer scale of child sexual abuse in Britain – The Guardian
  2. April 2007: Operation Ore flawed by Fraud – The Guardian
  3. May 2007: Credit card fraud fears cloud Operation Ore – The Register
  4. June 2009: Has Operation Ore left a scar on British justice? – The Telegraph More

Abused girls paid price for ‘child care’ – horrific statistics in The Telegraph


As part of his article / column in the Sunday Telegraph

Christopher Booker writes:

Abused girls paid price for ‘child care’

Much of the response to the case of the teenage girls in Rochdale who were sexually abused by Pakistani and Afghan men has focused on whether this horrifying episode should be discussed in terms of the racial origins of the perpetrators. Rather less attention has been paid to the revelation that many of the 47 girls involved in the case were in council care, under our “child protection” system. Ofsted, reponsible for monitoring child care, is reported to be investigating claims that a great many more girls in care in the area have been abused, not a few of them in “sole” care in private homes run by companies that charge councils up to £250,000 a year for each child, 10 times the annual fee for Eton.


Ofsted admits that 631 children in care have been the victims of actual or suspected sexual abuse in the past five years, 187 in the past 10 months alone. This latest case appears to confirm that many of the 10,000 now being taken into care each year by English social workers are at more risk of serious harm than they ever were from the families from which they were removed. Inevitably, this prompts the question – who is in a position to protect these children from the social workers? Of all the scandals clustering round our dysfunctional “child protection” system, this may be the most obviously shocking – but there are plenty more. So far off the rails has this entire system gone that it is hard to imagine how it can ever be corrected. The only people with the power to call it to account are the politicians. But with the shining exception of John Hemming MP, they seem as oblivious to what is really going on as they are to so much else.

What does it cost the taxpayer when Social Services steal children?


People have a very hard time believing that child snatching aka state kidnapping is actually taking place.But Bob Geldof does!

It may, however, also be helpful to use Freedom of Information requests as a ‘reality check’. Below is information about 4 councils:

1) This Freedom of Information (FOI) request reveals about Norfolk Council:

2005    Counsels Fees Child Protection  £276,580.71
2006    Counsels Fees Child Protection  £307,312.17
2007    Counsels Fees Child Protection  £434,834.62
2008    Counsels Fees Child Protection  £394,175.82
2009    Counsels Fees Child Protection  £437,929.88
2010    Counsels Fees Child Protection  £487,166.29

The work was placed with a variety of Barristers Chambers, but principally
Octagon Chambers in Norwich, and 7 Bedford Row in London.

Google reveals a link between Octagon Chambers and Solicitors from Hell.


Children are taken away – but the system can’t admit it’s wrong


This article was published by The Telegraph EIGHT years ago!

But the circus continues with different clowns and, according to experts, got WORSE… Here are the highlighted quotes:

I feel like a surrogate, who has given birth to a baby for a childless couple.

Our image is of trendies in sandals who snatch babies.

Some social workers show surprising hostility. The are like warriors going into battle.

Here’s the criticism from then, still valid today:

Great Britain: The Stolen Children


Florence Bellone is a Belgian journalist who has investigated child snatching in the UK for a considerable time. As a result, she has

  1. written to the Education Select Committee: The Child Protection System in England
  2. won a Special Radio Prize for Great Britain: The Stolen Children.

The Grand Jury distinguished the report for its investigative merit in highlighting a human rights issue occurring in a highly-developed European Member State. The piece was characterised as ‘a technically impressive, investigative report into shocking and relatively unknown human rights violations’.

The Education Select Committee has released a new invitation for written evidence to be submitted by 23 January 2012. It must address at least one of three bullet points:

  • The impact of neglect and the long term consequences of a delay in intervention where there is evidence of neglect;
  • Older young people (especially those aged 15 to 19) and child protection;
  • Thresholds for intervention, for taking children into care and for adoption.

My own contribution to the Committee is in draft form here.

First Daily Express, now BBC: the scandal of snatching children for adoption


What a relief to see the mainstream media cottoning on to what, so far, only Christopher Booker reported in The Telegraph:

In his witness statements, John Hemming MP did refer to the fact that the Nigerian Parliament got involved in the Musa case, but they have not been able to prevent the Musas from being imprisone on 28th November.
With a view to demonstrating their innocence, here is a family album of phtotos that also includes references to

Up to 10,000 children being exploited by sex gangs, says Children’s Commissioner


It’s enough reason to drive you insane when your six children have been taken by force, you end up being criminalised & gagged and your supporters and witnesses are intimidated and more.

But when you read about what they could be exposed to, you can really get worried!

So far, it seems that children are being snatched for one or more of the following reasons:

  1. financial, e.g. foster carers receive around £425 per week and the social workers who place the child may get up to 50%
  2. sexual, e.g. supplying paedophiles
  3. satanic, e.g. ritual abuse.

The Index of the key individuals concerned with Family Justice and Child Protection site tells you more.

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