PAEDOPHILES: Here & Now (Kent, world wide) and There & Then (80s)


Kent’s Missing Children - a report on page 1 and 5 in a local paper.

Experts talk about Kent as the capital of ‘Paedophilia UK’. Children are taken to Kent when they should be ‘cared’ for in London or Suffolk and parents have unnecessarily long travels. It all makes sense only, when you begin to see that either sex or money or both are the reasons for these heinous activities by ‘them the institutions’.


From M.A.C.P.C. the Martial Arts Council for the Protection of Children against Government Child Abuse in Australia:

  1. Government Child Abuse by Design – How it Works
  2. Fundamental Overviews
  3. YouTube videos


From John Ward‘s The Slog, author no 5 and blog no 7 in the Non-Aligned Blogs of TotalPolitics:

Elms Guest House: 1980s paedophiles poised to be outed? As the obvious existence of long-standing systemic child sex abuse comes increasingly to light, more and more long-serving politicians are beginning to feel queasy. The fairly reliable word out there on the streets now is that two former Tory ministers, seven other MPs and various social luminaries from the late 1970s and early 1980s were regular visitors at the Barnes ‘venue’ featured above…….the boys all having been recruited from a nearby care home.

The ‘dead Liberal MP’ one would presume to have been Rochdale’s finest and fattest, but other names (I hear) are surprising: the span goes all the way from the BNP to the IRA, and from Buckingham Palace to the left wing of the Labour Party. As I said last month, the Establishment’s main problem here is that they genuinely don’t know how far this scandal will go before it’s burnt out: they cover up to protect what they fear, not necessarily to protect their own guilt.

Full findings of sex grooming review will not be made public


There are people who say that Kent is the capital of ‘Paedophilia UK’. The Rochdale Observer publishes: Full findings of sex grooming review will not be made public and spells out our questions for us (in bold):

A high-level review into child sexual exploitation in Rochdale will not be made public, town hall chiefs have revealed.

Rochdale council chief executive Jim Taylor said the authority is only planning to publish an executive summary of the report for the public to see.

The full report – which was called to explore how the council dealt with allegations of sexual exploitation following the conviction of nine men in June for grooming young girls for sex – will remain secret.


World Wide Protest against Child Abuse: Tuesday, 6th March 2012


Supported by Victims Unite!

One Voice for Kids has initiated The Worldwide Peaceful Protest that I’m picking up to continue the tradition of meetings in Westminster. More details as they evolve, but do mark Tuesday, 6th March in your calendar!

Meanwhile, please check these links:
Against Child Abuse Network

One Voice for the Kids

Parents Injustice Groups Scotland

Anonymous UK has organised a demo in Haringey Council for Saturday 3rd March, 1 – 4pm

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We are not victims, we are survivors: abused children speaking for themselves


What kind of childhood does it take to be cruel to children as an adult?

What kind of experiences does it take to become a paedophile?

Why do judges, solicitors, CAFCASS and social workers in Doncaster (and elsewhere) collude NOT to protect Vicky Haigh’s daughter from her paedophile father? Read My Daddy is a Paedophile.

Why does award winning film maker Bill Maloney make a film on victims of child abuse?

Why are juvenile detention centres ‘houses of horror’ for the youngsters?

What would it take for them to ‘undo’ such experiences as told on this video?

Why did the “Justice Minister” Jack Straw make it illegal for children to speak out even if they were maltreated?

Why do adults end up feeling too ashamed to talk about what happened to them?

The movie is a sad testimonial of a very sad state of affairs… It ends listing the names of 35 teenagers who died “in care”…



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