AUSTERITY CUTS, lack of Compensation for Victims and more than 5,000 uncomfortable truths in Australia


13 04 03 Uncomfortable truthsThe Slog is a very influential political blog that embraces paedophilia as well as financial issues.

The Paedofile Special: The Fat Kitten at the CICA on £95,000 a year who keeps sex abuse victims waiting for their compensation is the latest article which for me raises a few points of principle:

As far as paedophilia and child sexual abuse are concerned:

the bad news:

  • institutional perpetrators have clearly no desire / ability to accept response-ability for either the emotional trauma or the financial consequences;

  • institutionalised child snatching goes on unchallenged, while children and parents suffer and even get criminalised and imprisoned, for the secrecy of family courts ensures that nobody knows what’s going on until people are hit themselves and have very little chances of getting their children back;
  • whistleblower Brian Pead who has been exposing Lambeth Council was sentenced to 28 days of prison for ‘contempt of court’…

the good news:

CONSPIRACY REALISM: a newly required world view for a New Year


13 01 13 We Who OpposeBelinda McKenzie, human rights activist par excellence and co-founder of the Association of McKenzie Friends as Public Interest Advocates, coined the term: conspiracy realism.

Besides the issues surrounding the latest film on Princess Diana, here are more indicators:

  1. UK: How Lord McAlpine is exploiting the same libel laws Savile used to cover up his crimes – page 64 of the Savile report
  2. UK: Police Paedophiles – three convictions in Yorkshire – as part of  ‘big collusions’ in committing and covering up white collar crimes
  3. US: the Sandy Hook shooting was staged which is proven by web pages uploaded before the event
  4. UK => US: the Pilgrims Society ensures the real axis of evil.

On the good news front regarding the secrecy of family courts,

He is looking for people More

Banks are ‘hounding borrowers to suicide': High Court chief breaks silence to highlight crisis of personal debt

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“Debt forgiveness”: may that be the beginning to turn our dishonest money system roung into an honest one!

Here’s the full article in the Irish Independent:

By Dearbhail McDonald and Tim Healy

Bailed out to the tune of TRILLIONS, they are after your house because you are out of work because they crashed the system!

That’s why I’ve been advocating the Government as Compensator of Last Resort!…


The first 25 fascinating comments on online petition Public Inquiry into White Collar Crimes

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The launch of Volume 2 of The Forensics of Legal Fraud and the frustration over my gag fuelled me to illustrate the need for a Public Inquiry into White Collar Crimes.

Now more than 500 page views have produced the first 25 signatures and fascinating comments.

They’ll be sent to the “targets”: the Lord Chancellor, the Business Minister and the Justice Select Committee, as soon as we have 200 signatures together.

The Government has no plans for compensating victims of financial exploitation and legal oppression


11 01 10 Mark Hoban TreasuryNic Dakin is the MP for ‘veteran victim’ Stanley Embling.

He has been most supportive for Stanley directly, but also by asking the Government Questions with Written Answer.

Thus we learned that the Economic Crime Agency is meant to cover the needs that victims encounter, in terms of reporting fraud.

While we wait to hear WHEN this agency will start its work, we hope to influence it such that it will have a budget to compensate victims!

Meanwhile he was told that no such plan exists. Uphill with persuading them!

Re: Civil Abuse of Royal Privileges – An Open Letter to HM The Queen


This is the letter I posted today to Buckingham Palace:

To: The Private Secretary to Her Majesty the Queen
The Rt Hon Christopher Geidt CVO OBE
London SW1A 1AA

Dear Sir Christopher

Re: Civil Abuse of Royal Privileges


Victims of White Collar Crime (financial exploitation and legal oppression): blog and report

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This blog became necessary to focus on “victims turned starfighters”, after we had produced Room 14 – a Foundation for Change and Enforcement of Bank of England Act 1694.

Since then, I’ve also created Flying Vet challenges South Wales Police, while helping Maurice Kirk as the spearhead of the ‘victim movement’.

Now I tried to put it all together in this 20-page report which I’m making available to MPs and victims alike. Feel free to make use of it for your purposes and let me know if it makes sense to you.

And do use for your own purposes also references to our two petitions targeted at HM The Queen and “HM Partnership“:

Older Entries


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