PRIM and PROPER? On the Openness and Transparency of Courts – from the Cradle to the Grave


13 01 14 TyrannyOnce again: you only believe it when it hits you yourself or someone you know:

  • Norman Scarth had to flee the country he nearly died for in WWII, for he did not get justice during 17 years he experienced as harassment that included imprisonment
  • his crime: using a recording device without having asked for permission first
  • today he was sentenced to 28 days but suspended for a year – so it won’t happen unless he breaks the law again.

In response to mailing everybody who had signed the petition to free him, Mike wrote that he also had to flee the country, after his mum became a victim of the Court of ‘Protection’ and the Office of the Public ‘Guardian’ in the UK.

  • Their story is one of unfortunately many where officials make sure they can put their hands on any of the assets involved.

On Monday I was in court to support Andrea Higgins whose two daughters were taken:  More

Important Habeas Corpus Application in Royal Courts of Justice on October 12th


Caul Grant is an incessant campaigner and fighter for justice in courts and the streets with his Campaign for Truth and Justice.

He studied the law, whilst imprisoned for 6 1/2 years. Upon release, he was subjected to a 12-year travel ban.

This is one of the points he wants to raise on Friday October 12th in the Royal Courts of Justice (RCJ) on the Strand. He uses Habeas Corpus which means the ‘production of a body’, including prisoners. According to Wikipedia,

 It has historically been an important legal instrument safeguarding individual freedom against arbitrary state action.

Whilst waiting for the time to be announced, he will have his campaigning material ready and invites supporters to join him outside the RCJ, starting at 10.30, as he did for two weeks in April this year.


Out in 2007: Family Court Hell – 1 Father, 133 hearings and 33 judges => Fathers 4 Justice


Thanks to a woman in HMP Holloway whose son was taken by Barnet Council, I learned about this book. She says that 60-70% of all women in Holloway used to be in care, adopted or live with foster parents… She also said that one of the prison warders said that 40-60% of all mothers whose children are taken are foreigners…

This is one man’s harrowing story of frustration and determination as he battled for access rights to his young daughters following the bitter break-up of his marriage. Incredibly, his was a journey that spanned almost ten years, with 133 hearings by 33 judges, and which reportedly cost the taxpayer over GBP1 million.

What should have been a “simple contact dispute” somehow resulted in this innocent family man effectively being criminalized by the family courts, resulting in a stretch on the A Wing of the infamous Pentonville prison, which housed convicted murderers, terrorists, gun runners and drug dealers.

Mark Harris eventually took his case public and the campaign for fathers’ rights took off – with the formation of Fathers 4 Justice. This is a shocking story that deserves to be heard. Here is a Daily Mail article about one of his acts.


Stories behind Secret Prisoners, e.g. Families who speak out after their children are stolen


The M-Family whose six children have been stolen, has been threatened with prison unless they withdraw their videos and other references.

If Vicky Haigh had not promised to comply with her gagging order, she would have become a secret prisoner, whom John Hemming MP is keen to defend.

Here he gives a talk at the Freedom Association that he recorded with his mobile phone.

And here he speaks of the vested interestes of the legal system:


“The Love Police” on video

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A brilliant combination of irony and ‘reverse psychology‘ – using a megaphone in public places – making fun of the New World Order, while reminding viewers of who they are:

  1. Charlie Veitch, the creative spirit
  2. The Love Police
  3. Gospel of Bill Hicks
  4. Illegal to be in a Hurry
  5. How to survive and escape a Terror Stop
  6. Requiem for the New World Order

and many others. ENJOY!


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