How can anybody claim that foster ‘care’ is better than the love of these parents?


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If you are not aware of the Slovak parents whose two boys were taken, start by reading this page and then search for ‘slovak’ on Victims Unite!

As the final straw for your spectrum of emotions between outrage and sadness, please read this story of 10 Nov and this article of 13 Nov 2012 in a Slovak paper – with the aid of Google’s translation – and watch the subtitled film on that page.

The mother says “not without my children” or “BEZ DETÍ NEODÍDEM”. Googling for those words will give you lots of links.

  • Irvana has been using the game of the film Life is Beautiful to ‘explain’ to her sons why they cannot come home yet: they have to collect points beforehand
  • she explained that “these people, they are so clumsy, they spilled  the points,” so they have to collect again
  • one boy wants to come home by train, the other one by plane…

At the demo outside the UK Embassy in Bratislava, people were chanting ‘life is beautiful’.

Since then,

Important Habeas Corpus Application in Royal Courts of Justice on October 12th


Caul Grant is an incessant campaigner and fighter for justice in courts and the streets with his Campaign for Truth and Justice.

He studied the law, whilst imprisoned for 6 1/2 years. Upon release, he was subjected to a 12-year travel ban.

This is one of the points he wants to raise on Friday October 12th in the Royal Courts of Justice (RCJ) on the Strand. He uses Habeas Corpus which means the ‘production of a body’, including prisoners. According to Wikipedia,

 It has historically been an important legal instrument safeguarding individual freedom against arbitrary state action.

Whilst waiting for the time to be announced, he will have his campaigning material ready and invites supporters to join him outside the RCJ, starting at 10.30, as he did for two weeks in April this year.


This Saturday: UK End Child Abuse – March (Hyde Park Corner, 12.00) & Rally: Trafalgar Square, 1 – 4pm


It helps to unite, whether as parents whose children were taken, as supporters who were jailed or as survivors of abuse.

This Saturday, starting with a march at Hyde Park Corner, the rally will, as in 2011 and in 2010, be a great opportunity for networking, sharing experiences and, together, feeling stronger than on our own.

Due to the secrecy of family courts and the intimidation through ‘gagging orders’, it takes courage to be there. But the untold story of gagging orders was published by The Independent in May 2011. This mainstream media overview adds further credibility to our claims. But still nothing seems to change…

Do we have to wait until children find their birth parents via Facebook and take Social Services to court, as these two boys in whose lives Social Services have ‘created havoc’?

Will Slovakia lead other countries in their claims for their young citizens as Slovaks protest at Britain’s ‘illegal child snatching’?

Invitation to all concerned sufferers of the banks and lawyers and courts


To all concerned sufferers of the banks and lawyers and courts (all these and more are interlinked, it is the lawyers who find dubious means for the banks to circumvent the laws), our battle bus is visiting London on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday this week. More

Victims united in Victory: rogue lawyer struck off at long last!


It takes Dr Sheida Oraki’s intelligence and persistence, Diane Mitchell‘s experience with solicitors from hell (or nearby) and Maurice Kirk‘s camera (and banner) to get this photo taken some time ago!

But today it is the perfect illustration for this article in the Daily Mail: Vaz’s crooked pal struck off: Victory for the Mail as conman is found guilty of 104 breaches of rules.

May Keith Vaz MP behave more respectably with his promise to investigate the powers and future of the IPCC!

Victims unite by protesting outside Police 2012 Conference in Central Hall, Westminster


Unfortunately I don’t remember the Constable’s name, but he told me that in Westminster, it’s easy to be a good ‘bobby’ in the old tradition when tourists talk to them. The Sergeant told us we need to be more professional in displaying our messages that are too hard to read… Here with demo organiser Michael Doherty and Ian Puddick.

On the way to the event that I spotted a McKenzie bag which all members of the Association of McKenzie Friends should maybe purchase…

The first woman I spoke to used to have a daughter named Sabina… She was murdered after having bought a car from a thug and justice was never obtained – because the Police covered up! The website set up by her mother is called STARR: Sabina’s Trust Against Revolvers and Racism. More

12 June, Central Hall Westminster: Meet the Police when they meet to deliver Accountability and Results


Click to enlarge

Following the most successful demo to Abolish the IPCC on Mayday, this demo is planned on the occasion of the conference Policing 2012: Delivering Accountability and Results. It will be another opportunity to

  • unite with fellow victims
  • express frustration and grudges
  • stand your ground by protesting and demonstrating.

June 12, 8am – 6pm: Central Hall Westminster, co-ordinated by Michael Doherty aka CardboardCoffinMan and publisher of Protest against Police Corruption.

@ju5tlaw #policecorruption   #ipcc   #protest   #police

Demonstrators ask: Abolish the IPCC and Keith Vaz MP responds with an Inquiry


#CardboardCoffinMan Michael Doherty (here in the pub later, together with Ian Puddick) organised this demo that brought together some 200 protestors with excellent speeches.

But the real surprise was the prompt response by the Chairman of the Home Select Committee Keith Vaz MP, as announced by the BBC:

There will be an investigation, an inquiry into the operation, powers and the future of the IPCC (Independent Police Complaints Commission)

I wish all demos had such “instant gratification” and effective interaction between people, mainstream media and politicians!

Here are other mainstream media reports: Guardian Feature: Justice is impossible if you can not trust the police to tell the truth

Private Eye – Web of lies

RT.COM – Fear of something rotten in Scotland Yard

And here is the Facebook page.

Scandalising a Judge or “it is vital that public confidence in the judiciary is protected”


In my observation of UK courts over a number of years from the point of view of victims of white collar crimes, public confidence can only be restored, if culprits admit to their shortcomings, ask for forgiveness and offer compensation. A kind of “Courts Jubilee”.

Meanwhile, however, David Dunlop, a smart barrister defends Peter Hain MP in an Irish court against the Northern Ireland Attorney General John Larkin. The former Northern Ireland Secretary of State Peter Hain is being prosecuted for critical comments about a Hight Court judge in his autobiography.

But his barrister is suggesting:

  1. Does the “archaic” offence of ‘scandalising the court’ still exist?
  2. Criticism of judges or of judicial decisions does not in itself constitute contempt of court.
  3. The fair criticism of judges and judicial decisions is not only quite clearly a right, there are also occasions when there may be a duty to do it.
  4. “Citizens are entitled to have confidence in the administration of justice, they should not be improperly deprived of this entitlement or have it endangered.”

As reported by the Press Association, the full case will be heard on June 19.


New videos of the first days of the 2-week demo outside Royal Courts of Justice


Judiciary Guilty of Criminal Acts – with John Hemming MP reminding us that Parliament has the power to remove judges!

On the occasion, the Campaign for Truth and Justice also seized a property lawfully, as the claim:


This property, 22 Edgeworth Avenue, London, NW4 4EY, has been lawfully seized and occupied by Campaign for Truth & Justice under article 61 of the Magna Carta 1215 and article 7 of the Human Rights Act 1998.

ANY attempt to gain entry without the permission of Campaign for Truth & Justice will be met by ANY MEANS NECESSARY to resist and deter any such entry.

IGNORANCE of this Notice and Warning will carry severe consequences.


Campaign for Truth & Justice

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