The Wall Street Journal Europe: Slovak Government Challenges U.K. Foster-Care Ruling


While Wall Street and its Journal reached eastwards, into ‘Emerging Europe’, I guess it came as a surprise to learn about this Slovakian family that was broken and destroyed by Surrey Social Services.

Let’s hope that, soon, everybody knows that the Adoption system is UK’s shameful secret.

But then, the UK is unique in five points, as put together by Ian Josephs who, with a law degree from Oxford, has watched Forced Adoption since the 60s.

Here’s a mainstream media overview that should have made a difference already, but hasn’t… And here is a wonderful selection of photos to remind us of LIFE between birth and death…

On October 26th, John Hemming MP’s Family Justice Bill will get its 2nd hearing. How many MPs will be there??? Use WriteToThem to ask yours!

You are all suspects now: What are you going to do about it?


This article by John Pilger is pretty frightening unless it triggers some feelings of outrage in you and you act on these kind of premises:

  • the US have launched a permanent war and a police state is consuming Western democracy
  • in Britain, on instructions from the CIA, secret courts are to deal with “terror suspects”. Habeas Corpus is dying.
  • as the law is politicised and Americanised, travesties are not untypical.

May the web and the net help us – besides the conscience that, I think, we are all born with!


John Hemming MP speaks to Birmingham Post about Children Services


This video interview also covers Susan Morris, educational psychologist at University Birmingham. Here are a few quotes:

The family courts basically go along with what the Local Authorities say.

You have a court system that is dependent on experts who are financially beholden to the Local Authority.

That sounds rather corrupt.

It is.


Please support this Man. For you or yours could be next!


  • This complaint form to HMP Cardiff is one way in which Maurice J Kirk, a veterinary surgeon and pilot, expresses what he has been experiencing since he was arrested on September 21st and imprisoned.

Six weeks later, he still has not been told in writing what he is in prison for and when his release date might be.

Hence he is on hunger strike and gives his latest reasons here. I am on hunger strike because

  1. Court and Prison continue to refuse to disclose written record of WHY I am in prison and with which release date.
  2. Crown Court have denied me my right for a fair bail application because CPS refuse to put in writing what I was sent to prison for, my release date and why Police oppose bail when CPS did not on 23rd September. It was the District Judge who decided I be detained for political reasons only.
  3. I am not getting proper medical treatment promised.
  4. As a prisoner I am continuing to be denied by basic human rights on the prison’s excuse that I am the only prisoner not represented on the wing by a lawyer, i.e. LIP (Litigant in Person) blackmail.

Besides attending Cardiff Magistrates Court on November 10th at 10am and signing this petition suggestions for supporting Maurice are here.

When I met Maurice, I was going to get him into the Guiness Book of Records – mainly for his number of successful court cases, but there were many other priorities. Now I know better than ever:

That’s why family courts operate in secrecy to justify the snatching of children by Social Services…

Norman Scarth News as “tweets” from Twitter


11 07 27 Your country needs YOUMany reporters in court today, including Associated Presss.



Weeks have passed and no word from the Queen on Norman’s Pardon. Norman fought for his country and it has come to this.


#FreeNorman @FreeNorman More

Victim turned Warrior and Chronic Litigant detained by Portsmouth Police to be handed over to South Wales Colleagues


Maurice Kirk’s saga is enshrined in a room full of files. No comparison to Mr Ebert’s suitcase of documents!…

Recently Maurice followed Mr Ebert’s model of WANTED posters to pinpoint those judges whose judgments have affected his life most detrimentally.

In the light of what judges do in family courts, Stephen Glover wrote Judges are unelected, out of touch and shockingly arrogant.

Recently, Maurice and I completed this text as a summary of his odyssey and he said “this is still worth breathing for” – at 66, recovering from a hip replacement carried out in France, for the NHS refused to release the medical records without which his surgical team wouldn’t operate… More

On not being able to bridge the gap between the EU Fundamental Charter for Human Rights and the UK Human Rights Act


Dear Ms McNeill,

Thank you for your reply of 2 December 2010 in which you emphasise that you are not looking for the Commission to intervene on individual cases but rather you are asking the Commission to close the gap between the EU Fundamental Charter for Human Rights and the UK Human Rights Act 1998.

As a matter of principle, the Commission’s powers regarding acts and omissions by Member States are limited to overseeing the application of Union law, under the control of the Court of Justice (cf. Article 17(1) TEU). The Commission would recall that, according to Article 51(1) of the Charter of Fundamental Rights, the provisions of the Charter are addressed to the Member States only when they are implementing Union law. For this reason, the Commission is not in a position to address the relation between the UK Human Rights Act and the Charter.

Anyone who considers that any of her or his fundamental rights have been violated may lodge a complaint with the Council of Europe’s European Court of Human Rights (Council of Europe, 67075 Strasbourg-Cedex, France). Please note, however, that the Court may only deal with a matter after all domestic remedies have been exhausted.

Yours sincerely

Olivier TELL
Head of Unit

Victims vs Establishment – A Lost Cause?

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This was the subject line of my newsletter at the beginning of December 2010. It started by:

Hello again, in the Spirit of Tackling the Serious Oppression of the British people,

First of all, many thanks to everybody who’s viewed and signed our latest petition in support of Maurice Kirk and all other victims of financial exploitation and legal oppression. In his indefatigable and adventurous spirit, Maurice has toured Jersey, Guernsey and Alderney to “rattle a few cages” – with a TV programme, newspaper and video reporting. Trying to keep him out of jail, despite a warrant for arrest, is paramount, given his medical condition and the number of false imprisonments he’s endured already.

WANTED: Fair Trials and Compensation – instead of an Effective Remedy before National Authorities – has now reached 153 signatures and over 1,700 page views. The most fascinating reading are the comments that I compiled into a document. Together with the comments to STOP the OPPRESSION of the BRITISH PEOPLE, these are most valuable campaigning documents to refer to, when people pursue their own cases. Especially when communicating with your MP, you can demonstrate how you are far from alone!


Exchange with EU Commission for Justice – so far, not supportive of UK Victims


Patrick Cullinane had suggested I take five key cases to Viviane Reding and her EU Commission for Justice.

Unfortunately, they only have an online submission form which I forgot to keep a copy of.

However, I received today this letter from the Directorate General Justice which sends us to the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg.

That is, of course, the wrong avenue. For I cannot fight for compensation for five different cases.

But I can fight for closing the gap between the Human Rights as they are supposed to be guaranteed by EU member states, and what the UK Human Rights Act 1998 guarantees.

This Human Rights gap is significant.


Mind the Human Rights Gap: between the UN, the EU and the UK


The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) was adopted by the United Nations General Assemby in 1948 and contains 30 Articles.

The European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) or Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms is an international treaty to protect human rights and fundamental freedoms in Europe. It entered into force in 1953. All Council of Europe member states are party to the Convention and new members are expected to ratify the convention at the earliest opportunity.

It comprises 18 Articles and 13 Convention protocols.

There are two articles that are significant for victims:

  • Article 6 provides a detailed right to a fair trial, including the right to a public hearing before an independent and impartial tribunal within reasonable time, the presumption of innocence, and other minimum rights for those charged with a criminal offence
  • Article 13 provides for the right for an effective remedy before national authorities for violations of rights under the Convention.


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