JOHN HEMMING MP recommends: Flee the Country because you can’t have a Fair Trial


At long last: BBC Breakfast is reporting! John Hemming MP says:

The process is soo unfair, parents should flee the country!

The Government says:

The reform of family justice is of critical priority. They want new standards for expert witnesses and better outcomes. 

But who looks at the ORIGIN of the problem? At the CAUSE and GENESIS?

What is worse:

  • that Social Services are malicious,
  • that ‘experts’ make mistakes
  • or that the judiciary doesn’t give you fair trials?

Too little too late, as ever…

But: more tonight on the Panorama special I Want My Baby Back! John Sweeney investigates the secretive world of the family courts - a tiny reflection of the real truth and the true realities we know…


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Wood Green in London: a Court of fair trials and justice or partiality and corruption?


NEWS RELEASE                                                                                02 June 2012

Victims Unite[i] is a website dedicated to being a voice for victims of financial exploitation and legal oppression. It opened in August 2010 and has had over 109,000 visits since.

This week, Wood Green Court will unite one of the worst bankruptcies and the worst of all child snatching cases.

One of the earliest cases published was Mr Ebert’s bankruptcy[ii], in book form as The Forensics of Legal Fraud[iii]. It is believed to be one of the worst in terms of financial value and legal cover-up.

Mr Ebert’s trial will take place in Wood Green Crown Court: on Wednesday, 6th and Thurssay, 7th June, at 10.15am, Court 8 with Judge Ader and two Magistrates. It brings to light astonishingly negligent (if not criminal) behaviour of major institutions that we rely on to feel secure in our homes.

Every person in the UK can potentially be affected by the outcome of this trial. For it will either acknowledge or bury the solid evidence that this Litigant in Person is bringing into Court to test the “beyond reasonable doubt” Rule of Law that needs to be applied in criminal court cases.


The reform programme has stalled. You cannot be concerned about ‘secret justice’ and not be outraged.


Yes, we are outraged, Camilla!

THANK YOU for having picked up the baton of the Times Campaign again and published Remove the veil of secrecy from these fakesSo-called expert witnesses in the family courts hold children’s fate in their hands. But they are nothing of the sort.

Well written, especially with the hook of more “secret trials”: the reform programme has stalled!

John Hemming MP said in his latest interview “we need to become less punitive so that people can change their minds and admit to having made a mistake.”


Already on April 5, 2001: Legal Mafia is failing public and ‘Experts’ are now failing children


The Daily Telegraph published this article where Austin Mitchell MP said “the self-regulation of solicitors was failing consumers.”

Eleven years later: the legal mafia has extended its activities into the family courts in ways that cannot but baffle anybody who has any common sense:

  • Channel IV revealed on Tuesday evening that ‘experts’ are being paid to ‘judge’ parents and children such that they end up being separated for life

The Daily Mail published on the same day:

And a day later: The doctor who broke up families: psychiatrist who damned  hundreds as ‘unfit parents’ faces GMC probe



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