NOW IS NOT THE TIME to give up. Your kids will be looking for you. Be there when they come!


THANK YOU, Aimee, for speaking up and out for soo many children who are screaming to be heard!

It’s a battle between RIGHT and WRONG.

Message for those in the Government and Social Services and Family Law:

You’re out of touch. You have no public support and you will become extinct.

The best interests of the child are NOT served by being split from either parent or grandparent.

Tony Ashby is on hunger strike outside David Cameron’s house.

2013 – My story on what’s wrong with family law:

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Dear ACPO: is there a policy for Constabularies to not deal with crimes?


This was the Freedom of Information (FoI) request to the Association of Chiel Police Officers (ACPO), made by Paul Randle-Jolliffe.

Paul is asking about crimes committed in public or private family law matters.

Victims of other white collar crimes have established long ago that there is a Memorandum of Understanding between ACPO and the Law Society which would, of course, cover family law, too.

Whilst the FoI request says that it’s waiting for an ‘internal review’, it will be interesting to read the outcome!

John Hemming MP offered to look into 2 – 3 well evidenced cases!

Meanwhile, you can put your own observation / case as  “annotation”. But don’t go into rants, please.

The Law, The Law, but Where’s the JUSTICE? He with the biggest wallet wins…


But Where's the Justice?

He with the Biggest Wallet Wins

As if we needed a book to get it confirmed…

Still, the author is clearly another victim turned starfighter, as he describes his case and the mistakes made:

From inception my case took 7 years to finalization. You will see exactly how both the solicitor and barrister failed to prepare and present my case properly.

(1) Entered the wrong name on the Original Document Headed Statement Claim,

(2) Allowed the time limitation to expire by 8 months. (6 years being the life span on any one claim). On discovery made a desperate 11th hour application for amendment. Which the Judge on his discovery had no option, but to automatically, and quite rightly, strike my claim out!

Once firmly believing in Good Old British Justice, but no more, as my story will show.


UK Social Services stealing Children aka State Kidnapping


You can’t believe it unless it happens to you or someone you know:

Since then I put this page together and found these stories by Christopher Booker at the Telegraph:

John Hemming MP is doing his best to tackle the issue in Parliament:

And here are a few picks from his blog:

The Stealing of Baby Harley and the Innate Male Drive for Power


The Stealing of Baby Harley has been written up admirably by a family friend present on the scene. Only names were changed, because the lawyer, paid by a local authority, i.e. from the public purse, insists on secrecy and got a so-called “Injunction Order” order – for approval by Mr. Justice W… – i.e. NOT legally valid.

I responded – within the ridiculously unreasonable time limit of 48 hours over a weekend – with a “Notice of Discharge and Rebuttal” – on March 23rd.

David Icke published on his website, a cri de coeur ignoring the Order against “The Media and Others”, but had to delete it eventually, too., my blogging platform in California, took it for real and asked me to delete eight posts, if I wanted to continue to have control over my site.

So I lodged a Legal Notice re Abuse of Process with the Cardiff Court Centre on March 29th and have not heard anything since.

However, the All Party Parliamentary Group on Family Law and The Court of Protection held a meeting on Transparency: Privacy and the Public Interest. Thank god, I’m not alone in this madness of power through position and money!

Conclusion: the lawyer was paid to “just do his job” and got a kick out of abusing his power of apparent legalese. Everybody else continues to do their job without that kick, and the baby continues to suffer, just as the parents.

John Hemming MP is extremely aware of the problems people are having to face.

Long live the country of fairness, but that doesn’t apply to South Wales of course…

The Gag: John Hemming MP on journalists (and bloggers) not being allowed to report on forced adoptions


John Hemming MP was very supportive at our last House of Commons meeting. He chairs the All Party Parliamentary Group on Family Law and The Court of Protection.

Here, he speaks on the problems of Family Law Courts:

  • the secrecy imposed to the media
  • the arbitrary decisions of social workers
  • the ‘expertise’ residing in Local Councils
  • conflicts of interest
  • judges give Local Council authority
  • Local Councils being under pressure to meet higher adoption targets
  • Article 3 of Human Rights: inhuman treatment.

Family Group Conferences are the way forward, and independent opinions ought to be accepted.

Current procedures CREATE stress rather than solve them and are not good for the children concerned…

He also works with Families Need Fathers.

Forced Adoptions is published by Ian Josephs who advises victims.

As “The Media & Others”, I have been gagged as “Third Defendant” in two such orders, one by a lawyer of Swansea Council and the other by Doncaster Council.

So I mustn’t publish the orders, let alone details of either the victim, the child, or the perpetrators: the lawyers, judges and Social Services…

In the case of The Stealing of Baby Harley

  • I have deleted eight blog posts
  • three files on a German blog
  • and another German blogger also had to delete a post.

In the case of the abused 7-year old daughter who gives evidence on video

  • I have deleted one post, when I didn’t even KNOW that there was an ‘order’ against “The Media & Others”.

Long live “Law and Order” in a “Parliamentary Democracy”!

I’ve made submissions to the Cardiff Justice Centre and the High Court in London, but have not heard from either.

Lord Neuberger’s call for open justice are welcome


Lord Neuberger happens to be blacklisted among victims of white collar crime. But on good days he can still SAY the right things. What is DONE, is a different thing after all…

This Guardian article upholds at least

the principle that justice is done in public, and what goes on in courts is open to public scrutiny. He focuses some key aspects of public access to the justice system.

My mum would say: “his words into the ear of god…”

Maybe this will even reach the falsely imposed legal secrecy surrounding The Stealing of Baby Harley, Privacy and Public Interest in family law, state kidnapping, forced acoptions and generally the white collar crimes committed by police, social workers, court staff, judges and lawyers???

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