Your Chance to Complain to the Commission on Banking Standards!


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The Palace of Westminster seen from east. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Andrew Tyrie MP is not only the Chairman of the Treasury Select Committee, but also now of the Commission on Banking Standards. In French, I would say ‘ça tombe bien': ‘it falls well’.

I don’t have to distinguish between the lack of Enforcement of the Bank of England Act 1694 and the dishonesty of our money system as the CAUSE and their EFFECTS: white collar crimes and their victims, or as Maurice Kirk puts it: blanket immunity to civil servants and professions who seriously break the law.

Please, do consider making your complaint. I know it seems hardly worth doing. I know “they” pay only lip service and your contribution will only make history by being published. But let’s do it anyway, just to satisfy our own conscience:
“You’ve gotta dance like there’s nobody watching,
Love like you’ll never be hurt,
Sing like there’s nobody listening,
And live like it’s heaven on earth.”

Here’s the link and the full text:


Another class action: FSA failed victims of financial fraud

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What are regulators for if they fail to regulate? To be replaced by another dysfunctional organisation.

Why do politicians believe regulators ‘work’? Because they don’t have the understanding of the system of dishonest money and public debts that plays the tunes that everybody in public office is singing.

Why do victims have to fight for their rights? Because people in positions of institutional power don’t care, don’t deal with individual cases and generally seem to be trained to fob off.

Here is the latest example I came across: Cameron Farley Action Group.

As long as governments produce the money to bail out banks, they should also produce it for victims and act as Compensator of Last Resort.

The Public Inquiry into White Collar Crimes petition is our latest attempt towards that goal.


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