The Wall Street Journal Europe: Slovak Government Challenges U.K. Foster-Care Ruling


While Wall Street and its Journal reached eastwards, into ‘Emerging Europe’, I guess it came as a surprise to learn about this Slovakian family that was broken and destroyed by Surrey Social Services.

Let’s hope that, soon, everybody knows that the Adoption system is UK’s shameful secret.

But then, the UK is unique in five points, as put together by Ian Josephs who, with a law degree from Oxford, has watched Forced Adoption since the 60s.

Here’s a mainstream media overview that should have made a difference already, but hasn’t… And here is a wonderful selection of photos to remind us of LIFE between birth and death…

On October 26th, John Hemming MP’s Family Justice Bill will get its 2nd hearing. How many MPs will be there??? Use WriteToThem to ask yours!

UK Social Services stealing Children aka State Kidnapping


You can’t believe it unless it happens to you or someone you know:

Since then I put this page together and found these stories by Christopher Booker at the Telegraph:

John Hemming MP is doing his best to tackle the issue in Parliament:

And here are a few picks from his blog:


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