Stories behind Secret Prisoners, e.g. Families who speak out after their children are stolen


The M-Family whose six children have been stolen, has been threatened with prison unless they withdraw their videos and other references.

If Vicky Haigh had not promised to comply with her gagging order, she would have become a secret prisoner, whom John Hemming MP is keen to defend.

Here he gives a talk at the Freedom Association that he recorded with his mobile phone.

And here he speaks of the vested interestes of the legal system:


The Torture of an Abused Child’s Mother: How Police and Social Services of Doncaster Council collude to Torment Vicky Haigh



Vicky Haigh who is due to give birth in four days to her second child, sent a cri de cœur [1]by email on Saturday night after three Irish police offers banged on her door. Christopher Booker had reported in the Telegraph the same morning: The police hunt is on for Vicky Haigh, though she is not a ‘missing person’ [2]and writes that “wasting police time is a punishable offence”.

But Doncaster Council ignore punishable offences: their “head lawyer” who instigated proceedings against Vicky and her seven-year old daughter turned out to be a social worker. The subsequent solicitor seems to have issued “orders” without hearings having taken place.

Someone was commissioned by Ms Haigh to investigate why her daughter was taken away from her in November 2010 and given into the “care” of her father’s mother. She put together an extensive chronology of the case[4] for the Police to investigate and called all courts that were supposedly involved: Sheffield, Birmingham and London. But while there is a Sheffield case number, there are no records of any hearing in any court.


John Hemming MP has launched Parliamentary Inquiry into Injunctions

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The two gagging orders, that I have received against “The Media & Others” by two local Councils, are in the collection that John Hemming MP is putting before the Justice Committee for further investigation.

“What is clear,” he said, “is that almost all of the super and hyper injunctions have no public judgment. That means that they are not compliant with the rules for a fair trial.

New type of injunction – the Quaeroinjunction
Mr Hemming has also revealed a new type of injunction against investigative journalism.
“I have recently seen a gagging order that prevents people seeking information about a case from the parties. This goes a step further than preventing people speaking out against injustice. It also puts any investigative journalist at risk if they ask any questions of a victim of a potential miscarriage of  justice.”
I call this the Quaeroinjunction, after the Latin work “to seek”. I don’t think this should be allowed in English courts. It has the effect of preventing journalists from speaking to people subject to this injunction without a risk of the journalist going to jail. That is a recipe for hiding miscarriages of  justice.


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