German – British Musings about ‘The Rule of Law’ and its Enforcement – on a Rainy Sunday


Bernard Reemtsma may sound familiar to smokers, especially German ones. But Stuart Wilkie, formerly a ski racer with a spinal injury and Chairman of the Justice Society in Scotland, is now fighting a man who claims to have that name in Norfolk. Mr Reemtsma seems to have paid a few people to get what he wants, never mind his neighbours: he wants their land and their house.  What does it take to do so?

In a nutshell:

  1. pay people to use brute force and a bulldozer to remove a fence
  2. pay lawyers
  3. bribe Court staff,  Judges and the Land Registry to ignore the Rule of Law
  4. ask for us McKenzie Friends to come to the rescue…

In 2 pages here.

Then there is this English Patriot in Germany Mike James who published rather explosive material in 2004. I found it, after it had been suggested to me that Bush blackmailed Blair into Iraq and Afghanistan by threatening to publish the UK list of some 763 “VIP Paedophiles”. Thus I can guide readers to

On highly popular German blog: Austrian and Danish analyses of London Olympics background and warning


Olympische SpieleWhen I was told about a possible false flag attack during the Olympics in February, I put these links together; for I had been through that kind of ‘web defence’ successfully in Berlin 2011. Given the 9/11 past, that warning was based on the analysis by two German lawyers who had produced excellent documentation for Mrs Merkel and other top officials.

Since then, I have watched more and more videos and websites spread enlightenment and warnings about the London Olympics. While TV shows us the admirable efforts by athletes, this German blog post puts the following articles together:

  1. a German story: Fear of Chaos turns London into Ghost City – instead of usually 300,000 visitors, only 100,000 have arrived
  2. a Danish retired Consultant Ophtalmologist writes: New World Order plays ET card, which Wernher von Braun had warned about, to produce panic, space based weapons, tries to discredit truth seekers – just before the London Olympics
  3. one of the very comprehensive articles on the blog with over 12 million visitors since February 2010: London Olympic Games – Remarkably insufficient security measures – corporate media, horror propaganda, false flag operation on its way?
  4. an Austrian article: Olympia – a question of patriotism – wondering about the lack of Austrian medals
  5. another Austrian comment: Did the British Gold cyclist fall intentionally?
  6. and finally another critique of the Austrian mis-management of Olympic sports. More

First we take Manhattan (9/11) then we take Berlin (6/26/2011)


Unbelievable but with a probability that borders on certainty:

The album It’s only Rock’n Roll conceived by Jennifer Warnes with lyrics and songs by Leonard Cohen proves to be most prophetic, especially with First we Take Manhattan then we take Berlin.

For once you look into 9/11 and the untruths of official explanations, then it doesn’t take long to notice that there are people who were forewarned of what was to happen on 9/11.

The German lawyer Torsten van Geest had met such people and then began to notice warnings about a similar event: a false flag operation planned for the opening of the world cup in Berlin on 26 June.

Next Sunday, 7pm seems to be the concensus among those who have studied the symbology and numerology of signs and signals in the language of Freemasons:

Torsten van Geest sent a 405-page document with an ‘injunction order’ accusing Merkel and Koerting of State Terrorism and not warning the population of a nuclear attack by foreign secrect services.

It is hoped that the internet community can prevent the event from happening.

An English video relased by van Geest is here.

More English links are here and here.


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