WHAT DO Maurice Kirk, Robert Green, Gloria Musa and Melissa Laird have in common? Time to Join Dots!


They are all in prison, except for Melissa Laird who was deported after 18 months in HMP Holloway so that her son could be kept for adoption – by Barnet Council…

Maurice Kirk is the oldest prisoner in HMP Cardiff. Here we visited Melissa with Maria, a serious victim of false imprisonment and other fraudulent white collar crimes.

Maurice has tried to help Gloria and Chiwar Musa as McKenzie Friend.

  • Robert has been helping Anne Greig‘s campaign for justice for her daughter and brother.
  • This petition is collecting signatures of support to get him released.
    14 04 21 Free Robert Green

Gloria and Chiwar Musa had their five children taken in April 2011 by Haringey Council.

  • Since then their sixth child was taken, returned and taken again;
  • Their seventh child was born in HMP Holloway and taken at birth – despite Sir James Munby’s judgement re Baby M R of 2003 about the right to breastfeeding.

Melissa Laird was in the next cell to Gloria in HMP Holloway. More

Operation Musa Activated: the world needs to know what happens in secret family courts and prisons


No, you can’t imagine it:

  • Whilst kept in Holloway prison, Melissa has been asked to say good bye to her son over videolink – by a local authority who has made up a big story about her and managed not only to put her into prison but now locked up on a 24-hour basis and drugged against her will…
  • Gloria Musa has had to undergo an ‘adjudication’ where she asked for our help as McKenzie Friends, but that would require ‘prior arrangement’ – which was perfectly impossible to arrange.

The humiliation that Gloria has to endure, instead of living her usual life as a happy family serving God and Christian communities, is horrendous.

However, we have not only launched an Association of McKenzie Friends, we have also joined forces with two charities that have ample experience with making life easier for prisoners: Spurgeons and Women in Prison.

More on our latest press release regarding the Musas and their six kidnapped children. It refers to our letter to Sir Nicholas Wall, the President of the Family Division, in the hope that he’ll sort things out.

Ten videos of our latest meeting in Westminster under the auspices of John Hemming MP are on http://www.youtube.com/user/EDM1297

Visiting Prisoners as “Social Life with Meaning” – while Express unearthes this National Scandal


To me, it is a complete miracle that and how Gloria and Joseph Musa have endured the violence, bullying, harassment and cruelty by Haringey Social Services, their Legal Team, Police and other associated ‘respectable authorities’.

But they remain ‘together’ as a couple and as individuals, even though

  • they were arrested on 28th November 2011 and put into HMP Holloway and HMP Pentonville respectively
  • they were refused bail in two hearings in Haringey Magistrates Court because of the “seriousness of the allegations” which have now been turned into “charges”
  • Gloria has been in chronic pain since her manhandling by Police in June 2010 and September 2011
  • they have not seen their eldest daughter since August 2010 and have had many people tell them that she is dead
  • they have not seen their other children since May 2011, even though numerous judges have ordered contact.



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