SUICIDE or Murder? When victimisation becomes too much…


A very effective video about a ‘case’ that is representative for many victims of unscrupulous organisations such as Grant Thornton… One just wonders what it’s like working there… And what it feels like when one prefers to be cruel and commit crimes than quitting one’s job to ‘make a living’…


With thanks from Jeff Lampert of Help4Lips [Litigants in Person]

UK BORDER AGENCY criticised for separating parents from children


13 04 20 CYPNWell, we’re not alone after all: BID, Bail for Immigration, have studied the ‘cases’ they have to deal with and noticed the terrible effects the separation from parents has on their children:

  • emotional stress, 
  • adverse effects including weight loss, nightmares, insomnia and ‘extreme isolation’.

How can it be? After all, it’s “in the interest of the child!”

But, as one inmate has discovered from her own experiences: foreigners are among those being targeted by Social Services. Why? Presumably they think they can get away with deporting the parents, after fostering or adopting their kids, to keep the industry going…

SUICIDE as the most promising option? Crucified for doing the right thing!



ATOS PROTEST BY ECAP (Photo credit: Edinburgh Coalition Against Poverty)

First, I got this 18-page long collection of press coverage regarding suicides due to ATOS and benefit cuts – from a courageous whistleblower, these wonderful people who get crucified for doing the right thing. See Whistleblowers UK – a coalition to support all those standing up to wrongdoing and corruption in the workplace – in the Care Home, Defence, Police, NHS, Banking.

It was followed by this collection of links:

“Kids in Crisis”: an Anatomy of cover-ups by a scandal silenced sinced 1998


Guardian / Front page - 19 February 2011

Guardian / Front page – 19 February 2011 (Photo credit: *spo0ky*)

Here is the story of a former Director of Social Services who had become a whistleblower, but was gagged to remain silent: Silencing a scandal – the story of Colin Smart – published by The Guardian in April 1998:

“It is debatable,” he wrote, “whether the majority of children now in residential care have been more harmed by the circumstances which brought them into the system, or by their time with social services.”

New Blog on the Block: about “Targeted Individuals” (TIs)


Quite a few “Targeted Individuals” have come my way and I’ve never felt quite comfortable with their allegations / stories / claims about ‘electronic harassment’ and ‘gang stalking’.

Now, however, one person was killed after long sleep deprivation. His inquest was so bizarre, that John Allman vowed to do him justice by setting up first and more recently John Allman, UK so that people can have their say.

Among the comments are two wonderful rational explanations

  1. Peter F in comment #10 speaks about his experience as part of military intelligence
  2. EB in comment #33 explains how it works and how any silly body can ‘play’ with this nasty stuff.

Long live the kind of anarchy created by lawlessness of the elite 1% who  base their power on dishonest money and positions in institutions that don’t live up to their remit…


What a Judge can do to you: Tribunal Costs that could Ruin Author and 9 Months in a Coma


The author in question came to one of our meetings at the House of Commons, looking for help and support.

Here’s the story as told by the Yorkshire Press in May 2009:

A YORKSHIRE author is facing financial ruin after losing an employment tribunal where substantial costs were awarded against her.

Sonia Seerani, 45, has been told by a legal adviser the circumstances of her case were highly unusual after a judge invited her former employer, Sheffield Council, to recover costs from her.

The situation has also had a detrimental effect on her health, she said, including blood pressure being so high it had affected her vision.

This high blood pressure eventually resulted in a coma that lasted for nine months. She has not recovered health-wise yet…

But who cares??? Who would dream about fair trials and compensation?

As Norman Scarth put it:

I asked a lawyer: will you help me expose bent judges?

The answer was:  My career will be over, if I do. 

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