CHECK YOUR ‘mental capacity': if your Judge is not on the list, his orders are void!


The neo-medieval pile of the Royal Courts of J...

Len Lawrence is a retired British Aerospace pilot who suffers from the poisoning of inhaling the fumes of aeroplanes. Their organophosphates were also responsible for killing thousands of farmers who were forced to dip their sheep – such as George Wescott who has miraculously survived so far.

Unfortunately, victimisation does NOT encourage official institutions to HELP and SUPPORT, let alone COMPENSATE, as suggested by our Government as Compensator of Last Resort.

No. The ‘culture’ of the ‘people processing industry‘ is  one of

In the Judiciary, this means:-

  • ‘professionals’ such as judges and Court staff get paid by the public purse;
  • they commit ‘white collar crimes’ [British understatement for stories you can't make up];
  • Royal Charters are the ticket to immunity from prosecution;
  • ‘amateurs’ become victims of such crimes and seek ‘justice’ with ‘legal professionals';
  • these tend to be ‘solicitors from hell‘ or ‘bent judges‘ in a hierarchy of courts that is difficult to understand;
  • however, after years of observation, Family Courts and the Court of Protection seem to be the epitome of institutionalised hypocrisy aka perfidious AlbionMore

Appeals soar after secret courts are opened to public


Isn’t it nice to get good news in a New Year!

This article in The Independent will make John Hemming MP smile, I hope! for he has been fighting for ‘secret prisoners‘ for such a long time. They are the worst after the secrecy of family courts.

Maybe 2012 will become the year of breakthroughs!?

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An Open Letter re Norman Scarth and Thursday’s hearing to Free him from Leeds Prison


From Peter Mon 22 August 11

An Open letter Regarding Norman

To Chris Jarvis and Norman’s supporters.

Dear all,

I can no longer stand by and see people hoodwinked over Normans case , when he could have and should have released a couple of weeks ago (by applying to purge his contempt).

Let me expand and explain; it is in reality irrelevant what a Judge sentences a person to as he has the power to sentence in Contempt of Court cases with immediate effect anything up to 2 years in prison.


The battle is on: between the Court of Public Opinion and the Private Courts of Family Law Judges


A judge attacks my ‘one-sided’ child protection stories – but it cuts both ways

This is the title of Christopher Booker’s latest article in The Telegraph. In his usual measured and pleasant style he describes how one judge felt he had to criticise Christopher Booker’s reporting in a judgment.

Maybe this is another sign of ‘cages being rattled’ so that, eventually, with the aid of all non-mainstream media, the Court of Public Opinion will win!?…

Wasting police time is a punishable offence. But “The police hunt is on for Vicky Haigh, though she is not a ‘missing person'”


Christopher Booker keeps the world informed with the aid of The Telegraph, while we are getting ready for our appearance in Court 45 in the Queen’s Building of the High Court of Justice on Monday morning at 10.30.

What upsets me is the 7-year-old girl who is the sad and serious victim of her sexually abusive father since she was three. He has got everybody on his side:

  • Social Services of Doncaster Council
  • The Police hunting Vicky down after they kept her in custody before, once because she had sent a Christmas present to her daughter, i.e. she was supposedly violating a “non-molestation order”…
  • and his mother, a former headmistress, who is now the “guardian” even though guardians are only appointed when parents are not alive any more…

For Vicky’s daughter, every day is another day of trauma! Read the sanitised version of the chronology of the case: My Daddy is a Paedophile.


Lord Justice Ward: restoring faith in The Rule of Law and ‘magnanimity in victory’


One of us 15 supporters today in Court 74 of the High Court of Justice was in tears! After one hour that Caul Grant had at long last the opportunity to be heard, all of the supporters stood up and applauded, which was also a first!

Lord Justice Ward actually listened to Caul’s “litany of professed injustice”. With sympathy and empathy. He wants to achieve “closure” for Caul so that he can get on with his life again.

And even the CPS was “moved”. But the bench of three judges want to think before they write their judgment.


Council ‘tried to have horse trainer jailed’ – for reporting her injustice to a meeting in Westminster


Here’s an article in The Star that puts the dot on the “i”: Council tried to have horse trainer jailed.

The reality behind this ordeal is unbelievable, if it wasn’t true:

  1. CAFCASS (supposedly putting children first in family courts), the “guardian” of her 7-year old daughter who’s being sexually abused by her father (known to be a paedophile), taped the meeting of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Transparency: Privacy and the Public Interest, where Vicky spoke out
  2. this was listed as one of the reasons for committing her to prison – or rather, she should show why she should NOT be committed to prison
  3. Doncaster Council have put a “Reporting Restriction Order” out against “The Media & Others” that I am supposed to have violated; hence I had to delete that post
  4. As long as WordPress and the High Court in London believe that the documents produced by Doncaster Council are legally valid, I offer this anonymisde version My Daddy is a Paedophile
  5. But John Hemming MP published Gag removed – Job done. So at least everything pertaining to the imprisonment can be revealed, he writes.

Since court proceedings were commenced by a social worker who passed herself off as “head lawyer”, 4 judges have been involved in the case so far. Hence we consider the whole saga not only contempt of court but also of Parliament.

We now expect to have a hearing at the High Court in London on Monday, May 9th at 10.30.

Supporters are invited to appear as McKenzie Angels.

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