SAMPLE LETTER to MPs about Child Abduction from Belgium Rubberstamped by UK Judiciary


Human Rights Defence

Human Rights Defence (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This remarkable comment was written in response to this blog post on Punishment without Crime.

It appears that once they find they get shielded by closing ranks and keeping secrets and are able to use our taxpayers money to threaten and pressurize people into silence  they continue to get away with it. Each of us must keep repeating this concern. Stop them stealing our legal controls. The law is there and it is ours, our children have rights and we as parents have rights under the law. We must rescue our legal rights and use them against those who abuse human rights.

If we each wrote to our MP [] in the standard form, either email or letter I am sending:

Dear Rt Hon Fiona Mactaggart More

FAIR and JUST? On the Rule of Law and the Quality of its Enforcement


The law is only as good
Victims Unite has brought a few starfighters together who have studied the law, helped as McKenzie Friends and challenged antiquated rules such as the ban on recording court proceedings.

Here is the online petition Abolish the Ban on Recording Court Proceedings and here is a first collection of comments by signers.

Here are a few conclusions by victims who stand up for themselves:

UK Police Personnel should have Criminal Records Bureau Checks – an online petition that publishes a list of charged or convicted Prison, Police and Court Personnel (ca 1274)

The Law is only as good as the integrity of those entrusted to administrate it. — Maurice Kirk

A law breaker cannot also be a law enforcer. — Caul Grant

‘The Law’ in Britain (The Police & the Courts), deliberately deny me the protection of the law, & deliberately block me from seeking a remedy in the courts for crimes & other wrongs committed against me. That being so, & it IS fact, then that same ‘Law’ CANNOT be used to punish me. Indeed, both Police & Courts have themselves committed serious crimes against me, & do so with impunity.

Or in short:

  • LAW ONE is to Protect the Powerful.
  • LAW TWO is to Oppress those who are Not.
  • LAW THREE is to destroy anyone who dares to protest. — Norman Scarth


LEARNING by DOING and Helping by Being – in and out of Courts, on- and off-line


13 01 19 MeetupWhen a mother whose second child is being taken – without paperwork – calls for help because she realises that her solicitor is not acting in her interest, I’m going into a higher gear:

  1. I invited her to join us at our meeting the House of Commons so that she could realise she is not alone (what a consolation…)
  2. I put her court hearing on the Meetup list of events to facilitate support – for her, Michael Doherty and Norman Scarth next week
  3. I talked to other experienced McKenzie Friends to try to understand.

It appears that the “second generation radar” helps Social Services to get hold of children, especially at birth, i.e. the mother was in care as a teenager and thus known to Social Services.

When she was pregnant, she could do whatever – it never satisfied Social Services… So the first baby was taken at 7 months, without paperwork, and the second one 6 days after birth, again without paperwork.

The most experienced Ian Josephs writes that breast feeding is a fundamental human right for mothers and the right NOT to be removed at birth for babies. But Social Services, in collusion with Police, Courts and Judges, are above the law, aren’t they!?…  More

Statement of Intent to bring about Justice for our Children and victims of illegal practices


This is a copy of the letter that has been sent to the Prime Minister by Sam Edwards, CEO and Founder of One Voice for the Kids.

If you would like to adopt it and send your own version, please do so. It includes the announcement of a demo outside Downing Street on Friday, July 27th:

Prime Minister David Cameron,

This letter serves you a window of opportunity – from the people. It is not a request that requires an answer, but it does require a response – by way of action on your part that demonstrates that you understand its substance and the seriousness of our intent. The collective political establishment has betrayed the British people by transferring our national sovereignty to a foreign power without our consent. This is in defiance of our constitution and an act of treason, which is also occurring in many other countries claiming to protect human rights, but doing the opposite.


McKenzies coming to the Rescue of Litigants in Person and Parents whose Children got Snatched


Old Bailey

So far, I called them ‘victims turned starfighters’ and they will all have acted as McKenzie Friend in that learning process.

Now Belinda McKenzie (!)  came up with the idea of an Association of McKenzie Friends to give ‘public interest advocacy’ more clout and presence in the legal process.

Maurice Kirk experiences the loopholes in the law in prison as a litigant in person. The Musas have been criminalised by Haringey Council after they kidnapaped their six children and have very similar experiences in prison:

  • not being ‘produced’ by the prison staff for court hearings
  • not being able to meet court deadlines when McKenzie Friends are not allowed legal visits to take documents in and out of prison
  • not being able to type and photocopy documents.


Norman Scarth on BBC – albeit for the somewhat wrong reasons


The sinking of the Scharnhorst was certainly the most memorable experience in Norman’s life. Like all soldiers of all nations, he was lured into believing that it’s worth fighting “the enemy”. He and I know better who benefits from wars now: Wall Street and other financiers, besides arms manufacturers and maybe politicians who never risk their lives themselves.

Then 18, now 85, he woke up to other ways of thinking, when he turned 70 and became a human rights activist, simply to defend atrocities committed against himself. But he soon realised that he was not alone.

When he was imprisoned at 85, for supposedly recording a court hearing – with a device that wasn’t even capable of doing so – it was Russia Today that broke the news, while over 2,700 supporters signed a petition for him.

How long will the Rule of Money govern over the Rule of Law???

More about Norman on this page.

Are there human rights for Prisoners in the UK???


Thanks to Norman Scarth‘s astute mind and live experience with prisons, we learned about three cases where prisoners succeeded in getting access to the “facilities” required to prepare their defence: computers, law books, etc.

But Maurice is being hit with one refusal after another.  Hence I wrote this letter:

Mr Richard Booty
HMP Cardiff
Knox Road
CF24 0UG

Dear Governor Booty

Re Mr Maurice J Kirk BVSc A7306 AT

This is to alert you to case law that allows prisoners access to computers, law books and the facilities needed to prepare their defence in court proceedings. I enclose just one hard copy. References to three cases are on the article Who Governs HMP Governors? Who Ensures Human Rights for Prisoners?[1]

Jeremy Bentham[2] knew already in the 19th century that Publicity is the very soul of justice[3]. In the absence of fairness and justice, I’d like to make you aware of the public support for Mr Kirk’s quests for fairness and justice:

I understand you have received other evidence for public support, for it is hardly acceptable that medical attention is not provided adaequately nor access to communication and the facilities needed for court cases.

I trust that I can appeal to your conscience, for that’s all that remains with us every night and at the end of our lives.

Yours sincerely,

Sabine K McNeill
Web publisher and McKenzie Friend

Police State in Action: Norman Scarth lured out of ‘sheltered’ flat to be arrested!!!


After midnight I got this call from poor Norman, terrorised over what had happened to him after 14 hours of torment and torture – never knowing what might happen:

  1. at 10am in the morning, a young lady asks him to help her and her granny next door who was just moving in
  2. he dresses casually to be helpful -
  3. only to be welcomed by FIVE police officers telling him that he is arrested.

The empty flat must have been offered by the management company “InCommunities Ltd” to the police!

Taken 14 miles away to Leeds, he spent a whole day in a cell on a hard bench when, really, his spinal condition requires change of position and a special bed.

Eventually, a solicitor came, but he was only released close to midnight. Two ridiculous charges and he is supposed to appear before the court on November 17th.

Released on bail, under all sorts of conditions, and he could return – on his own – to be home after midnight.

Meanwhile, his computer was seized with his appeal papers and his mobile. Thus he has no phone numbers!

PLEASE ring him on 0127 454 1213!

It’s called a ‘honeytrap’, he thinks…

And his niece Tracy was arrested and released, too! Of course, computers and phones are the ‘externalised brains’. So “they” take them and have your contacts!

Haringey Council asked for names of witnesses, only to criminalise them and punish them without crime!

Norman writes about the Haringey crime:

If only one tenth of the story is true there is something seriously wrong with the behaviour of those with power.  Never was the saying “All power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely” more conclusively proved.
If such cases are ever to be resolved it is vital that the pretence that the secrecy is to ‘protect the children’ must be shown for the sham which it is, & that Family Courts be at least as open as other hearings – which isn’t saying much in Britain.  

Who rates worst:

Human Rights Activist Norman Scarth writes Admirably to HMP Cardiff


Maurice Kirk & Norman Scarth outside the Royal Courts of Justice in the Strand in London

Norman Scarth knows what hell holes prisons are. He has only recently been put there on highly questionable grounds, resulting in a lot of support and public outcries.

He now faxed this admirable page to the Governor of HMP Cardiff, reminding him of his powers and duties – partly formulated in the Nuremberg Trials!

In 2009, Norman had helped Maurice get out of the psychiatric clinic. Will Norman’s magic wand of eloquence help Maurice as he is  expected to face the forensic psychiatrist responsible in Cardiff Magistrates Court on Nov. 10th?

Whilst in prison, Maurice wrote this Chronology of Collusion – Or Shall we Dare Call it Conspiracy?

See Dr. Tegwyn Williams, Director of Caswell Clinic on Maurice’s website.

These WANTED posters are now the object of contention of ‘harassing Dr Williams’, even though Maurice had checked with police officers about their lawfulness.

Another example for criminals criminalising victims. I begin to think that there is no chance for justice in the UK…


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