Judges are unelected, out of touch and shockingly arrogant


Nearly every victim I’ve ever come across would agree with the subject line.

Here it is Stephen Glover in the Daily Mail who writes it because of the super-injunctions that are currently being discussed. Let’s hope they turn out to be the tip of iceberg!

Already The Independent has found that only 69 injunctions were by the rich and famous.

264 were meant to gag families whose children were snatched.

Vicky Haigh would have been imprisoned if she had not promised to comply with the order.

A woman told me recently that she had to sign a document to promise never to talk either.

John Hemming: the MP who outed Ryan Giggs in superinjunctions row


John Hemming MP has not only been supportive of victims of injunctions, but he attended also our meeting on January 25, 2011.

The victims who gathered have experienced all sorts of white collar crimes and included someone who is also threatened with prison for allegedly having violated an order.

I have been threatened with prison, too, in case I violate two such orders!…

This Guardian article mentions the fact John Hemming MP removed the gag on Vicky Haigh and Doncaster Council. But it concludes with a quote by Tom Harris, the former Labour transport minister:

It is behaviour that is unacceptable for an MP.

He is obviously enjoying the reputation of being something of a maverick,

Power to your being a maverick, John!!!

The BBC reports Super-injunctions row: Hemming denies abusing privilege.

The battle is on: between the Court of Public Opinion and the Private Courts of Family Law Judges


A judge attacks my ‘one-sided’ child protection stories – but it cuts both ways

This is the title of Christopher Booker’s latest article in The Telegraph. In his usual measured and pleasant style he describes how one judge felt he had to criticise Christopher Booker’s reporting in a judgment.

Maybe this is another sign of ‘cages being rattled’ so that, eventually, with the aid of all non-mainstream media, the Court of Public Opinion will win!?…

Calls for privacy test case to be heard at Supreme Court


John Hemming MP has an overview over many injunctions, since he has invited people for their submission.

He’s now called for Government to act by taking one or more cases to the Supreme Court for ruling. Look for question no. 33!

I can only hope that the ‘supreme judges’ realise that there are two kinds of injunctions:

  • celebrities gagging mainstream media who want to hide their sex scandals
  • the solicitors of Local Councils gagging bloggers and Public Interest advocates from spreading the word about sexual abusers.

As I have the privilege of being subjected to gagging orders by two Local Councils, I know what I’m talking about.

The Telegraph publishes Calls for privacy test case to be heard at Supreme Court.

You must obey gagging orders! Talking about them means: your BBC Posting has been removed :(

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There is a good article by Parliamentary correspondent Mark D’Arcy on this BBC site News UK Politics about Parliamentary privilege, MPs and super-injunctions. 

The suggestion is to

draw clear lines in the sand between the courts and Parliament and set out what the rules should be for the media, too.

But what our parliamentarians are allowed to say, and the extent to which it can be reported, is more than just a techie issue for Westminster nerds…

Indeed. That’s why I wrote:

As a blogger and online activist, I have the ‘privilege’ of being hit by one “Injunction Order” from a Council in Wales regarding the Stealing of Baby Harley [http://bit.ly/dHqMvQ] and the Reporting Restriction Order regarding Vicky Haigh where the gag was removed. http://bit.ly/k6cEeU 

The blog hosting company WordPress effectively forces me to take Councils to court so that I can blog…

Well, on Monday I shall attempt to get the Reporting Restriction Order removed in Court.

Vicky flees the babysnatchers – and she’s not the first one


This article in this Sundays’ Telegraph reveals that Ireland is Vicky’s refuge: to be protected from the Social Services of another Council – Nottinghamshire.

Yes, yes, that’s what I read from this couple who fled to Ireland, too, before publishing UK Social Services.

And Sam Hallimond who’s behind the class action of some 100 (if not 500) cases before the International Criminal Court in The Hague, moved to Spain.

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Re: the Office of the Prime Minister in Canada and White Collar Crimes in the UK


It does take inspiration and guts to write this kind of letter. Unfortunately, the sender wants to remain anonymous.

Subject: Office of the Prime Minister / Cabinet du Premier ministre

Office of the Prime Minister

Dear Mr or Ms Bustos:

Thank you for your reply. I am happy to know that the Prime Minister, The Rt. Hon. Stephen Harper, MP, considers international crime, and its concealment by foreign judiciary, police and government, a concern for Canadians and international security. Obstruction of justice is a serious matter.

As you know, since writing initially, I have provided further information about the widespread use of the UK’s super-injunctions used to silence victims of both crime and the, less obvious, abuse of family court and social services process in the UK. In addition, an internet search for “John Hemming injunctions, OR Andrew Marr injunction, OR Fred Goodwin injunction (Royal Bank of Scotland) OR Vicky Haigh injunction” will bring back a wealth of information about the corrupt use of injunctions, which may raise a few questions about the banking industry, and the recent world monetary fund disaster.


Advocating the Rule of Law in the Public Interest – not in the BBC’s it seems…

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Parliamentary privilege, MPs and super-injunctions is an article by Parliamentary correspondent Mark D’Arcy on the BBC News UK Politics.

His last phrase

what our parliamentarians are allowed to say, and the extent to which it can be reported, is more than just a techie issue for Westminster nerds.

appealed to me: for I am a sort of nerd as a passionate blogger and online activist.

However, my small comment “has been referred fur further consideration”.

What was so offensive, I wonder?

I mentioned that as a blogger I’ve had the ‘privilege’ of being subjected to an “injunction order” from a Council in Wales regarding The Stealing of Baby Harley and a “Reporting Restriction Order” from Doncaster which, of course, has been removed.

Before I can ever publish those nine related posts and three files, WordPress, my blog hosting company, expects me to take those Local Authorities to Court.

For they want a statement from either solicitors or courts. Well, the solicitors got what they were paid to get. Hence there is no point talking to them.

And who am I to take a Local Council to court for the ‘privilege’ of Freedom of Expression and Information on behalf of children who don’t have a voice???

I consider EVERY DAY that passes while those children are AWAY from their mothers a shame on humanity.

Why can’t men see that?

Worse: what has to happen for female social workers to use Draconian measures to separate children from their mothers?

Sighing once again…

Parliament needs to act by bringing in legislative changes to rein in the activities of judges (John Hemming MP)


The gag that stops you talking to an MP is the title of John Hemming MP‘s article in today’s Guardian.

I know of five cases where judges and local authorities have used judicial procedures in an attempt to prevent people from talking to their MPs.

He has revealed that Fred Goodwin gets superinjunction to stop him being called a banker.

There is widespread support for the right to complain to MPs, but action has so far been blocked by the Speaker on the advice of the house officers (the men in wigs who sit in front of him).

The most basic freedom of speech is that of the right to talk to an MP about your “grievances”. Parliament should act to protect this.

Gag Removed – Job Done: everything about Vicky Haigh and Doncaster Council can be revealed!!!


BREAKING NEWS from John Hemming MP’s blog: Gag Removed – Job Done!

But, actually, it’s not “everything”. Only what relates to jailing Vicky and this chronology of an extraordinary case

As My Daddy is a Paedophile, it is an anonymised version as long as we’re still waiting for the girl to be brought back to her mother.

Here’s the link to the discussion in Parliament.

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