WORSE THAN the Gas Chambers: straight from HMP Cardiff to Ashworth – again!?


13 11 13 Norman and Maurice

South Wales Police

South Wales Police (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Norman Scarth (87) is among the oldest ‘victim turned starfighters’ I know. He fled to Ireland to avoid the mental hospital he had already experienced once before. From there he is still communicating with various UK courts and launched recently this petition to help his efforts:

That the British State/Government/Supreme Court each do their bit to put an end to the MIS-use of ‘Mental Hospitals’, a practice described by Nobel Laureate Alekzandr Solzhenitsyn as “Worse Than The Gas Chambers”; the Appeal by Norman Scarth (which is currently before the Supreme Court) being a good opportunity to do so.

Please do consider signing!

Norman shared that mental hospital experience with Maurice J Kirk BVSc who had just been released from Caswell Clinic in South Wales when the two joined us at a meeting in the House of Lords in March 2010. Click here or on the image above to see the videos. More

THE DEATH OF JUSTICE for our Children is a head-hanging disgrace of which every Briton should be profoundly ashamed


English: Anti-paedophilia logo from the Nation...

English: Anti-paedophilia logo from the National Revival of Poland (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The subject line is taken from PAEDOPHILIA: How one piece of news can kill a novel – one of the many posts highlighting and analysing paedophilia in the UK.

The author John Ward has studied the subject for some six years. He knows better than I do.

But we put our understanding of institutionalised child snatching into this letter to the Attorney General’s Office.

However, the death of justice does not only apply to our children. Fathers, mothers and business men have long been affected by it. Even veterans don’t get it: Norman Scarth fled to Ireland and War Veteran says more than you ever wanted to know!

“Anarchy” in full flow: childcatchers and corporate legal fascism on top of rogue lawyers


There are still enough honest people around who just get on with their lives. That’s why ‘anarchy’ [the absence of law] is only visible to those who have become victims of white collar crimes and who have decided to fight rather than adopt the victim position they are expected to adopt.

But the levels of criminality are deep. Here are just two recent examples that arrived in my inbox:

Page 68 of the Irish Mail on Sunday of 21 October 2012 contains this article about how bad it is and has been in Ireland! And yet, Ian Josephs has been recommending Ireland as the country to flee to when pregnant ladies need to escape the SS in the UK…

When a haulage company, the Co-op and BT choose to provide legal services that must mean:

  • current legal services are inadequate – as experienced by many victims
  • corporations rule the world, i.e. they ‘compete’ with publicly funded governmental services.

The question is whether it’s desirable

“The fair criticism of judges and judicial decisions is not only quite clearly a right, there are also occasions when there may be a duty to do it”


English: Join the movement to end child abuse:...

The quotes below stem from the barrister who defended Peter Hain MP in Ireland in April 2012:

  1. Criticism of judges or of judicial decisions does not in itself constitute contempt of court.
  2. The fair criticism of judges and judicial decisions is not only quite clearly a right, there are also occasions when there may be a duty to do it.
  3. “Citizens are entitled to have confidence in the administration of justice, they should not be improperly deprived of this entitlement or have it endangered.”

I am putting them here now, because I need to assert my motivation for taking a stand against child abuse by producing ‘web publicity’. It is clearly insufficient and needs mainstream media as well, as long as More

Can we demonstrate that institutionalised child abuse is a matter of Public Interest?


Whether it’s cancer, bankruptcy or child snatching: we’re only concerned once we are touched ourselves. And when it hits us, we’re looking around: who’s there to help / console / advise us???

When your child is being taken away and you have to flee to Ireland like a political refugee – as happened to Vicky Haigh – to make sure that “Unborn Haigh” is not snatched as well, I feel helpless and powerless.

But I also feel enraged. And it’s this ‘wrath of god’ that fired me into starting another online petition – so that we can show we are NOT isolated cases. We are part of a horrible pattern of institutionalised abuse, violence and cruelty.

Will you click and sign The Secrecy of Family Courts should be lifted NOW?

My daddy doesn’t listen, he did things to me that he shouldn’t and now I can’t see mummy…


Your Honour

This is a copy of the letter I sent to my daughter. I did not write what SS told me to as they said I had to say that I was happy that she was living with her dad. Of course I am not and I cannot lie to my daughter. They said she is very nervous and they wanted to use me to make her feel safe.

I hope that you are getting a clearer picture of this case.

Kind regards

Vicky Haigh

To my darling Sylvia(name changed so that I as the blogger can’t be committed to prison for violating a “Reporting Restriction Order” that is a huge fake; I’ve already had to delete one post.)

I have not been allowed to see you, write to you or send you anything  for the last few months even though I have cried to see you.  I can  now write you a letter explaining what has been happening.


Irish police banging on Vicky Haigh’s door at 10.30pm. They have had a phone call from English Police reporting her missing


To All

Three Police officers banging on door looking for me at 10.30 at night.  They have had a phone call from English Police reporting me missing.

I am having a baby in less than 4 days and it is very distressing having people chase me around like this ESPECIALLY when I have not even met the social worker who has reported me missing.  How did she do a description of me?  How can it be allowed that a woman who has never met me has the authority to report me missing when she cannot even say when she last saw me alive as she has never met me face to face.  The waste of police time here is massive and my daughter R continues to be at risk with a man who she has told the police has sexually abused her!!!

This has to stop at some stage otherwise they are going to make me a nervous wreck.  I have had upset and distress for several years now and have lost my eldest daughter.  Why are these people doing this to me?

How will this end?



And this two nights before the hearing on Monday morning where half an hour is reserved for ‘directions’ on Vicky’s case…

Vicky flees the babysnatchers – and she’s not the first one


This article in this Sundays’ Telegraph reveals that Ireland is Vicky’s refuge: to be protected from the Social Services of another Council – Nottinghamshire.

Yes, yes, that’s what I read from this couple who fled to Ireland, too, before publishing UK Social Services.

And Sam Hallimond who’s behind the class action of some 100 (if not 500) cases before the International Criminal Court in The Hague, moved to Spain.

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