THE JUDICIAL Working Group on Litigants in Person: Report – advocating CONFIDENCE in JUDICIAL IMPARTIALITY


13 07 06 LiPs ReportThis 55-page report was sent by Jeff Lampert of Help4LiPs.

Constituted by the Master of the Rolls, the Working Group was formed in December 2012 following the expected rise in the number of litigants in person (LiPs) after the Legal Aid reforms in April 2013.

The contents covers:


  1. Introduction
  2. Overview and executive summary
  3. Issues that arise when dealing with LiPs
  4. Training and guidance for the judiciary
  5. The rules
  6. McKenzie Friends and other lay assistants
  7. Vexatious litigants
  8. Conclusions and summary of recommendations

As always in these kinds of documents, the intentions are good and honourable:-

  • Access to justice is the constitutional right of every citizen.
  • The importance of a positive approach to litigants in person.

The question is: how will this ‘positive approach’ be implemented?

  • It’s like with the Law. It doesn’t need changing. It just needs to be followed! More

Pure Public Interest Cases – without benefit from the litigation – don’t deserve legal aid funding


Now I know what “Public Interest” stands for: no personal benefits from the result of a litigation!

Just for the sake of justice, peace, absence of trauma, violence and cruelty.

I learned it from this Guardian article of 12 May 2011: Torture legal aid case is a triumph of the rule of law.

Unfortunately, my account has been disabled from commenting, without being told why!…

Victims of White Collar Crime (financial exploitation and legal oppression): blog and report

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This blog became necessary to focus on “victims turned starfighters”, after we had produced Room 14 – a Foundation for Change and Enforcement of Bank of England Act 1694.

Since then, I’ve also created Flying Vet challenges South Wales Police, while helping Maurice Kirk as the spearhead of the ‘victim movement’.

Now I tried to put it all together in this 20-page report which I’m making available to MPs and victims alike. Feel free to make use of it for your purposes and let me know if it makes sense to you.

And do use for your own purposes also references to our two petitions targeted at HM The Queen and “HM Partnership“:


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