SAVE LEGAL AID – who pays for what justice – in the interests of the client or the employer?


Dear All

We have a great campaigning opportunity in London on Friday as the lawyers are walking out in protest at cut-backs in legal aid which affects many family court cases as you know.

So please join Maggie, me & Sonia Poulton outside Parliament on Friday morning from 10 am – we’ll be waving Battle flags so hopefully you’ll be able to spot us easily. Sonia as you may know is the ex-presenter of the The People’s Voice TV and she will be doing interviews of people campaigning for justice for the children & families and of course there’ll be other press & media there too so it’s a great opportunity all in all.

See you Friday

14 03 06 Save Legal Aid

Join the demonstration to 


10am Friday 7th March Old Palace Yard SW1.

Followed by march to Ministry of Justice

Lawyers are refusing to attend court on Friday to protest against further legal aid cuts. More

THREE POSITIVE Judgements by Sir James Munby and 4,000 Financial Ombudsmen (and -women)


13 10 25 Jail Social WorkersIt is too soon to sing Hallelujah, but here are two stories in one week that make our hearts sing and our hands applaud Sir James Munby:

  1. Jail social workers who take children without telling parents why, says Britain’s top family judge
    * Sir James Munby attacked workers in Bristol who didn’t explain themselves
    * They did not tell a couple why their two children were being taken from them
    * They breach a court order in doing so – which could carry a jail term in future
  2. MP [John Hemming of course] condemns secret justice
    * Strange that no other paper has reported this yet…
  3. Courts should adapt to the realities of the internet, particularly social media
    * I just wish that this judgement was taken on board by every judge in the country!

On the other end of the spectrum of white collar crimes, I met last night two of the 4,000 Financial Ombudsmen who have been set up by the financial industry as alternatives to court – and they are free of charge! Once you’re in court, they don’t help, it seems. Also, when cases are too big, i.e. worth more than £100,000. Well, they do have to protect themselves, don’t they, these brethren. A seasoned fighter tells me about the ‘conflicts of interest’ of senior board members…

Apparently, they grew exponentially over the last two years AND they get financial institutions to pay compensation! They also uphold far more complaints than they refuse. So give them a chance, I’d say!

Wouldn’t it be nice if there were as many Legal Ombudsmen (and -women) around – free of charge – instead of lawyers riding the Legal Aid train???

THE JUDICIAL Working Group on Litigants in Person: Report – advocating CONFIDENCE in JUDICIAL IMPARTIALITY


13 07 06 LiPs ReportThis 55-page report was sent by Jeff Lampert of Help4LiPs.

Constituted by the Master of the Rolls, the Working Group was formed in December 2012 following the expected rise in the number of litigants in person (LiPs) after the Legal Aid reforms in April 2013.

The contents covers:


  1. Introduction
  2. Overview and executive summary
  3. Issues that arise when dealing with LiPs
  4. Training and guidance for the judiciary
  5. The rules
  6. McKenzie Friends and other lay assistants
  7. Vexatious litigants
  8. Conclusions and summary of recommendations

As always in these kinds of documents, the intentions are good and honourable:-

  • Access to justice is the constitutional right of every citizen.
  • The importance of a positive approach to litigants in person.

The question is: how will this ‘positive approach’ be implemented?

  • It’s like with the Law. It doesn’t need changing. It just needs to be followed! More

IF THIS DOESN’T FIRE you up, nothing will: our fights against the Child Snatchers


Is it a crime for a mother having an accident so that she has to be punished by having her son taken away?

The NAZIs are back.

I can’t say too much, because ‘the law’ stops me.

They just take children left, right and centre.

I would fall down Cheddar Cliff 100 times over to have my son back.

My advice to you is: get rid of your Legal Aid Solicitor.

You want to cut out CAFCASS. They are NOT doing what they are supposed to.

Children can speak for themselves!

I am disgusted with the behaviour by Social Services and the perjury being committed and the corrupt judge.

There is nothing more dangerous than a mother with nothing to lose!!!



More on Punishment without Crime.

“Anarchy” in full flow: childcatchers and corporate legal fascism on top of rogue lawyers


There are still enough honest people around who just get on with their lives. That’s why ‘anarchy’ [the absence of law] is only visible to those who have become victims of white collar crimes and who have decided to fight rather than adopt the victim position they are expected to adopt.

But the levels of criminality are deep. Here are just two recent examples that arrived in my inbox:

Page 68 of the Irish Mail on Sunday of 21 October 2012 contains this article about how bad it is and has been in Ireland! And yet, Ian Josephs has been recommending Ireland as the country to flee to when pregnant ladies need to escape the SS in the UK…

When a haulage company, the Co-op and BT choose to provide legal services that must mean:

  • current legal services are inadequate – as experienced by many victims
  • corporations rule the world, i.e. they ‘compete’ with publicly funded governmental services.

The question is whether it’s desirable

“Glitches” in the child protection system – resulting in adoptions that should never happen let alone be speeded up


There is a new blog on the child snatching block: We Can Change the World.

That’s where people are invited to log the facts of their dramas and sufferings.

Similarly, I’d like to invite people to log the ‘glitches’ they have experienced, by addressing titles such as:

  1. Social Services – Thresholds
    • Children’s Guardian
    • Legal Teams
    • Children’s Solicitor
  3. Family Courts
    • The Secrecy can not produce anything good.
    • Social Services reports are taken as FACTS.
    • Families statements are not taken into account.
  4. Foreign Nationals


Minister seeks legal industry views on growth…


Rather amazing that Lord McNally thinks legal services are worth promoting abroad – in a Plan for Growth. Meanwhile, local users have had reasons for publications such  as

Related articles

Pure Public Interest Cases – without benefit from the litigation – don’t deserve legal aid funding


With his judgment in May 2011, Lord Justice Laws has made “an important victory for the rule of law”:

 “For the State to inhibit litigation by the denial of legal aid because the court’s judgment might be unwelcome or apparently damaging would constitute an attempt to influence the incidence of judicial decisions in the interests of government … frankly inimical to the rule of law.”

Let’s hope we can step in the footsteps of this definition of ‘public interest':

no personal benefit from the litigation.

This is certainly true in all the child snatching cases that I have been publishing…

The Law, The Law, but Where’s the JUSTICE? He with the biggest wallet wins…


But Where's the Justice?

He with the Biggest Wallet Wins

As if we needed a book to get it confirmed…

Still, the author is clearly another victim turned starfighter, as he describes his case and the mistakes made:

From inception my case took 7 years to finalization. You will see exactly how both the solicitor and barrister failed to prepare and present my case properly.

(1) Entered the wrong name on the Original Document Headed Statement Claim,

(2) Allowed the time limitation to expire by 8 months. (6 years being the life span on any one claim). On discovery made a desperate 11th hour application for amendment. Which the Judge on his discovery had no option, but to automatically, and quite rightly, strike my claim out!

Once firmly believing in Good Old British Justice, but no more, as my story will show.


Pure Public Interest Cases – without benefit from the litigation – don’t deserve legal aid funding


Now I know what “Public Interest” stands for: no personal benefits from the result of a litigation!

Just for the sake of justice, peace, absence of trauma, violence and cruelty.

I learned it from this Guardian article of 12 May 2011: Torture legal aid case is a triumph of the rule of law.

Unfortunately, my account has been disabled from commenting, without being told why!…

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