#unethical #wombscandal ESSEX COUNCIL’s criminal collusion: Social Workers, Police, Doctors, Judges and Mental Health Staff


13 12 02 Womb ScandalThey thought they would get away with it, once again:

Even journalists and professional investigators can’t believe it!…

But I shall talk about the US mother to Sonia Poulton on the PeoplesVoiceTV today. Melissa was deported on 12 September in a wheelchair and has been homeless since, so that her only son could be adopted – courtesy of Barnet Council.

Demanding Investigation into Social Services snatching children under false pretences


Family Courts and incompetent expert witnessesIt’s sooo difficult for people to think the unthinkable and believe the unbelievable: that Social Services are there to SNATCH children for all sorts of purposes, and definitely incentivised by money.

To make this more ‘acceptable’, I compiled key articles from mainstream media. But that still hasn’t been enough to change!

John Hemming is the only MP who consistently makes all sorts of efforts to make change happen.

So people make their own demands on Facebook, YouTube and WordPress. When will it be enough, I wonder???

What has to happen for ‘orders from above’ to stop this child snatching aka state kidnapping that is sanctioned by judges in family and even criminal courts?

New video for anybody who can’t believe that Child Snatching is happening


No, you can’t believe that it is happening. And you must wonder why. I was alarmed to it for the first time in July 2010, when I published this document on one of my blogs.

Eventually, I had enough emails to do what I like doing: publish information that I consider important. This time it was about a woman whose eigth child was taken. It was allergic to industrial milk and she had photos how mother’s milk bottles in the fridge, as Social Services had not picked them up. Result: an ‘injunction order’ by Swansea Council – via WordPress.com! That’s how I learned about the secrecy in family courts.

However, what was immediately obvious to me was the falsification of seemingly official documents. I had seen those kind of ‘mistakes’ in bankruptcies, home repossessions and other ‘white collar crimes’.  More

Operation Musa Activated: the world needs to know what happens in secret family courts and prisons


No, you can’t imagine it:

  • Whilst kept in Holloway prison, Melissa has been asked to say good bye to her son over videolink – by a local authority who has made up a big story about her and managed not only to put her into prison but now locked up on a 24-hour basis and drugged against her will…
  • Gloria Musa has had to undergo an ‘adjudication’ where she asked for our help as McKenzie Friends, but that would require ‘prior arrangement’ – which was perfectly impossible to arrange.

The humiliation that Gloria has to endure, instead of living her usual life as a happy family serving God and Christian communities, is horrendous.

However, we have not only launched an Association of McKenzie Friends, we have also joined forces with two charities that have ample experience with making life easier for prisoners: Spurgeons and Women in Prison.

More on our latest press release regarding the Musas and their six kidnapped children. It refers to our letter to Sir Nicholas Wall, the President of the Family Division, in the hope that he’ll sort things out.

Ten videos of our latest meeting in Westminster under the auspices of John Hemming MP are on http://www.youtube.com/user/EDM1297

McKenzies coming to the Rescue of Litigants in Person and Parents whose Children got Snatched


Old Bailey

So far, I called them ‘victims turned starfighters’ and they will all have acted as McKenzie Friend in that learning process.

Now Belinda McKenzie (!)  came up with the idea of an Association of McKenzie Friends to give ‘public interest advocacy’ more clout and presence in the legal process.

Maurice Kirk experiences the loopholes in the law in prison as a litigant in person. The Musas have been criminalised by Haringey Council after they kidnapaped their six children and have very similar experiences in prison:

  • not being ‘produced’ by the prison staff for court hearings
  • not being able to meet court deadlines when McKenzie Friends are not allowed legal visits to take documents in and out of prison
  • not being able to type and photocopy documents.


Where is Favour Musa? Appealing to all UK Police Stations


Gagged from publishing anything about the childrenFIND FAVOUR (aka Lizzy) MUSA 

£1,000 Reward

£1,000 for anyone who produces a video of Favour in which she recounts:

  1. her experiences since April 2010 when she was taken, up to the present day, including
  2. if and when she was abused in care and by whom
  3. why she refused to see her mother or speak to her by phone if indeed that was the case
  4. whether she really wrote the letter in the garden saying she and the other children were beaten by her mother or whether it was a forgery with different handwriting
  5. whether or not she has asked to go to court and been refused
  6. why she now never sees her brother and her sisters
  7. how many times she or her siblings have seen Michelle Collins or have been staying with her. More

Visiting Prisoners as “Social Life with Meaning” – while Express unearthes this National Scandal


To me, it is a complete miracle that and how Gloria and Joseph Musa have endured the violence, bullying, harassment and cruelty by Haringey Social Services, their Legal Team, Police and other associated ‘respectable authorities’.

But they remain ‘together’ as a couple and as individuals, even though

  • they were arrested on 28th November 2011 and put into HMP Holloway and HMP Pentonville respectively
  • they were refused bail in two hearings in Haringey Magistrates Court because of the “seriousness of the allegations” which have now been turned into “charges”
  • Gloria has been in chronic pain since her manhandling by Police in June 2010 and September 2011
  • they have not seen their eldest daughter since August 2010 and have had many people tell them that she is dead
  • they have not seen their other children since May 2011, even though numerous judges have ordered contact.


Behind a wall of secrecy, parents who lost their children, are now in jail


Ian Josephs, publisher of Forced Adoption and helper of many women who need to have their babies abroad, wrote Punishment without Crime.

It’s not enough to lose your child(ren), you may also end up in jail. That’s what applies to the two cases that Christopher Booker describes in his latest article Behind a wall of secrecy, parents who lost their children are now in jail – Lord Justice Wall has personally taken over two curious and troubling cases:

  • Vicky Haigh who lost her daughter and had to flee to Ireland to save her baby from “Social” Services
  • The Musas whose six Children were kidnapped by Haringey Police and Social Services.

I know that the general public prefers to believe the authorities than the victims. However, in Vicky’s case, the police videos of her daughter are convincing evidence that was conveniently ignored.

In the case of the Musas, just look at the photos of a happy family to be convinced that they would hardly fit any of the RIDICULOUS allegations that Haringey Council have come up with to feed to the Crown Prosecutor.

Latest update on Worst Child Abuse in UK

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The Standard Newspater [Nigeria] reports for the third time on the Musas whose six children were stolen by Haringey Council.

Who will bring the children to the High Commission of Nigeria, if not their parents???

More on Bishop Gloria Musa and Husband want to go back Home – WITH their Children => Public Support => African Publicity

Where there are victims (Maurice Kirk & the Musas), there are perpetrators and rescuers


Gagged from publishing anything about the childrenButlin Cat calls him “Campaigner Extraordinaire” on his latest blog. I’ve called him hero, martyr and crusader.

And now he spells out his reasons for being on hunger strike in Cardiff Prison, getting ready for his hearing before Cardiff Magistrates Court on Nov. 10th. Be there, if you can, to witness “real live entertainment”…

On Nov 14th and 28th he is scheduled to defend his allegations for Criminal Damage and a Public Order Charge. For he wanted to ensure that the secrecy of family courts is replaced by the openness of criminal Magistrates Courts.

But the really crazy allegation he may have to face is Conspiracy to Abduct Children:  neither Maurice nor the Musas know where the children are!

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